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  1. Cole Beasley is a good football player and a bad rapper. He's probably also the smartest scientist in his local facebook mom's anti vax group. Rachel Bush is also a member. He seems like a genuinely likeable guy though.
  2. Brandon Spikes did the same thing in Miami when he played for the bills; just ran from the car and went home LOL
  3. ***** that cocky little B word and ***** elbow to the back of the head Gronk too
  4. I forgot how good Karlos Williams was....man I wish we had him now (rookie season form)
  5. The Kansas game was pretty ***** bad.
  6. I don't know what Mack has to do with the Sabres anyways-- that guy is talking non-sense
  7. I'm doing the opposite-- i'm trying to will it into being a reality as we leap into the next biazzaro dimension where the Bills win the superbowl
  8. Everyone involved is a millionaire or billionaire anyways; they've all been vaccinated by now
  9. F-off Zach...not right now...it's Mack time.
  10. We're bringing the #1 UB product home
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