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  1. Take Meds --> get healthy/improve lifestyle --> feel so good you get off pills --> get sick again --> take meds (repeat) It's a lousy unfair cycle for those affected.
  2. Richie being off his meds was probably worse for his career than social media.
  3. You sure ? Found this throw back Thursday on her insta....
  4. Wowww I tuned in occasionally during the season and noticed he was sounding like off. I thought maybe he got corona or something. Brushed it off as just an oddity. Rest In Peace.
  5. Thanks for the great year guys. Thanks mods. Thanks to yolo specifically for all the updates. See y’all next year. Was a good run.
  6. Just sign up for a free trial of YouTube TV and cancel after
  7. I guess it's harder this year to apply the data no? Crowd noise / half empty stadiums etc...
  8. Great. Now we’ll need another poll. Who’s hotter her or Josh Allen ?
  9. Eh if you stay away from PPP this place is pretty decent. Some bholes. Some casual racism. Some keyboard medical experts. Could be much worse though...
  10. Feeling like singletary is going to go off tonight. All him and he’s got a huge heart / more skill than we give him credit for.
  11. Colts was only close cuz special teams. If you remember Titans, there was special teams nightmares that led to that too. Ravens are going to need special teams luck. Bills take this barring some freak things happening.
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