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  1. Depends, if you have money to dollar cost average down
  2. This guy is available... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marquette_King Just saying.
  3. I'm thinking they might make a point of running this week after last weeks disaster. McD will be in Dabolls ear.
  4. Not worried what we do after we win the superbowl this year tbh
  5. Buffalo Bills were due for a win against Brady in Foxboro....how'd that work out? lol
  6. To be fair he got to show off how much work he was putting in the gym….dude was very low body fat 😅
  7. Lol that was one of the best games I’ve ever seen !!!
  8. Well if you do; I’ll give you a suggestion for a title: Intubation: A come back Story
  9. Shouldn’t you be in the studio putting your new album together Cole ?
  10. Easy to say all that stuff making an obscene amount of money to be a fool on the radio. TBH if I had the 6'5 body of Thor....i might have had more faith in myself too. There's a lot of corpses of people who failed to get to the top of the 250 million dollar glitch in the matrix Allen mountain. America is an amazing country; but taking a lesson from Allen's path is pretty hard to do. The reality is America will let you thrive if you're something special and lucky. It will also eat you alive lol. The biggest lie the rich ever sold us is that we all have a chance. Sports aren't a way out for 99.99% of us. The perseverance and luck part apply universally though. Regardless looking forward to the improbability Allen winning the improbable super bowl for the Bills this year.
  11. Are we picking sides? Team Hapless 100000%.
  12. Well if Cole doesn't stop..... Mckenzie might a shot in the slot lol
  13. How about that.....something me and a professional QB have in common.
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