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  1. sal mocked worthy to buffalo at 28 https://www.audacy.com/wgr550/sports/bills/capaccio-nfl-2024-mock-draft
  2. there is zero chance the Giants are moving to 28. Zero. I dont think they would do it if they were offered the bills next 3 first rounders
  3. The best part about thursday is that we will find out how the actual nfl teams view the players. Content creators have 4 months of screaming into the great big void about who wants what and where....then the actual draft comes and usually we find out very few of these people have a really accurate beat on how players are viewed. Teams have more info than the content creators and it always shows on the weekend of the draft. the best part is the freak out from these people about how team x could have taken player Y 2 rounds earlier over player Z....while never acknowledging that what they didn't know about player Z is he had both thumbs removed in the offseason and now has to catch the ball like a golden retriever. I look forward to that every year. Tomorrow around the league we should start to get a more accurate view of things. I heard bryan broaddus on the radio here in DFW today talking about how one of his GM friends said Latham, the O-lineman is viewed higher than most of the analysts are projecting and will be gone in the teens. FWIW he keeps talking about the chiefs and cowboys making a deal if Dallas's players are gone when they pick at 24 and he knows KC has the ammunition to move up and have some players targeted, he mentioned wr. anyway. I am completely against selling out this whole draft and the best part of next years for a wr.
  4. man if they give up a bunch of picks for thomas I do not view that as good management. If 60 is in the deal and they don't pick again until the 4th round then Thomas better be among the leagues best wr in a year or two. Feels like there are a number of Ol and Corners who are better overall players than thomas. thursday can not get here fast enough.
  5. Highly doubt the bills would be in on Aiyuk in anyway but it sounds like he could get moved this weekend. He feels like a guy that could end up with the chargers or eagles. https://www.nbcsports.com/nfl/profootballtalk/rumor-mill/news/brandon-aiyuk-trade-remains-possible
  6. Part 2 of Joe Buscaglia's excellent piece on the Bills options. https://theathletic.com/5436867/2024/04/23/buffalo-bills-2024-nfl-draft-files-2/
  7. he had Denver taking Bo Nix at 28
  8. finding out thomas has off the field issues and a possible torn labrum leads me to believe they only take him if he falls to the 20's and hopefully do not dare trade away picks to move up for him. I am a hell no on off the field issues with a wr. They are the most entitled people in the league and when they start from day 1 with issues that is a giant red flag to me.
  9. FWIW Florio is saying buffalo trades up to Denver's spot and takes Odunze. He is claiming he didn't make this but others who we would know did.....it seems he is pretending he is rick gosselin here....Gosselin used to do a final mock the day of the draft that was from compiling his info from all league sources....he was usually pretty accurate.....anyway Florio is not him. This whole thing looks unrealistic just like that 7 round mock did that was posted here. There is no way the Giants take an OT that high right? https://www.nbcsports.com/nfl/profootballtalk/rumor-mill/news/pfts-one-and-only-2024-nfl-first-round-mock-draft 12. Buffalo Bills (projected trade with Broncos): Washington receiver Rome Odunze.
  10. every reason? They would be waiving the white flag in that division. Personally if I were a gm I would try and stay out of the top 5 wr pool of money because its too much devoted to a position that does not translate to championships. however, Minnesota needs to sell tickets and some form of hope. If they move up and draft Mccarthy they basically have done most of a rebuild. If he wants out then he has to be traded though.
  11. Why would minnesota trade the face of their franchise though? They have zero reason to trade jefferson. Seemingly they are going to go up to get a qb to maximize jefferson.
  12. yes but numbers wise they would probably not get 78 in that scenario...that is too lopsided. if you want 36 they will probably give you pick 100. so either 40 and 78 for 28 and 144 or 36 and 100 for 28
  13. I know i said in another thread trading back for 40 and and 78 and sending 28 and 144 essentially. So buffalo would have two 2's and a three. Not 3 2's as I stated earlier.
  14. This feels like a spot the bills can move back to. Hopefully some players fall that washington wants. If thomas has character concerns and a shoulder injury he probably falls a little. Would love to see the bills move back and have Two 2's and a three..(78).
  15. off the field injury concern? that is a really weird way of stating whatever he is hearing....is there an injury concern or is there an off the field concern? Is he like a guy that climbs mountains with no safety? One Bills live said today that BTJ has a torn labrum. Is this what they are talking about?
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