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  1. Should be us and the Rams. Still hurts to watch.
  2. How is Allen going to get to 5000 yds with returns like that?
  3. Josh never threw to Gafford though because Gafford was a corner at Wyoming. The Raiders converted him to a receiver a couple years ago.
  4. I don’t even care if he can only punt it 30 yds. We’re not punting but maybe 30 times this year. I want someone that can catch and hold that long snap because that’s what our punter is going to be paid for this year. It’s 30 punts to more than 70 extra points and field goals. Instead of listing him as a punter, I’d change it to holder and let people wonder who the punter is.
  5. I think game two for Mitch is his opportunity to show the Bills that he is Josh’s backup. Dabs has to let him throw the ball just as much as Josh would. Game one was Singletary’s to prove that he was capable game two I think should be Mitch’s.
  6. I started thinking a couple of days ago and tried to find the stats but I can’t find them for this year. But when was the last time JA-17 had a ball batted down at the line of scrimmage? I’m sure it’s happened this season but I can’t remember any.
  7. I believe the fumble happened on the sack, even though that wasn’t a fumble because Allen was already down.
  8. I know it sounds weird to say, but just imagine Josh coming into this lineup his 1st year. I think he would have really struggled and maybe some of his teammates would have given him a hard time and not liked him. I could imagine a true #1 alpha receiver giving him a hard time because he would have missed a lot of throws. I think Beane and McD. actually played it perfect.
  9. Gase should pull that mask down a little bit. It’s not supposed to cover his eyes. Maybe that’s his problem.
  10. tHAT NeW eNgLaNd DeFeNcE iS aMaZiNg. No OnE cAn ScOrE oN tHeM!
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