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  1. Ummmm, no. https://www.nbcsports.com/chicago/bears/heres-how-much-money-nfl-officials-make-working-games
  2. I hate to say doubtful, but that's all I got. He hated garlic. Everyone knows the health benefits of garlic. Useful with vampires too.
  3. It was an idiotic thing to do, but, do you think that those stanchions will be in place each week? I don't and from a player safety perspective I'm surprised they were allowed for a single day. So, if my guess is correct from here forward that area will continue to contain a "memorial" but, it will be run over and walked on every time there's a game. Again, stupid for the brother, but let's not make this more than it is.
  4. KC beat a poor Washington team.
  5. 30K and not an ounce of wisdom to be found in any of them.
  6. Does she wear that LDS underwear to bed?
  7. @Gugny could date my sister because my sister can beat him up. is Boyst still a member? There’s a restraining order in place.
  8. This thread has devolved into a bunch of old white guys sitting around the Cracker Barrel talking about the weather and gossiping. I had high hopes when I opened this thread; those hopes were dashed.
  9. On which page do the mea culpas start? Good Call Dr. K!
  10. We should drive their men through the streets so that they can hear the lamentations of their women.
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