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  1. He's hiding the missing toof. Yes, yes it is. Hows about some moving pictures Joe.
  2. Yeah, we get that. About other things you're 🤮 and there no in between. You're either 🥰 or 🤮
  3. I thought this was another thread about the sex life of a TBD veteran.
  4. I refuse to vote in any pole that includes Duffs as an option.
  5. I’m not so sure. Starr, Favre, Rogers is a nice list. Lots of yuck between Starr & Favre but John Facenda made them America’s team years and years ago. Winning it all
  6. Forget Dallas, never has been, never will be. Too many fans in both leagues loathe the cowboys (sorry CGF) for them to be in consideration. Then, take a look at GB. We have our very own Ice Bowl who visits us from time to time and is a great ambassador for Green Bay. Small town America is Green Bay. Then look at the plethora of Green Bay threads on this very board. GB is America’s team because they are the second team to many fans. I personally love seeing such a quaint place as the center of the NFL universe. How about you?
  7. Crust is crust. Are the components different? No. Even someone as crusty as yourself should understand this.
  8. I think we found our slot receivers.
  9. I love it when change comes to baseball because I know that you will not disappoint. You have, again, given a ridiculous hot take. Thank you so much. It's a team nickname people, it matters not.
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