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  1. 7) extremely poor communication & coaching.
  2. I still can't watch wide right and homerun throwback. You want me to relive 13 seconds? What happened during those few seconds is seared on my brain. You want I should watch "highlights" of those 13 seconds? To directly answer your question, I'm not mad, but I never need to see those seconds replayed again.
  3. The lady in the red dress is hotter than the one in black.
  4. Schrobel perfected the great circle route to the QB.
  5. Then he later mentioned the hot air balloon comment to the kid when he was being interviewed. Kid had no idea of context.
  6. Wawrow with the unhealthy punter obsession.
  7. This is about obsession, yours. Nothing bizarre about it. Where's Joe D? Where's Big Ted? I could go on and on.
  8. Try to squeeze in a nap first.
  9. I'd certainly consider joining The TBD Consortium. As indicated, it'll be difficult to figure out, but I know that I wouldn't consider anything more based on my current location. If a club is set up please count me in.
  10. So what does Fox now tell their incoming #1 analyst? "Here, Greg, congratulations! Keep this seat warm for us."
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