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  1. So, we’re talking duper’s now. Fan*****ingtastic.
  2. How many times do you remember Allen (seemingly) changing plays at the line? How many RPO’s did you see? Allen had a very poor night except w his feet.
  3. If the Bills have any sense they’ll milk this relationship for all it’s worth.
  4. Hopefully he doesn’t have the Ray Lewis killer instinct.
  5. You don't remember Balki and Cousin Larry?
  6. Dude, Mahomie is the only answer. Allen has too much Howdy Doodie in him.
  7. How much Neanderthal did they find?
  8. He can't grow a mustache, nobody is signing him nationally.
  9. Josh Allen once needed better receivers. It wasn't a tired excuse then, was it?
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