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  1. At least 7 of y'all got it. I like it when anyone finds a niche. @BringBackFergy, @Gugny amirite?
  2. He was not a wonder of any length of time. Same with Foster.
  3. https://buffalonews.com/entertainment/television/isaiah-mckenzie-will-not-participate-in-upcoming-americas-got-talent-live-show/article_84f0e366-1343-11ed-aea0-5b743f10ca27.html
  4. It bothering fans who can't take a guy wearing a Seconds 13 jersey is totally ridiculous. It bothering players is something you better be hoping for.
  5. I may get lamb basted for this, but last night it appeared to me that maybe the team is starting to believe all of the hype. I hope that's not the case. That loss to KC needs to drive this team forward. I don't want them forgetting about it. Last night made me worry that it may be too far in their rear view mirror.
  6. Why does your mom sit horizontally? HBD to @Chef Jim's mom. I bet he doesn't take your advice either.
  7. Embrace the pain. From the few snippets available it appears that our starting safety tandem is missed.
  8. Really like how they snuck Knox in behind Diggs. Common man, be happy ferchrissakes.
  9. Does seem suspicious. WTF has a lighthouse tattoo?
  10. ***sigh***why do you do this to yourself and your fellow Bills fan friends? ***sigh***
  11. My Kiko jersey was a treasured, prized possession. I wore it with pride to each Bills game I attended. One Sunday a friend, @BringBackFergy axed me if he could borrow it and being a trusting sole I said "sure" and gave him the jersey. That's the last time I ever saw it. Later that same fateful Sunday I again saw Ferguson but sans jersey. He was walking kinda funny and had this crooked smile on his face. When I axed him about my jersey he said he had traded it. I never found out what he got in return & I've never seen my beloved Kiko jersey again.
  12. thenorthforgot This thread is about the Dirty Lil Hamster. Please apologize to each other and hug it out.
  13. RIP Vinny. The dodgers are an organization that I loathe from top to bottom with every part of my being. Vin is the only exception.
  14. I don't know why @billybrew1 thinks his draft would have been better than the one Beane put together. Beane has been fin angling for years now and he's shown that he knows how to construct a team. Look at some of the moves he has made: he fin angled Jacksonville to take Tub'OGoo, he fin angled Cleveland to take Tuhrod Taylor. He fin angled Diggs away from Minnesota. Regarding the draft, look at all the fin angling he did in the latter rounds. At this point I give Beane an A+ at fin angling. I don't think that bb1 has done enough to be graded at this point. You overestimate us.
  15. Isn’t winning games when you don’t win the turnover battle a good thing?
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