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  1. I compare him to a Taysom Hill in a very specialized role but it’s one of those guys you think you would be fine without but would be a big loss if they left. In fact I think he could be used even more, maybe even a replacement for Andre Roberts as he is getting up there in age.
  2. No love for Poyer? Man had 7 tackles and an INT in the first quarter!! He gets a lot of slack but he brings it every week and stays healthy
  3. Just like the title says, it seems that this is the consensus around here. I bet most of you would agree Bucs have a strong chance at contending, yet all the negativity here lately would say the opposite for the Bills. Have we won ugly in some cases? Hell yeah Years ago we would be begging for the ugly wins, rather than losses. Appreciate the fact that we will most likely win the division for the first time since Tom Brady decided to pick up a football. We’re not there yet maybe but we waaaay closer than we were in the last 20 years. We have this year to gain even more experience and an off-season to shore up those holes. Remember one show stopper on D can change a whole game, so just chill and enjoy the stressful show....at least this year the stress ends in a W!
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