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  1. Kroft, after breaking the same foot twice now is not dependable. Time to move on. Lee Smith is a veteran who knows how to run the plays and what his role is and is valuable for those reasons. He won't hurt you out there and is dependable.
  2. Playing the Steelers in Pittsburgh is far from easy... I have that down as a likely loss IMHO...
  3. The Bills are #........ Not on the list!
  4. Assuming Allen stays healthy I would expect 8 wins or more. With a full training camp behind him as the unquestioned starter and the progress we have already seen that would seem to be a good starting point for him. It should be a fun season.
  5. I think you take the 6 best WR (hopefully no serious injuries occur) Can Williams adjust to the NFL? Does Zay take one of these spots and run with it? Beasley, Brown, Foster and Roberts assuming they play up to their abilities would seem locks to make the final roster. Sills could go on the Practice Squad if he shows anything. Or maybe one of the other guys steps forward... Time will tell...
  6. One real issue though to consider is that "rookies" tend to burn out late in their 1st season simply because they are not used to the long grind involved from training camp through the end of the 16 game regular season and then any playoff games...
  7. "They can breakout any year," that is what you said - correct?
  8. Another instructive case would be Andre Reed... https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/R/ReedAn00.htm Some players DO get better with age...
  9. Here is what PFT says about "ED" among other things... I don't know if Beane has a horseshoe up his butt or not but I am so glad that Gettleman is NOT the Bills GM! I think that finally the Bills have the right mgt team and coach running the show! If only the Sabres were so fortunate...
  10. Very, very few players dominate as soon as they step on an NFL playing field - regardless of position played. There is a learning curve that ALL players go through. You are drafting a player for the long term. That is one reason coaches don't like to play rookies if at all possible. It simply takes time for a player to adjust to going up against the best of the best on a weekly basis. TE's also tend to be handicapped a bit because they usually excell at either blocking or pass catching but usually not both. Remember that in college an athlete can get by on natural ability because he is not going up against great opposition on a weekly basis. College results can be very misleading. If you draft an OT early with the intent to play him from day one he is gonna be playing all 3 downs for you every offensive series. That is not necessarily true of TE's. A lot also depends, as others have pointed out in this thread, on how many other offensive weapons are present on the roster as well. Eric Moulds and Bruce Smith were not all everything in their rookie seasons just to name a couple. I could name many, many more players who didn't shine straight away.
  11. So if the Bills were to trade down with Carolina, swapping #9 for #16 and #47, do the Bills turn around and package their own 2nd rd pick (#40) and #47 to move back into the 1st round?
  12. If KC wants to cough up their 1st and 2nd rd picks for Clark (AND pay him $20 mill/yr) fine. There's no way the Bills should do that. Let KC screw themselves over and move on.
  13. How many ACL injuries have the Bills had at New Era Field? I don't seem to recall many at all. And I have to doubt that the Pegula's would let Erie County install what they could regard as a "dangerous" playing field, if they truly felt that this was going to be the cause of serious injuries to their players.
  14. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/04/18/dave-gettleman-dusts-off-the-need-versus-talent-debate/
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