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  1. Except, you know, the rich will never have enough...
  2. I don't usually put much stock in post-draft evaluations in the first place. I don't think you can ever get a good read on a player this soon. I'm content to wait and see. I think where Diggs is concerned, he should make a much bigger contribution this year than any rookie fresh out of college.
  3. Things are bound to get mighty "interesting" in the short term. (say the next year) I can see having the NFL and other sports leagues playing in empty stadiums this year. You can forget all about any rock concerts too. How many restaurants survive this I wouldn't begin to guess - but likely not many. The airlines are gonna need bailouts and then there is the problem of people not being able to pay their rent/mortgage. This has the potential to get very, very ugly. We are nowhere near being out of the woods on this thing at this point.
  4. First, Diggs doesn't even belong in this conversation. We are talking RB's here I think. Otherwise if you really want to include ALL players at ALL positions this conversation is really gonna get bogged down quickly. For example I can think of a whole lot of QB's that don't EARN their keep. So let's just talk RB's OK? Do you think that the Cowboys were happy with Zeke's play this season? How bout the Jets with Bell? Or the Rams with Todd Gurley? Or the Cardinals with David Johnson? Point is that there are lots of RB's that don't EARN their big fat contracts. I'd rather draft a couple no name RB's who you won't have to pay exhorbitant contracts to. Many of them simply seem to wear out too quickly. (like right after they sign a new contract) And yes. alot of other players don't EARN their salaries either.
  5. There should be more than enough RB talent available in the 4th-5th rds of the draft.
  6. There has already been some reports about people having passed through quarantine who turn up positive again not long after being released. It's really WAY too early to know anything with any degree of certainty. From society's POV the big threat is a huge number of people dying all at once. The healthcare system is already over burdened.
  7. FYI masks and gloves can be found on amazon and I presume ebay as well. Takes a little looking these day but I got mine in about a weeks time. If you are classified as an essential employee your employer may now be required to provide you with a mask. Seems like a lot of stores are making them mandatory now. I hope you are actually using that hand sanitizer, for both your sake and those you come in contact with. Stay Safe!
  8. There's always Amazon Prime (delivers free in 2 days)
  9. Here are what PFT says about Allen - starts around 4:20
  10. Yeah, I've heard about that. Wrestlemania over the weekend took place without fans present. I'm not sure that can work over a 16 game season. But it's beginning to appear like we just might find out.
  11. I hate to be the "Devil's Advocate" in all this discussion but at this point none of us knows whether there will even be a 2020 NFL season. Poloncarz was asked about that and seemed to say that he wasn't so sure there would even be a season with the Covid-19 situation. There has already been some discussion on what the league "might" do under these conditions as to whether or not a player would even accrue credit for a season if the season had to be cancelled. Right now it is hard to count on much of anything...
  12. I agree with the general gist of what you say. I gotta disagree though with your comment about Darnold and Mayfield. They have each had their fair share of detractors this past season in particular. I also think you should include the likes of Kyler Murray, Gardner Minshew and Josh Rosen in your comparison. All these QBs are gonna develop at their own pace. Stable coaching which Allen has had so far, gives him a great chance for success. Rosen, Darnold and Mayfield haven't had that. But at this point none of us can know for sure what the careers for all these guys will turn out to be like. Allen has these next two seasons to impress before any decisions will need to be made. Let's hope their IS a season. Everyone stay safe!
  13. The Bills DO need another RB to back up Singletary. Whether they get him with their 2nd rd pick however is open to debate. As Singletary himself demonstrates a really good RB can be found in the mid rds. (3-4) On the other hand there should be some rather good young OT's available in rd 2. Or perhaps an edge guy.
  14. Beane wasn't here yet to conduct the 2017 draft. He didn't arrive until later. McD allegedly told Whaley to trade the #10 pick to KC that it used to draft Mahomes and The Bills got Tre White out of in addition to KC's next year's 1st and 3rd rd picks. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brandon_Beane
  15. On the other hand, maybe Netflix subscriptions boom and everyone just stays home and watches reruns of TWD and FTWD and V Wars...
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