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  1. Whether Shady may or may not be active (I hope he will be...) I'll be rooting for him and the Chiefs in the Superbowl... They are after all "The AFC representative AND NOT the New England Patriots". And as far as Watkins is concerned, I never questioned his "attitude". I had a problem with paying him $16 million a season when he couldn't seem to stay healthy. I think that John Brown had a better season in terms of "productivity" and is significantly less expensive both this past year and the upcoming next two seasons as well! When you factor in the cost of the two contracts (Brown at 9 million/yr avg for both 2020 & 2021 vs Watkins at $16 million/yr which btw expires after 2020) it seems likes a "no brainer" that Brown is the better investment. Also I like Andy Reid. He is an excellent HC (also NOT NAMED Belichick). https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/W/WatkSa00.htm https://overthecap.com/player/sammy-watkins/2943/ https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/B/BrowJo02.htm https://overthecap.com/player/john-brown/3030/ and besides Garopolo still has some of that "New England Stench" on him.... Go CHIEFS!
  2. I wonder if Cleveland was insisting on the same kind of "reporting requirements" for McDaniel as they apparently insisted on from Stefanski. If so I wouldn't blame him for not taking the job if it was offered under those terms.
  3. Here's the latest from Pro Football Talk... And here is Dan Patrick's take...
  4. So, How many other teams in the NFL require this of their HC? Are there any? This seems like a plan almost guaranteed to end in disaster. Poor Brown's fans... They deserve better!
  5. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/buffalo-bills/tredavious-white-21768/ https://theathletic.com/1519769/2020/01/08/extensions-free-agency-and-draft-what-you-should-and-shouldnt-expect-from-brandon-beane-this-offseason/?source=spotrac&pc=spotrac40off Simple: Pay the man. He is just coming into his prime and is happy here. Start negotiating an extension soon. It willl cost a little less in the long run. You do have his 5th year option of course but it will be better for all concerned to not wait till the last minute. It's the smart thing to do.
  6. Absoeffinlutely NOT. The man is a cancer. He is all about himself. You want "Team Oriented" players NOT prima donna's on the Bills.
  7. Just having a guy like Roberts back there is a nice feeling knowing that he will "take care of the ball". It would be great if he can bust a long one or two, but just knowing that you have someone back there you can trust not to fumble and to make the right decisions makes him worth what the Bills are paying him.
  8. Wouldn't it be lovely to see Brady and Belicheat watching the Bills on TV next weekend!
  9. This has all the makings for a very interesting Wild Card Saturday evening for both these teams. Go Bills and Go Titans!
  10. The Bills will be lucky to have Daboll back with Josh for a third straight season. A lot of QB's are held back in their development by having a constant windmill of OC's and HC's. It's not as important later in a QB's career but especially early on, QB's can really benefit from the consistency and rapport they develop with that one guy who they can trust and who knows their strengths and weaknesses.
  11. Whether Wallace is in or out, Kevin Johnson will be an important part of the Bills defense today. And KJ probably has an axe to grind with the Texans. Hopefully Levi will be back for the Bills next opponent!
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