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  1. Here are the latest stats on Miami: http://www.nfl.com/teams/miamidolphins/statistics?team=MIA 5 sacks so far by their defense... Pretty putrid...
  2. No Thanks. The Bills already have one ex-bengal player who can't stay healthy on their roster.
  3. I'm not a neurologist or any other kind of medical professional but I don't believe that brains heal themselves in a week or so. I also believe that concussion damage is cumulative over time. So as long as Josh is feeling up to it and has been medically cleared to play by actual medical professionals, I think that is all one can ask or expect. Hopefully, Josh doesn't become "concussion prone". However, football at every level is a physically demanding and somewhat dangerous occupation. Even with improvements to helmet technology one has to realize that our brains are floating around inside our skulls and even better helmets are not gonna change that basic reality. Our brains are not designed for such abuse long term.
  4. Let's not forget that with Allen participating in practice as much as he is, Tennessee will at the very least have to spend time preparing for Josh to play.
  5. If Allen clears the concussion protocols and is ready to play then he starts. As others have said, he is the starter and the "franchise QB" and gives this team the best chance to win. But if he is less than 100% he sits and Barkley starts/plays.
  6. Time to get your "One-eyed Identified Flying Objects" out guys and gals!
  7. The debate really is more about the value of having Belichick/Brady vs McD/Allen IMHO. I won't be disappointed no matter what the final score is this weekend. Allen is still learning on the job while Brady is a multiple Superbowl winning QB, maybe the best QB all time. Assuming NE and KC are the two best teams in the AFC, how good are the Bills? We may get some clues to this question this weekend. This season has a long ways to go and injuries are gonna be important as the season goes along. Are the Bills better than say Baltimore? I think we should know more about where the Bills stand in the AFC by the end of this season. They are certainly in fine shape cap wise for next season and with another solid draft like this years draft could be in a position to challenge KC/NE next season. Assuming the Bills make the playoffs which is still a big assumption at this point how will they fare against these two teams in the playoffs assuming they do get that far? Let's just enjoy the ride...
  8. I just wanna wish Richie the best. Hope he is able to put this behind him and stay straight.
  9. And the Bills play the @Browns, @Steelers and @Titans. Those three games could be key to getting in as a wildcard playoff team...
  10. Hey, the Patriots will most likely win next week but I can handle it. The Bills will still be 3-1.
  11. Have any of the other TE's who were available in FA done anything much yet? No GM hits on every FA that he signs. On the plus side , we signed two top notch WR's (Brown and Beasley) and an OL that is giving Allen time to throw (Morse, Feliciano, Nsekhe, and Spain) not to mention Gore. I'd say Beane had quite a good group of FA signings. Chill out!
  12. I think we all agree that this is a "should win" game. Not a "must win". And I believe they will win this game.
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