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  1. I really don't see Beane trading up in rd 1 for a RB. IF they were to trade up, I think it would be for a player at another position. Sorry, but in my view RB's are a dime a dozen and not worry of a #1 pick.
  2. Keep in mind that it is estimated to take a couple weeks for the 2nd dose to take full effect. Even then you do NOT become invincible to the virus. It just means that the odds greatly increase that you will NOT get seriously ill and/or die from becoming infected. There is a difference!
  3. I'm mid 60s (which co-incidentally matches when I first became a Bills fan) and have always gotten flu shots every year. The only real reaction I have had to either of the 2 Moderna doses was a slight sore arm. Word of advice - Always get your shots in the arm that you DON'T sleep on! I always sleep on my right shoulder hence I always get my vax in my Left arm!
  4. When my wife and I got our 2nd Moderna doses this past Sunday she had slight flu like symptoms for about 24 hrs or so while I only had the sore arm for a few days. I actually felt great the 1st day after the jab other than the sore arm. I mention this because oddly enough whenever I had gotten the flu inn the past I would normally feel great too the day before I would come down with flu like symptoms (weird huh) By the way, I sleep on my right side, so I always get my vaccinations in my left arm. That would be my recommendation to others.
  5. Got my 2nd dose of Moderna yesterday morning. Aside from slight soreness at the injection site I feel GREAT this morning!
  6. I have also been diabetic (type 2) for many years. It's only in the last two years that I've been able to get things under real control. I am NOT a doctor and am NOT giving medical advice but I have learned that carbohydrates (bread, potatoes, rice) have a pronounced effect on blood glucose levels. I personally avoid alcohol almost 100% of the time. It's a small price to pay in my mind for better health. You may wish to look up the Keto diet as I have lost 80lbs and gotten my A1c levels down to the low 5's. I'd personally also recommend you check out the Beat Diabetes! channel on youtube. The
  7. I understand your concern but keep in mind that the Bills have Allen cheap for one last year. And with the new NFL TV deals the salary cap will be going up significantly in the future. Or would you prefer to watch Mitch/Mitchell play QB?
  8. Unfortunately, these guys are NOT "PROVEN ANYTHING" at this point. And let's not forget that the 49ers currently have a QB on a reasonable contract though he is somewhat injury prone perhaps. Sure it's one thing to acquire a PROVEN QB like a Watson but that is not what we are talking about here. These are unproven rookies.
  9. The Bills got Josh Allen for a whole lot less. They moved up from #12 to #7 for picks #12, #53, #56 and got pick #255 back in the trade with Tampa. Is three #1 future picks too much to give up for an unproven QB? Sure, I think Allen, as he has turned out, might be worth that many top picks but you could also end up with a Sam Darnold. Any thoughts?
  10. Looking forward to getting my 2nd dose in 2 weeks... It's good to see what others who have already gotten their 2nd doses are experiencing...
  11. Everything I have heard/read suggests that the 2nd Jab tends to provoke more side effects than the 1st Jab does... One side note about the card they give you though, I really think they could have condensed it a bit more so it is more credit card sized... Or is it meant to be folded in half?
  12. Wife and I got our 1st dose of Moderna vaccine 9 days ago. 2nd dose scheduled for mid April. Only side effect was some slight tenderness at the injection site for about a day afterwards.
  13. Jack Kemp being booed unmercifully entering the game coming off the bench, throws a long TD pass causing the crowd to go crazy instantly. From bum to hero on one play. This was at the ole Rockpile - War Memorial Stadium in the 60's... You could still get a REAL grilled hot dog at the concession stands, not the boiled or microwaved kind they sell you today...
  14. I don't think a restructure was ever on the table either. 1. Gabe Davis needs to be the #3 WR. You cant be paying John Brown big bucks to sit on the bench. Davis is proof that you can find good young WRs even in the 4th rd. And Diggs, Beasley and Davis are a pretty good 3some to start with.
  15. And it is another oportunity to reward excellence and performance. Players like Diggs and Allen are leaders. They deserve to be well compensated.
  16. If I could only keep one I'd keep Feliciano but would very much like to keep both at least for another season. After that Morse's dead cap goes down significantly I believe. Feliciano is just so versatile.
  17. Try living down in Texas where apparently icy roads have millions without power at the moment. Maye they need to buy some road salt! I haven't had any heart attacks in my 67 yrs living here.
  18. and there's a "Golden Arches" wherever you go... not to mention hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, terrorist attacks in bigger cities, sharks in the oceans... just to name a few... Be careful what you wish for...
  19. Where else would one rather be? Born here, raised here, lived here, will die here. Why go anywhere else? (unless you have to) I was a Bills fan from back in the Old Rockpile era... I've seen all the BAD football... It's nice to win for a change...
  20. What about Air Fryer Wings? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance!
  21. Which one has the biggest screen size? Is the new TV UHD? What are the specs on these two TVs?
  22. Whatever happens this weekend, the Bills have found themselves their Franchise Qb for the present and future. I see Stephen A. is picking the Ravens to win. I like this team as an underdog. I imagine Stephen A. would pick the Bills to be the underdog in these next 3 games... Guess we will see...
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