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  1. The idiot of the coaches uses two to.....he is an idiot he needs to go
  2. Thanks for the profile option. I will see that. On a map the visualization would be nicer and it would be easier to find people in your area. Obviously, only the people who decide to click or put themselves on the map should appear, and it should not be mandatory to be on it.
  3. Since the Bills have become a global team, it would be nice if somewhere on the page there was a map where fans can leave from where in the world we support them. I don't know how hard it is to do but it would be spectacular and would help fans who live far away from Buffalo meet other fans in their areas. BTW: I'm jealous that they didn't make me a TV note! hahahaha
  4. Well, I returned to Buenos Aires last week and I want to tell you that the trip that I have dreamed of taking for years was much better than I had imagined. I was lucky to see the victories against the Raiders (getting to know Highmark was very emotional moment) and the Comanders (it seems like the game was away but there were many more Bills fans than the Comanders fans). I went to breakfast at Tim Horton's, to dinner at Anchor Bar, on Monday after the Raiders game I went to Niagara Falls and did Maid of Mist...really everything was spectacular. I can say about the sport that at first it was difficult to follow, because being the first game I saw in my life, I didn't have a trained eye and I only saw a lot of people trying to hit each other in a very small space, hahaha. After a while everything becomes "slower" and is better understood. By the game with the commanders everything was clearer in my head. About Buffalo, it's incredible and it makes me very happy to see how fanatic the people of the team are. It is impossible to see more than 3 people in a row and none of them have anything from the Bills. Even when I was in NYC I saw more Bills fans than Jest/Giants fans. The people in Buffalo/NYC/Wash and Phila (I went just to take a photo with the Rocky statue and climb the iconic staircase) were all very friendly and even took the time to repeat things to me when I didn't understand English, I mean, almost always, haha. Many thanks to everyone who participated in this thread and who helped me put together the trip and special thanks to NC-billsfan! who invited me to the pre-match tailgate with the commanders (I couldn't go because I couldn't find the parking lot) and ExWNER who came up to greet me in the stands. Vamos los BILLS!!!!
  5. wowwwwww the OL was holding. it was OBVIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Thanks man!!!! It feels like a Home Game with all the mafia taking over the fedex. Hope to see next year. Ps. My record is 2•0 with two blowouts, so maybe somebody can call Pegula and make my the bills amulet, hahahah
  7. If the man si fron Argentina he mus be a good guy 😀
  8. I AM going to Dress a maid of mist blue poncho! My English is "no bueno" soy sorry in avance hahaha I prefer the one who have the jet drove me Home if can chose....
  9. I Will be at 426 to. Row 13. I am praying that the game is not suspended or delayed because at 9 pm I travel to NYC and from there back to Argentina
  10. Yesss. please tell where I need to go? We are going to stay in DC on saturday and sunday (all day for the game). I am thinking on going to white house and The National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution. any other places?
  11. Thanks. I Will go to the stadium with mi soccer team jersey (Tigre) wha share the bills colors!
  12. If wey start taigate at 8 am we are going yo be drunk, sleeping or bith at Game time, hahahahah
  13. Yo must visit BA. Is an awesome city and right now very cheap for the americans.
  14. First....thanks for the answer!} About comanders game, We will like to Join you and your group!!!!!!!! We are going to stay in NYC and travel to Wash on saturday. The same about the tailgate!!!!!! I am going to loose my voice for sure. We Argentines are very passionate when it comes to sports and with what I expect on this trip, I am not going to miss the chance to scream like a madman 🙂
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