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  1. Thank you! I have not arrived in Argentina yet, but I will see how things go when I get there and I may reach out to you then! I also looked up Start Plus live and that looks like a good option for the game.
  2. It's a tough decision, especially in the 2nd half. As we all surely saw, the Bills could have really used one more time out, but the ones they did manage to save turned out to be vitally important in the final minutes. Had they challenged the Davis TD and lost (which is probably more likely than not), they might not even have had the chance that they did to win the game at the end.
  3. I realize it's a long shot, but I will be in Buenos Aires this Sunday and am interested if there's anywhere in the city to catch the game. I looked at the Bills Backers site, but there was nothing in South America. I will have a laptop with a VPN, so I can also try to stream through the DTV/Sunday Ticket site, but the last time I attempted that from outside of the US, the site recognized that I was out of the country (even though I was going through a VPN set to a US IP address) and would not allow me to use it. Any help would be appreciated! Of course, my wife could throw a monkey wrench into the whole plan, but I have to try.
  4. Hopefully he'll clear and be ready for Sunday. If not, does Hart get the nod? He had a good camp and was playing well at guard, but it still gives me some cause for concern if he's starting on the OL.
  5. At least he's not a starter. If we can get Spencer Brown back healthy and we have Quessenberry, we should be OK at tackle. Doyle's depth will be missed, but he was our fourth tackle and it's crazy to think that we were so depleted on the OL that he was playing GUARD.
  6. To answer the original post, I think a healthy team is a higher priority. As to the #1 seed, it is still within reach. KC, LA Chargers, Baltimore, Tennessee, Cincinnati, Cleveland, etc. all have a loss. Sure, Miami is 3-0, but do you really think they'll win in Buffalo later in the season in sub 100 degree weather when the Bills will presumably have most of their roster available? I do think the next 2 weeks will be tough if the Bills don't get a bunch of their guys back.
  7. I think they should sign a quality veteran starting guard, a quality veteran defensive tackle, a hall-of-fame caliber defensive end with Super Bowl championship experience, and three more defensive linemen with experience, preferably two of them on the interior (one of whom has inside pass rush skills) and one who can set the edge against the run. When is Beane going to do something?
  8. I'm in the don't let Josh run - when it's not necessary - crowd. And I fully understand that QBs get hit and injured in passing situations and in the pocket. I'm fine with him running in critical situations in tough games like today's. There is risk of injury on every snap. A QB running the ball increases that risk. If Allen goes down, so does the season.
  9. Poyer and Hyde's injures in camp may be a blessing in disguise. The backup safeties got a ton of run in camp and preseason, even against other teams' starters. That experience will really benefit the Bills on Sunday. The hot weather in LA in Week 1 may also be another blessing in disguise. I think this game will present some challenges, but the Bills will be ready to face them.
  10. I like Blackshear as much as the next guy, but I don't think that picking up a UDFA from from another team's practice squad has much to do with the future of an all-Pro player (even one that gets injured a lot).
  11. Whenever I buy tickets for anything, I always try to buy on the asile. I understand that I need to use the facilities several times during the game and don't want to make it more difficult for me or anyone else. That said, aisle seats are not always available.
  12. I respectfully disagree. I was at the game in LA with my dad, who is getting up there in years. We paid a lot of money for the tickets. While I am physically able to stand up for some or most of the game, he is not. There was an obnoxious Rams fan who kept standing up throughout the early parts of the game and my Dad could not see the field. I put up with it for a while and was going to eventually tell the guy to sit down, but Josh and the Bills took care of it for me. When I stand up at games, which I sometimes like to do during big moments, I always turn to see who is sitting behind me. If I think it's going to be a problem for them (I'm a big, tall guy), I don't do it. They paid for a ticket and are entitled to see the field. I had a few beers before the game and a drink or two during the game. That makes me have to urinate. Unfortunately, our seats were in the middle of the section, so I had to get up to go to the men's room several times throughout the game, which means I had to leave my seat. That said, I NEVER leave my seat during an active play. It try to wait until a TV timeout, end of a quarter, etc. I'm also very polite with plenty of please, thank you, and sorry.
  13. Agreed, but PS moves happen often, fast, and furious. Gentry could be gone again if the Bills find a RB they like and want to sign him. In the meantime, they like Gentry enoough to give him the spot for now.
  14. Harlan/Green are a pretty good team. We could do a lot worse (as mentioned above, Mowins, Dedes, etc.)
  15. Kudos to Kumerow. A lot of people on this board thought he should be cut, and many thought that Hodgins should have made the team over Kumerow. Jake's value on special teams is very high, and unquestioned. Last night, he also stepped up as a WR, making some nice grabs in Gabe Davis' absence, and, as the stats above show, he played a lot of snaps. He won't be making the Pro Bowl anytime soon, but it is nice to see some positive contribution from him as a WR.
  16. I agree. On Sundays when the Bills aren't playing or during the late games when the Bills play in the early game, Red Zone is my go-to. It's particularly great for the last part of the 4th quarter when there are multiple close games.
  17. This doesn't always work. I was in Europe and tried to lauch the Sunday Ticket App to watch football, using a US IP Address through a VPN. It did not work and the error message reflected the fact that I was out of the country. That same trip, I WAS able to successfully able to stream college football thorugh the ESPN app. So I guess it depends. I read somewhere that some apps are familiar with certain IP addresses and know they come from a VPN provider and won't allow their apps to work with those IP addresses.
  18. I had a similar injury a few years ago. It did not impact my day-to-day life, but if I moved in certain ways, it was extremely painful. It got better over time, but it was close to a full year before I was 100% healed. I was not playing profesional football at the time, so I didn't need to function in the way that Herbert does, but I also didn't have access to cortisone shots, daily physical therapy, etc. I suspect he'll be in pain all season long, but he'll be able to manage it and play.
  19. I've used VividSeats a few times with no issue, but I did have a problem a couple of years ago when I bought NHL tickets (not in Buffalo) and did not receive them. I had a couple of calls with their customer service and I got a refund, but I missed the game....I think they are a legitimate company, but their "controls" as to relationships with third party sellers may not be a good as some of their competitors like StubHub. On my NHL ticket deal, I think the fault was with the third party seller and not with VividSeats, but VividSeats, as the middleman, was responsible.
  20. I was thinking the same thing. I do think he's one of the greatest defensive minds of all time and he's a good head coach, but maybe not as great as his reputation. This also goes to show how great Brady is, love him or not. The fact that he could go to Tampa at age 42 (or whatever age he was at the time) and win a Super Bowl, then last year lead the NFL in yards and TDs at age 44 or 45 is pretty amazing. The success in New England with Brady was not an accident.
  21. I hate this too. I live in the west, so the Bills game is starting at 4 PM for me. I booked a private "meeting" on my calendar and will try to sneak out of the office a couple of hours early. I have a DVR and can always record and watch later, but my phone blows up with texts from all my Bills fans friends (who live all over the country, but many in Buffalo or elsewhere in the eastern time zone). Between that and my TV being accidentally left on ESPN (so I turn on the TV and see the live game/score before I have a chance to queue up the DVR recording), my car radio, etc. it's almost impossible to avoid knowing anything about the game. If I see my neighbor and say hello, he is guaranteed to say something about how the Bills are doing. He's just being friendly, but it ruins the game for me. If they had one game at the regular time, this would be much less of a problem (it would likely start around 5:30 PM for me). As a side note, I did not like the Amazon Prime streaming experience last night. By the time I got home from work, fed the kids, got them to bed, etc. and I was able to sit down and watch the game, it was almost over. I was able to figure out how to start the game from the beginning, but the "DVR" functions on Prime (I use Fire sticks) are not very good. It was very difficult to fast-forward to the spots in the game I wanted to. It went too slow or too fast. I kept going past the point I wanted to be, and had to rewind, and tried to do so without seeing the score. Plus, I watched it across two different rooms, so I had to start over each time I moved. Then the whole thing locked up becuase my usually extremely fast and reliable internet service was supposedly sending a weak signal. I recycled the modem, it was fixed for 15 minutes, then it locked up again. Then I fell asleep just before getting to halftime...Bottom line, streaming is not a great option for me. I hate it. When I record a game via Directv and watch later on my DVR, it's a very smooth and easy experience. I'm curous about the experience of others who watched the game "on delay." But enough complaining and grousing. It's Friday, the Bills are awesome and I'll figure it out Monday night so that I can see the Bils crush the Titans!
  22. My first reaction is that this looks terrible and ridiculous. I thought it was something new they just created, in which case the entire marketing team should be fired. Given that is actually part of franchise history, it's not as bad as I originally thought (but still highly questionable): https://sportsmascots.fandom.com/wiki/Brownie_the_Elf_(Cleveland_Browns)
  23. They are so desperate to get rid of those things, they will throw in a conditional 7th rounder.
  24. This kind of stuff is really bad. I'm sure that teams and the league are looking for excuses to curtail tailgating. It leads to more unruly fans, a mess in the parking lot, and less food and drink sold inside the stadium (less revenue). I personally LOVE tailgating, so I don't want to see stupid stuff like this that could jeopardize it.
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