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  1. I was at that Rams game too. Paid a king's ransom for seats and was a mile away from the action. The stadium is a true pit - old and rundown. The seats were rusty, etc. and the acoustics, scoreboard, and everything about it was bad. At least the Bills won the game - one of the few highlights of the Rex era. The tailgating was also weak. Stadium parking was limited and was $100+. We ended up paying $50 to park in some guy's driveway about a half block from the stadium lot and it ended up being OK, but nothing close to the full tailgating experience you get in most NFL venues and certainly nothing compared to what you get in Buffalo.
  2. I attended a game at the Chargers' soccer field. It is a small and intimate experience and the concessions area had picnic tables where you could hang out, eat, have a drink, etc. Very different from any NFL venue I have ever visited, but a good experience. Other than what was on the field - that was the infamous Peterman game....I love New Era and have had great experiences there, but it probably has the ranking it deserves. The bathroom situation is terrible (hello birdbath) and the concourses are extremely narrow and jam packed to the point of almost being dangerous. I would hesitate to take a child or elderly person to a game for those reasons. The acoustics also aren't the best and I hate the sunburn I always get when I'm on the "sunny" side. That said, the sight lines are fantastic and the pre-game and in-game atmospheres are definitely among the best.
  3. I went to a college game at Jerruh World in Dallas. Their jumbotron was undoubtedly a spectacle, but it distracted my attention from watching the game on the field. I kept shifting my eyes between the screen and the field. It was very distracting and took away from my overall enjoyment of the game.
  4. With a strong defensive effort, the Bills can compete with almost anyone in the league, even with a backup QB at the helm. Barkley is no world beater, but he's an NFL veteran who has been with the team long enough to know the playbook very well. We should have a good OL, good RBs and good pass catchers, so I don't think the entire thing unravels if Barkley has to play a few games. I don't see us outscoring the Chiefs, but that's only one game. There's no reason we can't compete with the bottom 25 or so teams with a backup QB if the defense plays well. And if Fromm somehow rises to the occasion and beats out Barkley as a rookie, then he's got some talent that will help us. Fromm has played well against the likes of Alabama, Auburn, Florida, etc., in high pressure games in huge noisy stadiums, so perhaps the moment wouldn't be too big for him. (I still think Barkley beats him out and remains the #2 for one more year and I also think there won't be full noisy stadiums this year.)
  5. I disagree with the OP's take. New England: Newton, if healthy, is the starter. If he isn't healthy, you're left with Stidham who has no NFL experience to speak of and Hoyer who is up there in years and is a career backup type of guy (arguably in the mold of Barkley, but I'll give you that he's more accomplished). Miami: Fitz and a rookie coming off of a bad injury. Jests: Darnold and Flacco. Darnold and Allen have different skill sets, but are arguably at about the same point in their careers. I think that Allen has more upside. Flacco is undoubtedly more accomplished than Barkley, but it's been a number of years since he's been at the top of his game. He is old, slow and brittle. He reminds me a little bit of Drew Bledsoe in his final years. He certainly isn't a guy to be feared. The Bills have a promising young starter on the upswing in Allen, a middle of the road backup in Barkley and a developmental rookie with potential and upside in Fromm. (I won't bring Davis Webb into the mix.) The Bills also have a really good defense, so the backup QB might only need to manage the game and hold down the fort until an injured stater came back. Barkley has a small sample size with the team, but the one meaningful game he started, he played really well. I think that he could take the reins and keep the team afloat for a few weeks. So, I don't agree that this is a huge hole that could ruin the season any more than if any other team lost its starting QB for an extended period of time. The Kurt Warner and Nick Foles stories are few and far between. Most #2 QBs are #2s for a reason. Sure, a Dalton, Newton or Flacco type may have been better than Barkley, but the Bills have reasons they didn't go in any of those directions and I trust the judgment of the current management and coaching staff.
  6. This is no big deal. First of all, she's the owner and can do what she wants. Second, she's just getting a flavor of the in-game coaching experience. She's in no way involved with coaching the team. Many of the moves she's made with the Sabres are worthy of questioning, but it's hard to find fault with anything she's done with the Bills in the last 3 years, including this. In a well-known business book, the key to success starts with "getting the right people on the bus." The Bills have the right people on the bus. The Sabres clearly don't, and only time will tell if, after this year's changes, they will.
  7. The article is extremely odd. It is very complimentary about the Bills before doing a complete reversal of field and predicting that the Bills will finish last at the end of the article. Even if a non-Bills fan were to read this article, they would likely be left scratching their head. That said, the guy can write what he wants and is entitled to his opinion. It doesn't really bother me at all.
  8. Brown was a good player and had a long successful career. He also seems to be a great guy. I don't consider him an all-time great.
  9. When I lived in Buffalo, I went to several games every season. After I moved away, I attempted to get back for at least 1 game per year. In recent years, family & work obligations have prevented that, but I'm out West now and try to catch games in this part of the world. I was at the last road Rams game (a win despite the Rex factor), Chargers game (the Peterman debacle), Broncos game (a loss, can't remember too many details) and Cardinals game (an OT win, but very ugly game). I am planning to attend Arizona and Denver this year if fans are permitted.
  10. I'm not too hot and bothered about this. Dan O is entitled to his opinion, even though I disagree with it. Allen's numbers are not great, but he does so many things that statistics don't show. He's a great leader, plays with passion and seems to have the 4th quarter clutch gene. He needs to improve his accuracy and stop putting the ball on the carpet. He can (and I believe will) improve in those areas. Tua may turn out to be great, but I always take QBs from certain programs with a grain of salt. Tua had an NFL caliber offensive line, NFL caliber WRs, and an NFL caliber set of receivers. He's certainly talented, but he was also surrounded by talent that far exceeded that of his opponents (except for maybe LSU and Clemson). He won't have that benefit with the 'Fins and he's coming off a pretty serious injury. Plus, the number of first round QBs that bust in the NFL is pretty high. We'll see.
  11. I'm more of a traditionalist, so I don't like it. The on-sides kick is an important part of the game that has always been. If the new rule passes, however, I could learn to like it.
  12. I question whether Dak is worth that kind of money. I do NOT question whether Mahomes is worth that kind of money. 2 years as a starter, 1 trip to the AFC title game, 1 Super Bowl win, 1 MVP and record setting numbers. He also came back from a pretty bad injury to lead the team, showing grit and toughness. Dak signing for $35M is bad for the Bills as far as Allen's price tag if he continues to progress, but Mahomes signing for $40M is good for the Bills. Allen would likely command the same or more than Dak, but less than Mahomes. That said, if Allen has a MVP and a Super Bowl victory in the next couple of years, he will also be worth $40M+ and it will be a good problem for the Bills to have.
  13. I'm a big Allen fan and think he will continue to develop and become one of the best in the league. I still have some doubts. Can anyone point to examples of NFL QBs who flashed great potential in their first couple of years, but had some question marks, and eventually became great? I would exclude a guy like Aaron Rodgers, who was not starting and playing in his first few years. Cam Newton was fantastic as a rookie, so he doesn't follow this pattern. I think Big Ben had a great rookie year too, so he wouldn't fit the bill. Mahomes only started 1 game as a rookie then was lights out in year 2, so again, he wouldn't fit the bill either. Brady was on the bench, but became an instant winner once he took over the starting job, so again, doesn't fit the mold. One that kind of fits the bill is Alex Smith, who struggled his first few years, but eventually became very good (but not great). I'd appreciate any input from the board. It would make me feel better about Allen's prospects if we can find suitable comparisons for high potential guys took some time to reach the highest levels, but got there....
  14. Keep in mind that Brady will be 43 years old this season. If he craps the bed at age 43, that doesn't discount what he accomplished earlier in his career. If he craps the bed this season, all it says to me is that he hung around too long and should have retired.
  15. Fromm is an ideal candidate for a backup QB role. Smart, humble, etc. Has talent but not elite, so probably not a huge threat to the starter, but can come in and keep the chains moving and not make a lot of mistakes. The upside is that he shows really well and can be dealt for a higher draft pick in the future, the likelihood is that he shows OK and is a good, reasonably priced backup for years to come, and the downside is that he's a bust and you're out a 5th round pick, which isn't a big deal in the scheme of things. A good draft pick in this slot.
  16. I think that Terrell Suggs also fell in the draft due to his more limited athleticism. Some guys don't test well but are just great football players. Let's hope AJ is one of those guys. Other guys are great athletes and/or put up great combine numbers, but are not necessarily great football players. Bills FB Jamie Mueller from the Super Bowl teams was one of those guys. Mueller was a decent football player and a good guy to have on the roster, but he was not a standout on the field, despite stellar combine numbers. His career stat are in the graphic below. (My apologies - I can't figure out how to make the image larger, but if you click on it, it expands.)
  17. My main point, which I now see I didn't state clearly, was that limiting him running was simply to protect him from injury. He's so valuable that we need him healthy. So even if the defense gives it, I might not recommend taking it at times when it isn't necessary. If he could run wild with no threat of injury, I'd be all for him running all the time. (And I also respect your point of view....)
  18. I agree that you don't want to take away Allen's running game. That said, save it for broken plays where he can scramble for the 1st down, safely get out of bounds or slide. I'd also limit designed runs for him to the 4th quarter of close, meaningful games, playoff games, etc. No designed runs early in games, in blowouts, in games after playoff position has been determined (amazing we can say that about the Bills these days!), etc. OK - may be an occasional QB sneak on 3rd or 4th and short, but Moss may be able to help in those situations.
  19. Unfortunately, there's a good chance Tampa (and all other teams) will be playing in an empty stadium again this year....
  20. I like Dillon and think he'd be a good choice, but not that high. I see him going in mid rounds.
  21. I like Uche or Dobbins. I love Michigan and hate Ohio State, but colleges aside, you have to go with the BPA. That said, the Bills haven't had a great track record with Buckeyes. A few that come to mind are Adolphus Washington, Cardale Jones, Tim Anderson and Donte Whitner. Balancing that out, Nate Clements and Antoine Winfield were good. Not a lot of Wolverines, although Jay Riemersma was a decent TE for us and I think we had a brief stint with TE Mark Campbell who was also OK. Dobbins looks like a real stud. I like Jonathan Taylor from Wisconsin too, but I recently learned (from this board!) that he has fumbling issues, so that disqualifies him. Dobbins was pretty dominant in the Fiesta Bowl against Clemson last year (and against Wisconsin and Michigan), some of the top DLs in college football, and he was really good all season long. I inserted a screen cutout below, although it's a little hard to read. Uche was also terrific all season. Either would be great additions to the roster.
  22. I like Taylor, Dobbins and Dillon. My scope is a bit limited, as I haven't seen that many of the guys play. I saw both Taylor and Dobbins play live last year and both were dominant against top 10 defenses. Plus, others from Wisconsin and Ohio State have been successful in the league. I know Dillon as a former Michigan commit, who ended up at BC (I think an injury may have been involved with the change in schools), and he had a great career at BC. I have not seen him play, but like what I have read about him and think we can get him in the mid rounds. Plus, his size is a nice complement and change of pace to Singletary. I don't see Taylor and Dobbins surviving the 2nd round.
  23. I like Herbie and Fowler for college games - not sure if they would be the right fit for NFL. It really surprises me how the networks struggle so much to find decent talent. With all the national and local sportscasters out there, you'd think that the top networks and the top leagues could find a few decent broadcast teams. As to some of the other names that were mentioned in the thread, I like Harland and I like Gus Johnson. I love Chris Speilman the person and the player, but not a huge fan of him as a broadcaster. I really dislike Spiro Dedes and cringe every time he gets assigned to a Bills broadcast, but I'd listen to him 24/7 before having to listen to Beth Mowins.
  24. Third year in the same system, a young quality RB, Diggs and 2 other good WRs, a quality line that will be in its second season of continuity and could be even better (Ford may improve and they got the new OL from Carolina), Knox and Sweeney improving and Kroft staying healthy at TE, I'm a big Allen fan, but agree that he'll be out of excuses this year.
  25. I think that teams should have 3 QBs, of the following types: 1) a bona-fide, unquestioned starter; 2) a veteran backup; and 3) a developmental guy. Depending on how heralded the developmental guy is, you can stash him on the PS, or you have to keep all 3 on the roster. The veteran offers mentoring and game experience, while the developmental guy offers future potential and someone to run the scout team. After a few years, the developmental guy might become the veteran backup and you get another developmental guy. Some teams draft a QB every year and I like that idea. If your #1 is a younger guy that looks like he'll be around a while, you can go late rounds or UDFA for the developmental guy. My whole model fails for some teams, like the Bills of the past, if you can't find the #1. It's great that the Bills finally have the #1!
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