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  1. JoSh like a lil pink in his meat and the wetter the better. Omg. 🤣
  2. Punk as entitled pretentious lil *****. How does it feel. Can't wait till we see them next season
  3. This is so ***** hilarious. Nfl just doesnt want to like ja17
  4. No it is. He knows I love football and just asked me. How should he go about it? What's the best way to go about betting. A certain site? Anything credible?
  5. Naa he's got thousands tied up. Profits retirement etc. I'd like to give him an honest answer on the game and asked my opinion on who would win( I'd assume I'd know my football) so if he wants to throw a couple hundred for fun I get it. I'm trying the figure out how to really bet and what to bet for that's all.
  6. So that's the under I assume? What does -2.5 mean?
  7. What is the norm. The over under stuff? How do you personally go by betting? If you don't mind me asking Lmao he was just talking about that actually omg. He does
  8. Why? What the hell? I hope that's sarcasm. If not just get off the internet.
  9. My brother is a day trader and asked me about my opinion about the sb. He asked me who I thought would win cause he's not a sports guy. He wanted to throw 200 down so I told him I'll get some opinions. I don't know much about betting so I can't give him an answer. Any advice? I figure I'd ask fellow fans. Lmk.
  10. I think it just went up another 2k views in the past 4 hours. I'm not the biggest rap guy but the flow and production is professional sounding
  11. This just got released and it's about to blow up. Released 15 hours ago. Let's get this on gmfb!
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