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  1. He made the mistake of playing good in the one game and that was it for him. kinda like Singletary or Cook who have a few good plays and the hook grabs them off the stage
  2. If he's active and doesn't play this place will explode. Get your popcorn!
  3. That because he missed his assignment so standing there looking good
  4. Thanks for your manifesto. He almost blew the game with fumbling the onsides kick
  5. Did ya ever think the Bills cap is also prorated by week of season?
  6. That good? Questionable player decisions, play reviews and clock management.
  7. Yup, that John Oliver segment showed that perfect. (bieber falling through the floor still makes me laugh) I said theres a chance, the Jets game there was well attended. Northern Ohio is not far from Detroit
  8. If they aren't for sale yet how are scalpers selling them?
  9. He had to be activated or shut down for the year is my understanding of the rule.
  10. As Michael Kay would say "see ya"
  11. It also says he wants a multi year deal, so yes 20m
  12. How about 20m .... https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/35012972/sources-odell-beckham-jr-hopes-sign-end-november
  13. A niece panty and bra ensemble adds to the mood
  14. I voted zero for the elbow, now the TBI on his bad throws could be a few.
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