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  1. Use plenty of sunscreen the water proof kind, the rain will beed up and run off you instead of soak in
  2. How do you know how it would effect their lifestyle? why don't you start a go fund me page for 500 million dollars for the dome and see how ya make out
  3. Congrats Jake! You would be a fool to stay on the ps when ya can get on a NFL roster get mo money and benefits. Best of luck!
  4. I'd guess they they think those guys are hot and might ask them to the dance
  5. I also read the article and thought it was well done and not all doom and gloom. On to NOLA! Go Bills!
  6. I thought Oliver has been playing his best football the last month or so. I get so confused.
  7. @DrDawkinstein... your a better poster than this I hope it was shitfaced posting.
  8. @Buftex... If your on a pc looking at the ESPN home page click on the ESPN+ symbol at the top. Once I clicled on that there was a menu and one was schedules and replays. Gives ya calender and I clicked on Friday and voila, Sabres Edmonton game is available. hope this helps! Mike
  9. Glad ya saw a great game buf!!! Who would have thought they'd beat Tampa and Edmonton already. to your question i only can watch Sabres games on there when MSG gets blacked out so haven't messed with it to much. I'll see what I can figure out.... Mike
  10. Thanks so we;ll know who were supposed to hate this week
  11. I begrudgingly signed up for the Sabres games. I'm sure Sunday ticket won't be included in the monthly fee
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