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  1. You're missing the point and clearly have a hatred for motor. Idk what you aren't understanding. He had a rough game on the ground last week, in limited opportunities but does great at pass protection and caught 9 for 78 and a TD. That's terrible 🙄 And we must be watching a different game cause he looks damn fine to me..
  2. Say what? He had a TD and 95 scrimmage yards last week. Prior 2 weeks he averaged 4.5 ypc Last 6 games last year he was the 6th best fantasy back. He doesn't get rushing opportunities
  3. Really.? Didn't know 4.7 ypc on 518 carries was considered terrible 🤣 🤡 Barkley averages 4.6 on 712 carries🤡
  4. Motor is SOO underrated. If we gave him as many opportunities as Barkley he'd put up close numbers. Barkley is more talented but Motor is a clear RB1 in the NFL. Great vision, rarely fumbles. He can catch and pass protect Rev that Motor Dorsey.
  5. They let 20 seconds just drain near midfield. It was very strange
  6. Great quote actually. I used to hate and despise him , from a fan perspective. As I've gotten older I definitely respect him as well. He's a living Legend
  7. Seriously. This was my concern coming into week 3. And Motor is a legit RB1. He can obviously run well, great at receiving and pass pro. We have to run more with the back, just to have a Threat of a run game. Allen accounting for 90% of our O every game is unsustainable
  8. Thanks for sharing I learned that teams look WAYY better when they're not playing the Buffalo Bills
  9. It's more what Joshua Allen did. He is the Dolphins daddy after all. Apparently The Dolphins organization feel like he started having an affair with the Patriots and karma came back on him for in fact being a father of 2 and being unfaithful to Miami - allegedly
  10. That pick 6 miss by Milano was rough. To be fair and honest though, Josh had 3 -4 balls that should've been picked but I guess throwing 62 times with a makeshift ol will do that. While Tua had under 20 passes Defense played great. Shootout to the rookie CBS, especially Elam who seemed to put the clamps on Hill, who was invisible all day
  11. The only solution would be to have the teams switch at halftime but it was clearly a huge advantage and a huge reason they won. I'm pretty good shape and if I'd try running in 95 degree weather, I can't do it! The shade makes a massive difference in that weather
  12. Hard to say. They have crazy talent in LA and Denver and they don't look too hot. Beane might be more of one for sure but McDermott is phenomenal at getting our guys laser focused. Both changed the culture
  13. I absolutely loved his reaction I bet the players did too
  14. Great post. I don't agree with every point but very well said and articulated. You make a solid argument for each opinion. I will say this much, Motor is really good and needs to be our bell cow. 15+ carries a game, with Cook n Moss sprinkled in. 62 passes is inexcusable. We have to have a threat of the run from our backs. HAVE TO! Brutal loss, we literally handed them the game with multiple miscues
  15. And STILL doubled them in total yards and were multiple flukey plays away from a W. GTFO here. McDermott is a blessing to this franchise - this part was meant for OP, not you lol
  16. Best I felt about a loss in maybe my lifetime We dominated them in every category, with 9 starters out the game and a couple backups! Unfortunately we made some crucial errors in crucial spots. That's fixable.. Salute to Miami. They played hard. It won't be close when they come to Orchard Park.
  17. Again? Did you not see the double teams? Which single handedly gives other guys 1 on 1 matchups. Gtfo here with that
  18. Absolutely this. I give credit to Miami for creating a clear advantage in hot weather games when they designed the stadium. We need to do the same with our new stadium!
  19. Cant wait til they come to Orchard Park. I might have to spend alot but I need to be there for the beatdown It's going to be ugly for the Fish
  20. Yes I did. I wanted more of the run Threat! Even if it results in a couple of yards,we have to be more Balanced. Look. I understand we were down multiple OL but I still want the RBs to pose a threat to the D and not give them the luxury of playing pass all game This is Chess not Checkers
  21. I stated this a couple times but idc who you are, you throw 60 times and run 10 , you're going to gas out. This was on Dorsey. We were at our worse today and were a million mistakes away from winning. The only issue I have is why isn't Motor getting more Carries? He's a legit RB1. Make him the bell cow with Cook n Moss sprinkled in. Can't have 17 accounting for 90% of the O every week.
  22. Interesting. I never even knew about this. That's a huge advantage in a game like today.. I completely agree
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