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  1. According to Dick Sherman, Mahomes and Allen are to blame for Lamar's misfortune. https://nypost.com/2023/03/25/richard-sherman-blames-patrick-mahomes-josh-allen-for-lamar-jackson-saga/
  2. Washington has NO STATE INCOME TAX! That lack of urgency the front office is taking towards MLB is concerning. Lavonte David: Tampa (No State Income Tax) Bobby Wagner: Seattle (No State Income Tax) Get ready for Dodson and Bernard to platoon at the Mike😂 Players care about their $$$$$, especially older players in their twilight years. The idea players want to play with Josh Allen is kinda funny and though it maybe somewhat real, so are the taxes of NY State. I know it's early and we still have the draft but this is concerning.
  3. If we land Hopkins I can live with your weekend being ruined. 😋
  4. Grammar Police? This is more like a Grammar SWAT Team.😂
  5. I get the sarcasm and the mixed feelings on Edmunds but how do you let a borderline pro bowler walk without an incumbent in training or FA acquisition in place?
  6. What's the plan at DT? I'm more worried about our MLB situation. We have no one there ready to play at least near the level of Edmunds.
  7. Can't argue that point. I've never turned down a raise, even the ones I didn't deserve. 😝 If he was to oversee and manage Fortune 500 companies with the same success as the NFL he'd probably be even more wealthy.
  8. Usually a mask is worn during this type of thievery.
  9. Good luck Lil Dirty. Will always remember your 3TD game against Miami embarrassing them and knocking them out of contention. That was a sweet day indeed.
  10. I hope I'm wrong but he's probably gonna end being one of Beane's whiffs.
  11. Pretty spot on analysis. Can't argue with this foresight. 👍
  12. You guys ever watch Johnny Dangerously? Lamar makes Roman Moronie look like a seasoned public speaker. Have you ever heard him murder the English language?
  13. I can understand why no one would want him due to his past. But, I'm also trying to figure out when was the last time a group of 53 choir boys won a championship.
  14. Hopkins is only 30. If he's willing to restructure I'd consider it depending on the length of contract. Henry is still due pretty big money and has a good amount of wear on the tires.
  15. The sensitivity is strong amongst Bills Mafia.
  16. Don't understand all the hoopla over comp picks and how we're never awarded any. My dad always told me, Son, you can't miss what you never had.
  17. Cool. Now that David re upped with TB I'm hoping news on Bobby Wagz drops soon. Love to see him line up next to Milano.
  18. 😊Good thing Beane is securing guys like Dodson, Matakevich, Martin and Boettger before other teams swoop in on our highly sought after FA's.
  19. This "wood" get me to 12:00 in a hurry! 😋
  20. He's got a ring. He's not interested in a contender, not primarily. He's looking to cash in. If Houston offered 20 mil per he'd be a Texan.
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