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  1. Wrong. Ray Rice is on the card to fight Watson.
  2. Not my cup of tea but I won't make fun of the man or anyone else who took a chance. Not all investments pan out and scared money don't make money. At least he has plenty of money and can recomp his losses eventually.
  3. Not a bad idea. Darnold might do well in Cleveland. Browns aren't void of offensive talent and I think Darnold would be ok if given a shot. He's never really had much of a supporting cast in NY or Carolina. Unfortunately their team structure from ownership to coaching is a dumpster fire. Of course it's JMO....
  4. Who's mad? Simply stating the obvious. Webb sticking up for his current team mate just like he did while he was here. If I had to be mad I guess it would be with PFT for putting out click bait garbage to trigger Bills fans.
  5. No kidding guys. Perhaps you missed the part of the post that read: In no way am I saying Jones was anywhere as good as QBX but it really goes to show how the position is viewed and played today. All I'm saying is he's not awful. I'd probably take him over Tua, Wilson, Hineike and Mills.
  6. Love Fitz but I don't think he even makes it to "Honorable Mention".
  7. I'm not a fan, but I'll be fair. He's not a "bad" QB. Overdrafted and thrown into a QB1 position on a team with limited talent. If he had played in the 90's he'd be borderline Pro Bowl caliber. I.E. 2019 Daniel Jones 13 games/ 3027 yds, 24 TD's 12 INTs, 61.9 comp rate 1990 QBX 14 games/ 2829 yds, 24 TD's 9 INTs, 63.1 comp rate/ Pro Bowl selection and AFC SB representative. And he had a very talent laden roster to work with. Can you guess who QBX is?😂 He's a HOF'er. In no way am I saying Jones was anywhere as good as QBX but it really goes to show how the position is viewed and played today.
  8. I'm sure he's smart, he went to Duke didn't he? Jeez! What do you want him to say? He's a scrub, it's no surprise his option wasn't picked up. He never said most talented did he?
  9. https://www.nfl.com/news/next-gen-stats-top-10-nfl-deep-passers-of-2021-three-qbs-playing-for-new-teams-i There's another little statistical nugget for you. So you say Josh can't throw accurate deep balls? According to these stats it looks like he's going Balls Deep to me! 😂😂
  10. You can slow him down with a good defensive game plan. To me that was more a product of superior coaching. Diggs and Knox destroyed KC in Week 5 and Reid made sure that didn't happen again. They were non existent in the playoff game as you said. Had they a scheme in place to at least limit Hill like Cincy did we might have a Lombardi. This may be blasphemy for some here but I think this team will be better moving forward without Levi Wallace. Good player but abused too often against better QBs, especially when he's isolated with little Safety help.
  11. True but it's only the 2nd time he's gone over 1k in 5 seasons and it took the acquisition of Stafford to get him there. I'm judging by history, reputation and QB, not just last years body of work. Nice player no doubt. Like I said, JMHO. Good call. 👍
  12. Receivers are only as good as the guy throwing the ball. Lets see how good Adams is with Carr instead of Rodgers. Lets see how good Hill is with Tua instead of Mahomes. I guarantee those guys will see a dip in production. Chase is impressive and he has the QB but lets see him do it more than just one season. Now Jefferson is scary. Cousins is not a scrub but he's not elite either and Jefferson would probably top 2k with someone like Josh, Mahomes or ARod. John Brown with Allen= Career year. Diggs with Allen= Career year. Beasley with Allen= Career year. Kupp with Stafford= Career year. See what I'm getting at? To me its, Adams Hopkins Diggs Hill Kupp Jefferson Chase JMHO of course....
  13. I agree with this assessment. Tua may very well become a competent and serviceable QB but I don't expect him to reach an elite level regardless of talent around him. Even when healthy he has never shown the "WOW" factor needed that makes a team and fan base think they got a legit franchise QB. He won't lead his team from a 14 plus point deficit with his improvisation. He won't throw 50 yard strikes while rolling out towards the sidelines. He won't run or jump over defenders as he fights for the 1st down. He won't instill fire upon his teammates to rise up. These are qualities Tua has yet to display.
  14. I've been a fan of this team since 81. Its caused me more heartache and depression than most females in my past. But its also given me pride and joy watching all the HOF talent I've witnessed over the years. The Mets and Knicks are my placeholders but nothing comes close to Buffalo Bills football. I've also posted in many team forums over the years and yes, TBD is the best fan and knowledge wise. I know exactly where you're coming from.
  15. I know coaches will always say their team never overlooks anyone. It's hard to win in the NFL, right? There's no doubt in my mind they thought they can just sleep walk into Jacksonville and leave with a W. When they realized the Jags came to play it was too late.
  16. It would've been nice to have some insurance in the event, Elam is slow to develop White isn't fully back from the ACL or Dane Jackson falls into a sophomore slump. I know the cap is what it is but a 10 mil 1 year deal is a small price to pay for a Pro Bowl caliber DB in your SB window.
  17. I don't care what improvements they've made or what they look like on paper. As long as Tua's their QB and JA17 is ours I can't put the Fins second. Even though we smoked the Pats last year they still made the playoffs. Dolphins? No!!! First they need to be competitive against us, then try to earn a split in the season. Then maybe they can justify a distant 2nd place in the AFCE. So to me its: Bills Pats Fins Jets
  18. I feel Edmunds will be better this year with Miller's presence and mentorship along with Groot and Oliver taking the next step in their development. If Elam plays well from the start, LOOK OUT! As far as Ford goes, I won't hold my breath. He's reached his peak and its nowhere good enough.
  19. Plus the Bills always seem to start sluggish on previous Week 1's, even against the weaker opponents. Rather tee off on lesser teams and build continuity and momentum before the big boys. Good game to make a statement though.
  20. What's the big deal? It's just a stone's throw away from his home down there. 😋
  21. Why not? I mean he pretty much officiates the games while he plays, might as well call them too.
  22. Maybe so but it's a Baptism by Fire situation. If he falters or gets injured it can get ugly real quick. Having Bradberry or Rhodes/Haden for that matter provides a security blanket and allows Elam to shine if ready or learn behind an experienced vet in the event he's not.
  23. Too early to tell who's better and too early to assume whose game translates better to NFL play. Lamar Jackson was the 5th QB drafted and 32nd overall yet he's an MVP and the 2nd best QB from that class. You just never know......
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