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  1. @Mr Info is right. The schedule is already determined for years to come. It’s very balanced for everyone. Also, it just seems like a lot because we’ve had two road playoff games in a row there. If you base it off of regular season, Kansas City was just at our place in 2020.
  2. Which makes getting the #1 seed that much more important. Get that and you have another Bye.
  3. I totally see your point and remember those days well. That said, Peterman was never going to be a starter. Even though we were tricked by guys like JP, Trent, EJ or Tyrod, almost everybody knew that he wouldn’t be a starter. He was so bad, that for once, not even us bills fans were tricked. 😜🤣
  4. Perhaps? 😜 For context, when I said that I was a nickname king, what I meant by that was that I give a lot of people nicknames. I never said that the nicknames I give are good though. 🤣
  5. I just listed the ones that were in the article. Meatball wasn’t in there. Speaking of Meatball, my personal nickname for Kyle is “Fatty McButterpants”. He earned this nickname during a Dolphins game when he sealed a victory by securing a fumble. That said, the ball slipped through his hands quite a bit until he finally secured the ball. Thus the nickname was born. 🤣😜
  6. Here’s a couple of my personal QB nicknames. Two of them are random and one of them had to do with how I felt about the player. -Jim Kelly was “Jimbo McNelly” -Drew Bledsoe was “The Bled of Soe” -Doug Flutie was “Spot-duty Flutie” (Yes, I wanted RJ to start over Flutie) 😜
  7. @BTB, the Sultan of Sayonara was Lou Saban.
  8. Any other guesses? Great job, muppy. Surprisingly, no, the K-Gun wasn’t named after Jim Kelly. Any other guesses? And, to put you on the spot, what’s your nickname for Dawson Knox? 🤣😜🤣
  9. 🤣 No, I just give a lot of nicknames to people. You are correct! Also, you are correct about the Bermuda triangle. Way to go, bro!
  10. I’ll post at some point. I wonder if @Chandler#81, @Hapless Bills Fan or @oldmanfan knows the answer.
  11. Yeah, that was one of the hardest ones. What’s your guess?
  12. I read an article about Bills nicknames. I’m a nickname king so it was fun to read. Some of these are very obvious, some not so much. Post your guesses on who or what the nickname is referring to. No cheating. Also, for fun, give some of the nicknames you’ve given players over the years. Keep it clean. 🤣😜 “Golden Wheels” “The Rockpile” “The Ralph” “Cookie.” “The Mad Bomber,” “Marlin the Magician” “Baby-faced Assassin “Dancing Bear” “Sultan of Sayonara” “The Juice” “The Electric Company” “The Bermuda Triangle”“Ground Chuck” “Machine Gun Kelly” “House” “Condo” “Dr. Sack” “Pit Bull” “Thurmanator” The “K-Gun” offense was named after who? “Fitzmagic” ”The Infredible Hulk”
  13. 🤣😜 How would fans have Beane’s number to send those angry texts?
  14. Hey Success! Thanks for sharing. Good to hear from you. It’s been awhile. Always enjoy your thoughts and posts. Go Bills!
  15. I heard that shakir was a steal for a fifth round pick. Hopefully he plays like it!
  16. Beane doing Beane things. Beane’s a savage. Gotta love it! https://www.newyorkupstate.com/buffalo-bills/2022/05/we-wanted-him-buffalo-bills-gm-received-angry-texts-after-making-this-pick.html
  17. Good clarifying thought, Sheneneh. My OP was asking from the angle of if Josh was never a Buffalo Bill.
  18. I see your point about Rivers but he wasn’t a realistic option due to how high he was drafted. Big Ben was though.
  19. I wouldn't say that yet. AR and Green Bay have had many, MANY more years over JA and the Bills to win Super Bowls. Yes, anything is possible. We could eventually be a perennially great team that plateaus because they can't win the big game like AR and the Pack. That said, we're not even close to that yet. We're still an ascending team that continues to get better. Go Bills!
  20. Good thoughts, Doc. You’re definitely right, it’s an interesting topic. On one hand, it’s really nice knowing that you have a QB that can change the trajectory of the game and a punter that can change field position with one kick. Both are needed every game. That said, you definitely want the mentality to be pedal to the metal with your star QB instead of succumbing to the temptation of the field position game (at least most of the time).
  21. You bring up an interesting point. I think McD has gotten more aggressive with experience and because he can continue to trust Josh Allen more because of his great play. That said, with such a great leg in Araiza, it makes you wonder if there’ll be times where he’ll make decisions knowing he has a punter that can change the field position of a game with one kick. Obviously, he has a QB that can change the trajectory of a game in one play. I’m not even saying it’s wrong if he goes with the leg over the arm every once in a while but it makes you wonder what he’ll do knowing that he has such a fantastic punter at his disposal.
  22. I definitely could be delusional, bro. 🤣😜🤣 I liked Stefan Gilmore when he was here. Also, JK is my favorite player of all time. That said, there still seems to be more of an excitement over being drafted by the bills then there was even a few years ago, which is a good thing. it’s not necessarily a knock on Gilmore as much as it reveals how far we’ve come in the last few years. The narrative has changed.
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