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  1. Would it bother you to cash the check they wrote?
  2. I really get where your coming from and I used to feel that way. I’ve just accepted it as apart of his game and that’s what makes him so unique and fun to watch but as we have all seen he can get hurt just as easily in the pocket as well just watch the old Joe Thiesman clip. I’m just enjoying the ride and enjoying the fact the we have one of the best qb’s in the league.
  3. I can see that especially since they just cut Haak not even a week ago and I’m sure someone in this organization got wind of this before that cut happened.
  4. So long and keep the turnstile hitting Murray’s butt.
  5. Please cut all of them now for the extremely piss poor music selection.
  6. I think you better check the schedule again since I don’t think the Lions are going to give up their permanent Thanksgiving spot.
  7. Allen and Diggs are the only locks to me and I would include Tre, but since he got hurt I don’t know how that will play out. I’d hope either Poyer or Hyde get a nod but it’s iffy considering it’s not a flashy position that doesn’t get a lot of love.
  8. Of coarse the putt had to be a little wide right 😭
  9. Chuck is talking more trash than anyone and most of it has been pretty funny
  10. 👎💩 but when your playing like hot garbage what can you really say.
  11. I think Josh needs some longer clubs. He’s like Magilla Gorilla playing with little kid clubs.
  12. Unfortunately Mahomes is carrying Josh. Come on Josh get it together man.
  13. Even then you still need a cable company
  14. His family has a restaurant in Columbus Texas roughly 60 miles or so west of Houston. Ate there a long time ago when I was going to San Antonio. It was pretty good.
  15. To bad your mom didn’t punch the button many years ago to correct this mistake since you don’t value life at all.
  16. I say fake can’t have that many prime time games from what I remember
  17. You say that now but it might not be tomorrow or within the next few years but just wait someone will find some horrendous way to top that.
  18. I like how some people poo poo the idea of taken a RB late in the first round but are advocating taking a punter in like the 5th. Do we need a new punter hell yes we do but I don’t want to spend a 5th for a guy that’s on the field for a total of what 2 minutes a game and will mostly be holding extra points. Yes I know most 5th round picks don’t make the team and blah blah blah but drafting RB in the 3rd and later isn’t working out so great for us at the moment and I’m willing to roll the dice to try and see how well it works out.
  19. I just don’t want to see another edge rusher taken at all in this draft. I think we can afford to let that dog rest for a year.
  20. You are correct but you have to remember Netflix targeted demographic was adults and Disney’s is pretty much everyone in order to make way more money. I would like a more Netflix approach but it’s still efficient enough for me.
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