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  1. It’s a real possibility. You can restructure or extend Dawkins and Hyde to free up like 11.4 and they can still restructure White. They still have some options left to free up more money
  2. I liked last years video too. What a great shot at the Lions 😂
  3. This will go over well. ohh it’s that day again
  4. I’m a fan of this team I’m not a fan of you and a lot of the bafoons spouting their nonsense around here.
  5. Good grief this topic grew like 40 pages since yesterday. Could someone start a thread just for the social media stuff so it’s easier to follow instead of scanning through over a 100+ pages.
  6. Jeez just roll out the water hose already and as a bonus bring the sprinkler connection out so if players get hot they can play in the water.
  7. I was thinking the same thing. I stopped looking at the list when I saw Daniel Jones’s numbers. If any GM pays that much for them two they deserved to be fired.
  8. I’d bring back the punter he’s good.
  9. For playing teams with receivers like theirs I’d probably try to get the cornerbacks to play more man. Jam them as much as possible at the line with a little safety help and hope for some coverage sacks. Try something else because zone is not the answer. I’m just mad that they trotted out the same thing as the partial Monday night game and they should have known that wasn’t going to work after their offense smoked our defense in no time.
  10. Easy choice just play chess. I’d play a few games and the rest after the first move flip your king down for the rest and quit and you’d be done in no time.
  11. Allen is starting to piss me off constantly trying to go deep. What’s the rush? You have a lead, we need a clock chewing drive and just put the game away.
  12. They need a simple drive to calm everything down. Need some runs and short passes to get some confidence back. Allen keeps going for kill shots and it’s not working.
  13. It’s twitter so hard pass for me. If it was a website to vote sure no problem but I’ll never put that app on my phone.
  14. If it wins the Lombardi for us I don’t care but knowing him he’d probably want a 1-2 game contract for 5 mil.
  15. What if it lands on a loss? Just saying that would give them the 1 seed automatically pending Sunday’s game of course.
  16. To many what ifs for me to continue reading this thread after a page , but here is the bottom line. We won and I don’t give a crap how it happened. We can sit here and play the would have should have could have game all day and nothing is going to change the fact we won. I for one am tired of the damn 13 second memes and 3 or 4 DB’s and safety’s in the backfield getting clowned by one guy on a last second Hail Mary.
  17. I love the red jerseys but the pants need to go.
  18. They bracketed Diggs and put Sauce on Davis last time so this is when the run game , Knox , and McKenzie needs to step up.
  19. I’d think if he isn’t back by Week 17 he’d be done for the season considering he would have to get back in football shape again. As much as the team needs him it’s probably best for his interests to hang it up for the year.
  20. Raiders should be ashamed of themselves for that one.
  21. Don’t forget about the gambling money. I have a feeling that’s the extra bump we are seeing.
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