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  1. $150 doesn't seem like an indicator of the pricing and more "stop everyone from signing up regardless if they actually intend to buy tickets" and to keep the scalpers out. The tickets may end up being very costly, but I doubt this means anything about it.
  2. Then why didn't you take five seconds to realize that and not post it?
  3. Look at who you're replying to.. It's airseven.
  4. If you're financially supporting them while they do those things.. then you are kinda responsible.
  5. Davis problem hasn't been winning matchups..
  6. You're not old, you're ancient.
  7. He was present for some days and missed some days. Of course, he had just signed his 104 million dollar extension. In 2021, he did not attend voluntary OTAs.
  8. Well, what are the particulars of the program? The article doesn't say much beyond the vague "marketing, fan engagement and commercialization activations" which is worthless corporate speak. What are the specific benefits given by this program?
  9. scott is one of our resident board trolls.
  10. They could keep 3 QBs as it stands.. so that "it's on them" doesn't change. They're going to play the numbers and a situation that happens to 1 team every decade or so won't stop it. They're incentivized to put someone in who is many, many times more likely to contribute.
  11. This is just what the phase industrial complex wants you to think. There is no reason that phase two can't be followed up phase 392817. You just have to expand your mind and stop looking at your wristband.
  12. ..eh.. if they increase the actives (which I think they should absolutely do).. teams will repeat what happened to the 3rd QB and use that roster spot on a player more likely to have an impact. However, there's no reason they can't do both.. a designated 3rd QB slot and add a few more active players for game day.
  13. Yes, there is... I mean, he didn't show up, but I made a sign with him showing up to camp on it.
  14. Well, prove may be a strong word to use, but it might allow us to reasonably infer that he can count to 10 which as of right now we don't really have evidence of..
  15. They'll regret it now.. there's a strange flaw where the piece for his head only fits where his back is..
  16. Now if they'd only upgrade that feature to work so the posts from ignored users actually don't show up.. that would be grand.
  17. The 5 page thread on another team's message board (and you can find them on plenty of other team's message boards as well) and the news stories on it on pretty much every major site that covers the NFL would beg to differ.
  18. I'd say it's more about the fragmentation of the viewing that the NFL keeps engaging in.. if I'm paying for Sunday ticket then let me watch every single damn game *ON* Sunday Ticket
  19. unlike this forum, the paragon of grown men not having meltdowns online on a daily basis.
  20. That is certainly an opinion. Especially for an organization where the owner has stepped in before to get deals done.
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