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  1. Embarrassed to give up 1 TD and 2 FGs? Please, if Harris doesn't get that big run we give up 3 FGs. I'm not dogging just the D on this one, it was a complete team loss.
  2. And the Patriots have beat how many? Or is there another team you think is better?
  3. I'm upset my team lost a winnable game but I'm not saying the sky is falling either. Despite the standings think the Bills and Pats the two best teams in the AFC.
  4. I know, I know I'm just hoping it's not.
  5. We'll see in three weeks weather permitting.
  6. Talk to me in his 4th season. No, the Patriots were better built for this type of game.
  7. I like Harris, as I wanted the Bills to draft him. Stephenson speed was impressive. You mean Meyers with his 1 career TD? I'll give you Hunter Henry as I wanted the Bills to sign him but rest of your offense is just guys.
  8. The Pats coaching staff only allowing him pass 3x to me is a significant red flag.
  9. And in good weather the Bills pass better and more plus our kicker likely makes the FG. The weather helped you guys more, plain and simple.
  10. Because if you miss your down by 2 in a windy stadium where kicking FG and passing might be limited. The biggest mistake might be not taking wind in 4th but I think McDermott thought we could pass in the wind which we could at times.
  11. And yet we still had a chance to win, why? Because of him. If your a Patriot fan do you have faith in Mac Jones? I don't.
  12. You think the Patriots going to pass 3x in a good weather game? I don't. Also the Harris run was great but outside that I think we did well against the run despite the stats.
  13. He's arguably the best defensive mind the NFL has seen but the weather helped him tonight. #Domestadium
  14. They played a part. But can blame the O, D and ST. It was a team loss.
  15. We played a full game, we missed a FG which forced us to get a TD in the end.
  16. I blame Diggs in first one and Allen on the second. Daboll is calling a good game.
  17. Seriously? We're down 4 points. Not like it's Indy again.
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