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  1. The DB stopped running and then charged again to hit Allen, it might not have been called had he not stopped yet think because he did is why it was.
  2. Except he wasn't late in season when he was banged up.
  3. It wasn't soft, the rusher stopped and charged again. It was clear as day.
  4. It was a critical play in the game. Edmunds makes plays yes but he also misses a ton.
  5. Yes/No he's in an offense that plays to his strengths. I fear if he goes elsewhere with a big contract that teams will ask him to pass 25-30x a game which is not a winning formula.
  6. Edmunds nearly cost is that game when he failed to run at Lamar on the 3rd and 17 run.
  7. Isn't he hurt? I'm shocked nobody calling for Duke Johnson call up from PS.
  8. Change for change sake isn't always a good answer. Just saying.
  9. I just want to see a big hit by this defense to wake this team up.
  10. Injuries and turnovers can make for a bad result for any team.
  11. Jordan Phillips and Oliver bring a lot of energy/swag to this team.
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