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  1. but after taxes, agent fees etc. It's not nearly that amount. That said he'll likely have more in his bank than me when I retire.
  2. Another celeb boyfriend that she can write a song about and make even more money. No her dad is the guy who sang parts of Old Town Road
  3. Dan's good, I also enjoy Rich Eisen but again their shows are more like a talk show instead of an op ed/talking head show.
  4. I think you missed Antoine Winfield.and Troy Vincent in former Bills. Also, if you're going to include Gary Anderson as a former Bill than you should also include Anquan Boldin.
  5. We could also move McGovern to Center and start Edwards at LG granted we'd have to sign Edwards long term.
  6. The only issue with Burrow is he doesn't have the best pocket prescience nor offensive line which causes him to get hit a bit much for his own good.
  7. Naa if it was ICE he come back the next day and complain on the board about something stupid like the hole wasn't big enough for a stadium hvac system.
  8. and are we 1-1 because of coaching or play on the field? I'd go with the latter as the offense has been great in 6 of 8 quarters this season, the two they were poor in were ones the starting QB admitted he was at fault.
  9. Considering he moved on from Dennison to Daboll I could argue that took us from just a team that makes it to playoffs to one that can win a round or 2.
  10. So does Houston get two teams now? Or does one move to Tennesseee?
  11. Or maybe Rapp will replace one of them, hopefully full time next year.
  12. Nobody can pooch him unless he wants to go, am sure we're just waiting for him to be healthy and then we'll call him up and either cut or IR Dodson to make a roster spot.
  13. Good enough to leave after this season. I can't see them paying him and Chase and think Burrow prefers Chase.
  14. I like the defense but seriously where has Poona Ford been?
  15. Regular season? I'd vote the Seattle game in 2020.
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