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  1. I'm sure it was mentioned by Beane that Shakir or McDermott that Shakir was going to get work on the outside and the slot and be our jack of all trades back up assuming he makes the final 53. To me that puts him at the 4th/5th WR spot depending where you list McKenzie/Crowder. I agree and think Dorsey is going to go with more two TE formations and we could see Josh making more and more underneath routes to RBs (see Cook) and a trailing TE (Knox or Howard).
  2. Apparently there's a reason no team will make him him a million dollar man....
  3. It's either Tremaine isn't good at pres-nap reads and/or he over relies on his natural abilities to make up for it. Yet Edmunds usually seems to be a step slow as you mentioned. Personally I don't mind if we let him walk.
  4. I don't agree with it either that said not sure of anyone that be better as not followed the NCAA as closely since Covid hit.
  5. Edmunds is not near the best at his position so if he's looking for top dollar he can leave. That said his skill set is difficult to replace as not too many LBs have his measurables yet to me we need a MLB who can shed blockers, seek out running backs and make tackles which Edmunds has struggled with at times. I haven't looked at UFAs this season but we did draft two LBs last season which to me should put Edmunds on notice.
  6. After he was drafted am pretty sure Beane or McDermott mentioned he'd be learning to play him in all WR positions so think he's the primary backup on the outside. \ The question is at the 6th WR. Austin or Stevenson seem both good fits if looking for them to also be a returnman. I like Austin as could be a returnman and more proven and could even fill in at RB on occasion. Yet I do like Stevenson long term potential as think he showed good things in the preseason last year as a WR.
  7. ICE the member/guy who always complained how bad we suck or frozen water?
  8. Oh, different kind of turn on. Carry on.
  9. Kick the tires on a vet and see if has anything to offer. I don't expect him to make it but who knows he might surprise me.
  10. One has to wonder if we had kept Tarvaris Jackson a little longer.
  11. You sure you aren't talking about Tua?
  12. Maybe at the TJ Yeldon/Matt Breida sense in that likely 3rd on the depth chart and only see action in a handful of games baring injuries.
  13. Further proof that Levy while a good HC was a horrible GM.
  14. Allen was 8 when Rice retired, am not sure that he talked with him.
  15. Reeve would be rolling in his grave with that one.
  16. I tend to remember Levi Wallace the one getting beat by Kelce.
  17. Did Gibson pitch too? As part of Ruth's greatness wasn't only his ability to hit but his pitching prowess too.
  18. Yeah I saw the documentary about it. Interesting story.
  19. The most memorable Curb for me was when Larry picks up the prostitute to use the Carpool lane. I admit not watched a full season in a few years.
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