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  1. Good on him, he has a history with Brady at LSU. I wonder if we could get him cheap to replace Harris/Murray as change of pace back.
  2. They already have one of the best punters in the league. I doubt Punt God makes their team but for his sake he shows something and someone else signs him. I'd love it if he came back here as he can flip the field which in some games vital. We could have signed him the practice squad after the cut though and at least held his rights a little longer to see how things finished.
  3. 60% o Samuel's snaps that year were in the slot, if we sign him we'd have to kick Shakir outside, not sure that's the best way to use him since he excelled in slot last year.
  4. I think you mean Two wongs don't make a white.
  5. I'm curious if you've evaluated Cornelius Johnson from Michigan at all? as he's on my sleeper list of WR. I mentioned before but think his size and skill set remind me of Romeo Doubs who the Packers took in the late 4th a few seasons ago and came up big for them in the playoffs.
  6. I loved Bourne as an in season trade candidate but now he's coming off an ACL tear so he's not on my short list. I will bang the drum though for Noah Brown who has similar size and skill set that Gabe does and likely a lot cheaper. Toss in he showed last year in Texas he could be a pseudo WR1 when others around him got hurt. I also like the idea taking a WR early yet more into liking taking one after round 1 as feel we need a quality DE and to me harder to find that after round 1 than a WR. I mentioned Brown and Ja'Lynn Polk in Round 2 and then taking a guy like Cornelius Johnson in Round 5.
  7. The same head coach that it seemed the team to rally around when it came to questions about the type of person he was?
  8. UPL took some time to settle in and toss in he was splitting time with Levi who isn't ready (and I didn't want playing in Buffalo to begin with). Not only that but Granato's system isn't the best when comes to defense. I don't know what the answer is but the more and more I watch Granato the less and less impressed I am by him.
  9. Poona was absent even when he was on the field. Sorry I would not bring him back. Instead I'd go for a guy like Montravious Adams or Armon Watts to add to the rotation, granted I haven't really researched all UFAs this year so am sure there are other guys out there.
  10. I think he's a RFA as only been in league 3 seasons.
  11. I'm on Total by Verizon and been good *knock on wood* most of this morning. Granted at work's wifi network now but when turn off I still have cellular LTE connection.
  12. If he's there and we lose Floyd and AJE I'd support this and look for a guy like Ja'Lynn Polk in Round 2.
  13. I mentioned Noah Brown as a possible Gabe Davis replacement as a veteran, I also think Cornelius Johnson is a guy that could be an outside threat in the NFL. He might never be great but think could be at the very least similar to Romeo Dobbs. I'd also take a WR in Round 2 or 3 assuming we get a DL in Round 1.
  14. without a dome and in Orchard Park with nothing of substance in terms of commerce around it.
  15. As Diggs says he can't control his brother and it's obvious the brother wants him in Dallas. It doesn't mean Stefon wants the same thing. Personally I think Diggs got painted with a bad guy brush in the Minnesota media perhaps because he voiced displeasure there and now people want to continue the story here in Buffalo but don't think it's happening. Yet Diggs know he ultimately can't control the media's narratives and just gives them indirect answers to their questions.
  16. An above average starting goalie is as important if not more than a QB.
  17. No, it was during the 80s and looks like Ridgeway found it. That's the one.
  18. Some of these are 80s gems. Small Wonder -Who doesn't like a robot named VICKI? Out of This World- Who doesn't like a half alien girl who talks to her dad (voiced by Burt Reynolds) via some weird Pyramid/Triangle thing? I don't remember the title but was with Snow White/Prince Charming but in modern times.
  19. I wonder if Atlanta go after him to boost their team and hurt a division rival.
  20. Exactly it's about value and right now we have a starting RB in Cook, who was 4th in the NFL in rushing. We do need a compliment though and love to get AJ Dillon on a low cost deal.
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