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  1. They have the h2h tie breaker against us so I'd guess no.
  2. Davis was also a 4th Rounder, to think we got Kincaid after Johnston was drafted by the Chargers.
  3. yet the Bills have built one of the best defenses in the league which has helped them get to the playoffs, sadly it hasn't stepped up in the playoffs minus the Baltimore game. Yet inspite the lack of talent on offense, we still have an above average offense too. I hate keep beating a dead horse with injuries but honestly they're probably the biggest reason we haven't gone further in the playoffs/struggled with our current record. Because if this team is 100% healthy they can play with and beat any team in the NFL. Heck even with all the injuries we had this season we were toe to toe with Philly til the end and can be debated we out played them but sans two missed field goals and questionable penalties we would have beat them who is, ny record the best team in the leage. .
  4. Metcalf, Lockett and Smith-Nijigba are arguably the best top trio in the league heck Dallas with with Lamb, Cooks and Gallup could be in that discussion too.
  5. Good on Tyreek but it doesn't make up for his past. Also I think the league was dumb to fire this guy but what do I know maybe they want to avoid future things from happening etc.
  6. Nah, He's going to the Jets, I mean Rodgers is back at practice and all.
  7. Marvin Harrison is amongst those that could be a top 3, Arizona might take him to pair with Murray (since not a contract to move away from easily). If they do and New England is behind them at #3 that could make Maye fall.
  8. Floyd is a better player but due to age I'd give the nod to AJE. You can shift McGovern over or draft a kid in Round 4-7 to be a backup.
  9. The only position I'd even consider him for is defensive coordinator. Other than that no thank you.
  10. And there in lies the problem with human officiating, it's all in eye of the beholder and not everyone sees and analyzing things the same. There should be some accountability and more than red flags which can only called in certain plays. All plays should be reviewable imo.
  11. The coaching staff could be different, the roster might be different. It's hard to say as until we know what we'll have it's hard to predict.
  12. The defense gave him chances in the first half with the turnovers. That said it was bad in the 2nd half. If I'm blaming one guy though it's Bass. He's been inconsistent this season.
  13. I can't see the Bills ever letting him go unless Josh says he's done here.
  14. Bass had 2 missed FGs, either one is made and we win.
  15. Why not Joe Brady? He's got offense back on track and has a Carolina connection....then Eric Washington can step in as DC...
  16. Not as big as the Flutie nostalgia by some.
  17. Because Frank was a good HC in Indy or Carolina? Please he's horrible.
  18. Team loss. I can see blaming coaches and players. Offense minus the Allen interception was as good as you could want. Defense had struggles at the end but without their turnovers in the 1st half we might not have gotten the points we got. Kicker had one blocked and one missed FG, easy to blame him for the loss. Refs, I just can't. The no horse collar/intentional grounding is just inexcusable on every level. 30 yard difference maker as it could be debated lead to the blocked FG. It's frustrating as a fan. I get why people want changes but too many questions what a new coaching staff could do to improve this team as there could be a major influx of change next year due to aging players, guys we can't afford to re-sign etc.
  19. Did you hear Daboll having issues with his DC?
  20. Critical turning point in the game. Listen others deserve blame too. I'm not saying it's all on Josh.
  21. His interception hurt. Yes, he played well but again turnovers don't help his cause.
  22. The Bills get one more score in regulation they win.
  23. But a call did decide it, intentional grounding my butt if anything a fumble that we recovered but in reality it was a horse collar.
  24. Good game, if Bass makes one we win. If the refs call an obvious call we win. Team loss though.
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