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  1. This is likely the final season of the show though as Zach Braff has said this is the last season he'll do and hate to say it but JD is the centerpiece of the show and with him gone so goes the show if ask me. I'll admit the shows been pretty funny this season. Last night's episode with Ted's reaction to Kelso back in his office was priceless.
  2. It was good but felt the last fifteen or so minutes it started to lose some of it's funniness. As the case I usually love the half hour episodes but sometimes the hour one's just don't have the staying power. Though all and all it was a pretty good episode.
  3. It feels like only yesterday I posted this http://www.stadiumwall.com/index.php?showtopic=33382&hl= thread, I can't believe it's coming up on 4 years in October. To answer the question it's really up to you as the owner I choose to put Smokey down because she was able to walk and didn't think it be worth keeping her alive through something like that. Of course something came good out of that thread as about a week later I got a new kitten and wasn't sure what to name her but thanks to kegtapr got the name of Bandit and it's fitting because she's always taking things off desks and with her color looks like she's wearing a black mask.
  4. It could be worse someone could have mentioned Arby's.
  5. I felt the blonde was Faraday's woman in Oxford. Yet Widmore said that Faraday's mom was in LA so admit going to have to rewatch the episode as am rather confused by all that. In terms of the H-bomb maybe it's leaking ultimately be what prevents women from on the island being able to give birth? Yet on another board the an off wall question came up was about Desmond's son is named Charlie, was it in honor of our Lost hero or Charles Widmore? Not that it matters but at first I thought it was about the Lost here until heard John exclaim, your Charles Widmore? and then I question it myself.
  6. I agree that she's Daniel's mother. As when Daniel stated that you can't change the past it reminded me of what she told Charlie about not being able to change the future. To me one thing that was interesting was Charlotte's bloody nose and memory loss. So she could be end up dead soon unless she finds a constant.
  7. These moves also sound like a return to the 3-4 defense. I will agree to disagree on Donald Penn but the rest of the FA aren't bad yet rather see us bring in a veteran WR then you guys and if were to pursue any RFA guys like Malcom Floyd and Owen Daniels be guys be at the time of my list. I think his 862 yards receiving in 2008 and 768 yards receiving in 2007 surpass the entire production of all 4 TEs we had in those years respectively.
  8. Let's not forget we could have also taken Aaron Rodgers or Jason Campbell with pick 20 in 2005 and Bob Sanders and Michael Turner in 2004 too had we never traded up for JP.
  9. I admit I was high on him prior to his draft year and followed his career and while hasn't lived up to my expectations it doesn't mean he couldn't be a solid backup.
  10. Then JP is stupider then people give him credit for as he's clearly a backup QB and he'd be wise going to an organization that has deep pockets and a pretty good supporting cast of receivers that he could use to his advantage if ever has the chance to play again.
  11. Jones saw how bad his team was without Romo this year and he's going to do his best to avoid that from happening next year. Hence he'll give JP more money then he's worth to replace Brad Johnson. As while I can't stand Jones' as a business man and how he constantly undermines the league and usually only looking to line his pocket books I can respect him as an owner that he uses that money to bring in the players he wants and does his best to get the best possible team he can get on the field.
  12. I could see Jerry Jones throwing some serious money his way.
  13. Try being 3-6 desperate for a win, as am on a 4 game losing streak, and trading Brandon Marshall (and Ahman Green) for Derrick Mason and Earnest Graham.
  14. O'RLY? I thought they were going to blame Time Warner Cable.
  15. Like Danieal Manning and Dusty Dvoracek that we essentially traded to the Bears to acquire McCargo?
  16. If your playing it safe then yes Mendenhall however I'd go with McFadden.
  17. PPG league, 6 points per TD and minimum 75 yards rushing for bonus yards. I already have Larry Johnson at one RB spot now I need my second RB.
  18. One league Tom Brady and Torry Holt hurt me. My second league Ocho Cinco and Dallas Clark hurt me.
  19. If McGahee isn't playing then Rice is a given. After that rank them Muhammed and Slaton. With Toomer have already played pretty sure your league won't allow to play him now.
  20. Here's my second league. It's a keeper league with 10 teams. PPR With QB TDs count for 6 and lineup requirements of 1 QB 1RB 2 WR 1TE 1 FLEX (RB/WR) 1 K 1 DEF. NOTE: We needed to take backup TEs, K, DEF so we can't stockpile rosters. I kept Tom Brady and Ryan Grant. Sidenote because our draft started after the MNF game I won't be able to play Plaxico or the Giants in Week 1 QB T. Brady QB M. Schaub RB R Grant RB L Johnson RB D McFadden WR P Burress WR T Holt WR R White WR N Burleson WR Reggie Williams TE T Gonzalez TE G Olsen K S Graham K M Nugent DEF Giants DEF Packers
  21. Agreed, Warren Sapp retires and how does he replace him? He signs Gerard Warren and drafts McFadden. I'd be pissed if I was a Raiders fan.
  22. Your WR depth is a bit questionable but with your starting lineup requirements I can understand it. Yet unsure went with Westbrook if it's not a PPR. As Jackson and Addai might forecast for more yards and more TDs then Westbrook but wouldn't say is a bad move. Stick with the Tampa Defense focus on the whole season not just one week.
  23. Update my league just choose to expand rosters. Granted it probably isn't going to improve anyone's opinion but just added WR Shaun McDonald and DEF Cardinals.
  24. I agree with BuffOrange and I like your 2nd team far better then your 1st. Personally WRs are generally easier to fill/find then RBs after the draft. As all it takes is an injury to a starting WR and a guy who was 3rd on a depth chart all of a sudden can become the guy whereas most fantasy owners stockpile RBs in the early season.
  25. I have LJ in one of my leagues so I'm sure I'm biased but I wouldn't make the trade. As to me taking a hit for one week is better then taking a hit for all the other weeks. As until Drew is no longer a backup behind Fred Taylor I rank him in the low teens/early twenties of ranked backs where LJ is top 10/early teens.
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