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  1. Until Adams finds a #1 goalie we aren't going anywhere toss and I'm sorry I think Levi should stay in Rochester to develop. Toss in meatball can't coach defense. It was nice to win tonight but meh. I'm not expecting much.
  2. Jaylen Warren is better than Harris and George Pickens isnt horrible.
  3. Since his MVP what has Lamar Jackson shown to be? An average at best passer and a phenomenal runner (at the QB position). He doesn't seem to elevate the players around him that much (which many think is the mark of a good QB). My primary example is John Brown who had better stats under Josh Allen than Lamar. The reason I and others crap on Lamar as people want to applaud him as a runner but ignore his poor performance as a passer with respect to passing yards and TDs. which to me are what a QB is supposed to do. Toss in his inability to remain healthy inpart because he's smaller frame and taking hits both as a runner and subpar passing skills force him to take more hits than needed.
  4. I actually agree with you on Kelly. As Kelly couldn't run a traditional offense, see Run and shoot in Houston and the K-Gun here in Buffalo. I often wonder if we ran a more traditional offense that stayed on the field more than 2-3 minutes if our defense would perform better as have more rest time etc. The best thing that ever happened to Kelly is signing with Houston out of school to develop more as a player and let the Bills acquire some of the talent around him before he got here (see Bruce Smith @ #1 overall in 1985 which we'd not get if we drafted Marino in 1983).
  5. I disagree, we've brought in offensive lineman throughout Beane's tenure, see drafting of Ford, Teller, signing Spain, Williams, Stafford etc. Just because the guys didn't end up long terms answers doesn't mean he hasn't tried.
  6. I think a big reason we spend so much on defense is on defense you tend to play more players. As on offense ideally you only play 1 QB all season, 1 group of 5 offensive lineman, 1 sure fire WR and TE. By contrast on D you're constantly shuffling in DLineman, maybe 1-2 more DBs on third down etc. As a result paying for quality depth more important on D vs O.
  7. Is he a DC or a HC? As head man he oversees everything and his offense is one of the worst the league has seen in ages despite changes at OC from last year, QB from last year, RB/WR personnel from last year. The last time a team Simien played for won was in 2017, when he was on the Broncos.
  8. I wouldn't be shocked if Saleh isn't in New York after this season if the Jets keep on losing.
  9. I was just going to post that it took 2 pages for someone to mention Friggin Lonnie No love for Lee Smith and David Moore?
  10. https://www.nbcsports.com/nfl/profootballtalk/rumor-mill/news/jets-will-dump-tim-boyle-for-brett-rypien Is this a good/bad/no sign of Rodgers sticking around next year? As his boy just got cut. It also could mean Nate Hackett is on thinner ice. Thoughts?
  11. I'm hoping we extend Douglas another 2-3 seasons, as he could be White's replacement as early as next year.
  12. Every time I've seen the Chiefs this season they're offense seemingly is Pacheco and Kelce and have stated stop them stop the Chiefs. I will say that Rice is starting to come on recently too. If our offense can play mistake free football and Bass kicks like he has in years past we have a real good chance beating them.
  13. but he's in denial that his Chiefs may be in trouble this season. As St Patrick isn't as good without Hill or Kelce in his prime.
  14. Why would the RB for Titans catch it?
  15. If I'm a Jets fan do I want them to win?
  16. He was over hyped in the draft as was the kid the Colts took. Yet he fell to Round 2 which not horrible value. I agree Allen is an exception not a rule when drafting QBs.
  17. I will admit I was not a fan of the team built around Stroud. Yet he was still my top QB going into the draft.
  18. Because outside of Hopkins who does Tennessee have to pass to?
  19. Just curious, is Stroud a better QB than Lamar?
  20. Hackett is showing just how bad an OC he is with Jets this season. One has to wonder if EJ Manuel was as bad as Marrone thought.
  21. Do the Bills bring in Ron Rivera as a senior defensive coach assistant next season?
  22. Thanks Mitch, helping his old team out.
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