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  1. Absolutely no one around here was talking about either of these players experiencing injuries. Or, that the team needed more WR help. No one.
  2. People replicate article titles observed on news websites whether they know it or not. It's why so many thread titles now ask a question as opposed to making a declarative statement.
  3. Last season and the year before doesn't matter anymore. It is what you do now that does, as in this season. This is the problem after the 17 straight years of missing the playoffs. Being a perennial playoff team and being relevant (i.e. getting national attention) has now become satisfactory. But to stay in the conversation it's gonna take getting to the SB, not falling in another divisional game. Because going from being a ~.500 team and making the playoffs is a lot smaller leap than it is to go from playoff team to a SB contender. Right now, this coaching staff is showing their vision for how to play football is flawed in some respects. They turtle when the big moment arrives and that's on the HC and his staff.
  4. I've always wondered what the interaction is like between the HC, his GM and the offensive staff during off-season reviews. As in, how they determine which areas on offense to improve after the playoff loss, then establish UFA targets and assemble the draft board to meet that review. At the same time, how much pull in that org chart does a rookie OC have to push for players who'll allow him do what he believes is effective? Does Dorsey have a voice in that room to say he needs better talent than 13 year vets, more slot receivers, and another highly drafted RB when their WR depth is minimal?
  5. There are defensive luxuries they prioritize and offensive needs they insist aren't as essential. Catching up to McBeane quick this season.
  6. Well, I get into trouble discussing McD's decisions, in-game, post-game, or off-season.
  7. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/coaches/McDeSe0/challenges/ He's 6 of 24 career now. By comparison Belichick is 9 of 23 in the same span (2017 to present). Not making any statement citing those numbers.
  8. How many of his catches are contested compared to his total receptions? Who is throwing him the ball? Is the route tree he's running putting him into positions to need to make a contested catch? Does he struggle to obtain separation? These are all considerations/questions necessary to understand whether contested catches are an issue for Davis.
  9. I'm sure it was hot...but the US Military operates in areas where the weather is exceedingly worse and more life threatening. I was in FL this past June when the heat index each day was 103+. Playing a sport in those conditions is darn difficult, but it could be worse.
  10. Had the same thought...and Davis' catch rate in seasons 1 and 2 were below 57%. And considering that he has Josh throwing him the ball and not some pedestrian type QB, that's sub-par for this team.
  11. Imagine a married priest who, with wife in the rectory, is confronted with an issue that pits her opinion against the views of the parish. Sure it's a hypothetical, although very real possibility. A man cannot serve two masters and believing men who could marry as priests would result in unforeseen and unintended consequences. The dearth of under retirement age priests in the Catholic Church cannot be solved by changing the rules about celibacy.
  12. It wasn't so much the losing, but the way they lost. Some of those losses were brutal like the Dallas MNF game in 2007 when they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. It's one thing to get blown out by NE on SNF 56-10, but there were more absolutely unwatchable games (losing to Cleveland at home 6-3 when Derek Anderson completed 2 passes). Or JP fumbling late in the 4th at NYJ which was returned for a TD to squander a come from behind victory. At one time on TBD, someone had and kept updating a thread that titled something "cathartic" which listed all of the horrible losses going back to the late 90s. Really wish I could find that because it was comprehensive. No, I don't miss the losing primarily because during the RW years there was no hope. Now, there is order in the front office, they have a QB, they are a playoff team, and whereas once I expected they'd lose in stunning fashion now I expect to win.
  13. He's definitely made the case the Yankees contract offer was low. This isn't going to be an every season thing and injuries happen to the bigger guys, but wow...didn't realize he was in the Triple Crown race until looking up his line yesterday.
  14. They could only win 1 game this week. They did that. I sincerely doubt that McD and staff will be out-worked or complacent given the opportunity at hand AND his drive in the ensuing weeks. There will be ups and there will be downs. But last night was an excellent start.
  15. I am continually amazed at how TBD emulates what is happening in the real world. (Note to mods - not getting political) It just seems like you go along with one way of thinking or (EDIT: there's) absolutely no tolerance for your opinion. Everything is binary...either you are A or B and there's no middle ground left. The Bills are good. Probably the AFCE champ...but that's where the questions begin. Are they offensively able to keep pace with the Cheaps, Bungles, Chargers, and perhaps others? We gonna find out, but until then it's a worthy topic of debate.
  16. I don't think philosophically McD and Daboll saw eye to eye on offense. Buffalo threw the ball 57% of the time last season and I can't see McD liked that imbalance. It's why they went after an IOL who is suited toward run blocking and drafted (another) RB high. We're going to see, but achieving offensive balance in this era is not always a good thing especially when you have an MVP candidate caliber QB.
  17. You've got a lot of time on your hands...and thanks for following me around like a lost puppy. I've never criticized the Miller signing and won't because they needed a bona-fide pass rusher because McBeane could (EDIT: not) find one in at least 4 off-seasons. But context is key. Buffalo kept sinking picks and UFA dollars into that DL and still couldn't pressure with their front 4 as evidenced by the Divisional game. Doesn't remove the fact their top investment and best player remains Josh. And they did very little to support him besides another highly drafted RB and some 1 year UFA deals to aging veterans.
  18. You'd think that after paying Josh 40M+ for 6 seasons they'd put better talent in front of him so he's less likely to get hurt. I guess they figure running it more and taking the ball out of his hands is the safer approach. We'll see.
  19. When their top off-season acquisitions are Rodger Saffold, OJ Howard, and Jamison Crowder.
  20. You think Hill is worth 30M per? On a team where they're paying Mahomes? Where they took the money saved this season on Hill and spent it on 2 receivers in UFA and used 2 of those acquired picks on defense? I'll trust the HC who fleeced McD 5 years ago to build an offense.
  21. I'm thinking you're just dense and deliberately missing the point now. Enough so Josh isn't running the ball 9 times a game like he did from Week 13 through the Division Round. Enough so they can have more than 1 top end option at WR. Enough to keep pace with other AFC teams they'll meet in the playoffs. They aren't talented enough at offensive skill positions, notably WR and TE.
  22. I don't live or die on likes. This ain't some mindless Twitter post where people crave validation for their thoughts. My criticism is directed toward how this franchise values and allocates picks/UFA dollars on offense. And I suspect how they'll scheme the offense this season. Josh covers up a lot of their offensive deficit in skill players and this will become evident when they try to balance out their run-pass play-calls. Another big issue is their skill players aside from Diggs aren't blazers. Last season in more than 1100 offensive snaps they had just 2 plays more than 50 yards. And I know about Davis' Divisional round game where he broke a few. This season he moves up to be a Z from that 3rd option he'd been before. He's never had a catch rate over 57% and now faces better coverage. The AFC is quickly become dominated by the teams who not only have the QB, but feature 3 and 4 receiving options. Compared to Cincinnati, the Chargers, and KC, Buffalo is not keeping pace offensively nor do I expect their defense to get to the playoffs and shut offenses down. Defenses can't do that anymore.
  23. The coaches and front office handling of Ford really casts into doubt their "failing" forward approach on players, especially picks. And, he's the highest drafted OLineman they've taken in 6 drafts which supports my contention that they struggle to identify and develop offensive personnel. They nailed the Josh pick, but there is no other drafted player on that side of the ball who I'd say is a Pro Bowl caliber player. At least not right now.
  24. We'll revisit this topic when Buffalo invests a high pick to replace Hyde and/or Poyer in the short term.
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