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  1. The patriots and brady owned us not this new patriot team. We used to own them and it’s time to turn the table. Don’t let belichek gettin in your head. We are better and will show it this week!
  2. Like that teaser. Jumpin in Newera .. thanks
  3. Jumping on steelers/lions ml pays +320. After rams/packers no show last week need to right the ship
  4. Lost thurs brady and over.. back at it today: 4 team tease rams kc balt dallas 100 to pay 255 and we are off.
  5. I try and stay away from props unless I’m in Vegas and going on a run.. been playing the percentages and on a smart run so far this season
  6. Tonight., chiefs/packers tease packers cover. Rodgers is even more pissed he is Sharing spotlight tonight. another tidbit: make money again betting against Romeo Crowell.. can’t wait good luck
  7. Jets are the team to win money on. Bad coach and too many players out. I like the rams and ravens this week. Bills will be in a shootout that could go either way. Thinking of bills and over then rams/ravens ml.. or a three team tease .. still researching
  8. Parlayed bills-110 packers moneyline +137 Took the money and walked away!
  9. I’ve been betting for years mostly nfl and the horses. Table games blackjack and poker. Luv 3card and Caribbean . Took a beating at saratoga this year on the ponies . its my only vice. Made plenty of money I hate to say it against the bills but a ***** coach always loses this year its gase, Quinn and Patricia . Don’t like Lynn either. mcdermott is a great coach and made plenty of cash with them the past 2 years. Especially the Pitt game. this year we are parlaying the packers whenever we can. Rodgers is pissed and on a mission
  10. I’ve been playing parlays for quite a few years now and want to know some others who do. Ive taught my son [24] the ins and outs and we have fun playing together. Our rules: 1. Never more than 100$ a week 2. Never chase 3. We must both agree on the picks no matter what. 4. Always cash out winnings!!! Never let them sit or you will spend it. One of our friends works in Vegas and we have an account set up at ceasers. This is week 3 and vegas gets smart with lines. Don’t like anything this week. Too many either or games and colts/jets line is ridiculous. Probaly tease the colts to -6 with the packers to plus 9.. Love to hear some great stories. My best was Giants moneyline against Pats in 07. Only time I bet against belichek. He is a gamblers nightmare
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