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  1. Hopefully it was a shock to the system like the Cardinals' game was a shock to the system.
  2. I thought that Milano played pretty well. Probably not well enough to give him a game ball. Defense needs to step it up.
  3. Our constitutional system held up remarkably well, but the forces that elected Trump are not going away. There's an ever widening gap between regular people and the elites. It manifests itself in big ways - in economic ways such as ever increasing inequality in wealth and income. And in smaller stupider cultural ways - one of Speaker Pelosi's first moves after the Democrats retained control of the House was to ban the use of gender specific pronouns. Or the insistence on calling Hispanics "LatinX." The so called "elites" are increasingly out of touch. The conditions that allowed Trump to
  4. It's SCIENCE! The same science that apparently told him he should keep the stadium closed during the season, but now that case levels are at unprecedented highs around the country, tells him its OK to open. If it's OK to open now, it was OK to be open during the regular season. The next time the governor starts waving the banner of science, people should throw it right back in his face, which is what this petition is all about. Or maybe the governor has worked out a deal with COVID not to spread during football games.
  5. Or we could meet them in the Superbowl on February 7. 🤣
  6. It's way too early to say, but due to his mobility issues, I'm not sure Kelly would have thrived so much in the modern era, but with his arm and his accuracy this year, Allen would have thrived 30 years ago. Both QB's have that intangible will to win that makes quarterbacks great. Let's just hope that Allen doesn't turn back into a pumpkin.
  7. "Here's to the Winners." It's not great Sinatra, except, of course, that all Sinatra is great. And the Sinatra he should avoid is this song.
  8. The regular season won't be complete unless the Bills kick the living !#$% out of New England. 62-3.
  9. Matt Milano, for one. When he's on the field, they're a different team.
  10. Yeah. I was 30, and a few years ago I was beginning to doubt whether I would live to see the Bills make the playoffs again, much less be contenders. The current Bills' team was worth the wait and I think they're as good as some of the Bills' teams which made it to the Superbowl 30 years ago.
  11. I counted 81 claps in 2 minutes before I got too exhausted to count anymore. His longest extended period of clapping was 19 after a defensive stop; his shortest was just a single clap.
  12. McDermott got the Bills to the playoffs with Tyrod Taylor. He deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.
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