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  1. This is an excellent point. TB Scored a TD right before the half just like they did against GB in the NFC championship. It didnt put the score out of reach but it was a huge gut punch to the Chiefs. They never got their belief back after that.
  2. Wow even though that was incomplete , that Mahomes pass on 4th down was one of the most amazing throws Ive ever seen! He throws it with zip, accurately while diving in mid air!! and his receiver full on drops it!
  3. I had made peace with the Bills performance vs KC but seeing how well TB has handled KC in this game, I'm back to being angry. Our coaches really did a poor job in prep for that game!
  4. Im just so numb to it now. Brady winning another one is as inevitable as death and taxes!
  5. Exactly what I thought during the game and before it. How many times have we seen high flying pass oriented offenses humbled by defensive schemes that arent pretty but very effective in the playoffs? its happened forever in the NFL if the coaches are good enough. Our biggest failure was giving up on the run too soon. If they knew Singletary was not up to it they should have dressed Antonio Williams. In the game they should have kept plugging away with Yeldon. But they waited too long and the game got away from them!
  6. It does look a little bit that Feliciano did hit him in the side (as his arm seems to come up) which officials also missed but officials always call the retaliation in any sport, except if its the NFL where apparently officials don't see much or selectively ignore flagrant fouls! It was a small incident but might have led to a big change in the momentum of the game! The officials should have been on the watch for this stuff, especially since Jones has been kicked out of game for punching before! Just like Suh when he was in Detroit, certain players have a reputation for being dirty and hot hea
  7. I wouldn't mind TB winning for Arians sake but Brady is the deal breaker. Yes he's the Goat but hes had too much success and seeing him win another SB? what is exactly is that going to prove?
  8. Too much blame? Josh Allen - Josh is still young and the playcalling by Daboll should have eased him into this pressure game but Daboll put him in the least likely position to succeed. He did take some bad sacks and skied some nervous throws but overall Daboll's playcalling was dumb. I think that the Daboll's decisions forced Josh into having to play hero ball and that can work sometimes but is very unpredictable! The receivers - They were almost all hobbled or banged up. They did their best under the circumstances. The coverage from KC was smothering, borderline illegal and
  9. Speaking of Shady, is he still on the Bucs roster?? He has a chance at 2 straight SBs? In which he wont play??
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