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  1. What a sorry end to the saga. Brown is an ultra talented player but yet another questionable character to have on a team. I am sick to death of players saying they don't want to come to Buffalo (and this case from Pittsburgh no less). Then Brown is ok with Oakland? lame duck franchise moving to a new city with no history? Whatever dbag!
  2. Livinginthepast

    Two HUGE Coaching Names Who Almost Came to Buffalo

    Jauron was probably the worst coach of a very bad bunch in the drought, however I have to give Marv a break on that hire. Jauron had gone 13-3 with Chicago and was coach of the year in 2001. There's no doubt that Marv back in retirement in Chicago was familiar with Jauron's job at least in that season and probably thought he was getting a great coach on the rebound. Unfortunately it could not have gone worse. I think Payton would have been great here but he wouldn't have meshed with Marv and especially the completely senile Ralph at that stage.
  3. Livinginthepast

    Robert Kraft charged in prostitution ring bust

    Once Kraft realizes the evidence against him he will cry that he has a problem with alcohol and seek help. For the record I think he does have a problem with alcohol and has appeared hammered on a few post game appearances in the past few playoffs. Actually I think being an alcoholic would explain the reason why a billionaire would risk everything going to a seedy rub and tug when he could have easily arranged and paid for an ***** with much higher calibre hookers without much trouble. I am really interested how Goodell handles this as the PR for the NFL is really bad.
  4. Bellichick made all three coaches he faced in the playoffs look silly. His team embarrassed each of the teams they faced. Only KC could do anything against the Pats at that was only for a half. This playoffs defined Bellichick as the GOAT but also glaringly exposed how utterly garbage most of the rest of the coaches in the NFL are. I cannot even think of any current coach who can outcoach or outwit Bellichick in a total game plan. Maybe some areas here or there but not enough to really beat him. Pederson did a great job last year and maybe Peyton might have given Bellichick a run if the Saints hadn't been swindled by the refs. But everyone else in this league is light years away from Bellichick.
  5. Livinginthepast

    Do You Still Wear Zubaz?

    I had to look up the word. For some reason even though I lived through the era, I had never that term for these pants before. Now that I see them, yes they were everywhere! Guys at the gym loved these pants. Especially lots of Roid boys with mullets!! zubaz could be styled along with the early 90s Bills leather jacket with the white sleeves!!
  6. Livinginthepast

    Sean McVay pre super bowl

    I think McVay just , as the Brits say, bottled it. He had a chance to make a big career defining statement in that game. He was the young apprentice vs the Master. Whatever cliché you can think of. Instead he just completely sh$t the bed. Not prominently featuring Gurley, not sticking with the run, continuously putting Goff in a position where he could not succeed just illustrate the fact that McVay must have been really, really nervous and just crumbled. The sad part is that McVay even though he is young is a great coach and had he game planned better and had a plan B I think he could have won this game.
  7. Livinginthepast

    WAY too much Patriot* love around here (my analogy)

    Exactly! We have been held hostage, oppressed, abused and violated by the Pats for so long that some of the posters on this site know nothing else and have fallen in love with their captors. I expect many of these Pats fanboys to pull a Patty Hearst soon!!
  8. Livinginthepast

    Charles Clay impressions?

  9. Livinginthepast

    post game interview madness

    Maybe I'm old but one of the reasons I enjoy football is that after 60 mins of beating the crap out of each other at the end of the game these guys shake hands and display true sportsmanship. Last night made a mockery of this fine tradition and having 100 paparazzi style Aholes on the field made it hard for the players to find each other at all. It was a joke!
  10. Livinginthepast

    Who's more overrated...goff or mcvay

    He appeared to have seriously difficulties seeing what was happening, he missed wide open receivers and threw to double covered ones. I'm not sure if it was nervousness or Goff just isn't that good. The Pats pressure accelerated his confusion.
  11. Livinginthepast

    Does Brady finally hang it up now?

    ??? Great post thanks, I think I'll be fine
  12. Livinginthepast

    Does Brady finally hang it up now?

    After trudging off to bed last night I half expected to hear some sort of announcement that either Brady or BB would announce their retirement postgame and I would awake this morning with some sort of renewed hope. I hope it happens soon. There is literally nothing left for either to play for. Nobody is even in the same stratosphere as they are. Please just walk away!
  13. Livinginthepast

    Great Job by Wade Phillips

    Wade did a great job. but because the Rams offense was so abysmal, his D was on the field far too long. McVay really let him down with poor play calling.
  14. Livinginthepast

    Most Boring Super Bowl Ever?

    That Pats Bears game was like an early Mike Tyson fight. Lambs to the slaughter! Last night though reminded me a bit of the watching some of those games during the strike season when the scabs were brought in. Just a punt fest with both offenses performing ineptly (except for the One man Gang Julian Edelman).
  15. Livinginthepast

    Who's more overrated...goff or mcvay

    The game last night should have never come down to Goff. Its been obvious that Goff thrives in a system that makes it easier for him. McVey has down a great job setting the stage for his success by surrounding him with talent and creating an offensive scheme that plays to his strengths. Last night McVey just blew it on the playcalling. The Pats blew up the Rams game plan and Goff, left to his own devices was exposed as the so so talent that he is. McVey should have been picking up those Pats blitzes and calling screen after screen then countering with a run. Instead he just froze and stubbornly stuck with a game plan that clearly wasn't working. Add to this the weirdness of the Gurley situation and the Rams offense was completely neutered.