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  1. The defense over all was good but failed on some crucial plays in this game to get it done. But this tends to happen when any defense is on the field too often and under pressure. I just wish that on the PI calls that Levi would have just turned his head. His body positioning wasnt bad and had he turned his head he would have had the INT. I cant understand how this isnt instinctive or trained into him by now.
  2. The question for me is if the Bills were so mediocre on the O line last year then why didnt they do more to address it in the off season? The same with the running game. Its just not up to snuff yet once again we dont see much in the way of real change.
  3. A ridiculous play call under the circumstances and you couldnt have screwed it up more than they did. I dont know why this is so tough, QB sneak!
  4. I dont think the playcalling was actually the big problem in this game (aside from that horrendous 4th down call). The problem was the execution in this game on all sides of the ball. Josh was poor, receivers dropped multiple balls, Singeltary couldnt get it done when it mattered. The special teams even decided to completely forget their blocking assignments. In the end the Bills looked like they werent properly prepared for the Steelers. This kind of lack of preparation or focus is all on Mcd and he has done this a few times in his tenure. The whole team should feel embarrassed for what they served up to the fans in the stadium. It was utter garbage!
  5. Hacienda has amazing pizza and wings!
  6. I'm still surprised by the weird hate for Duke on this site and even still on this thread. Its like some people would like him dead for not catching a fastball pass from Josh in the end zone while being submarined in great coverage. Compared to people like Charles Clay or Kelvin Benjamin, Duke actually performed when he got the chance and was humble just to make the practice squad. I just dont think he was ever utilized as what he should have been, which is a bit player in the offense.
  7. He didnt have much of chance with the depth this year or last for that matter. His real shot came two years ago and even though he performed quite well, it wasnt good enough. If he had come down with that TD vs the Texans, things might have been different.
  8. This is an excellent point. TB Scored a TD right before the half just like they did against GB in the NFC championship. It didnt put the score out of reach but it was a huge gut punch to the Chiefs. They never got their belief back after that.
  9. Wow even though that was incomplete , that Mahomes pass on 4th down was one of the most amazing throws Ive ever seen! He throws it with zip, accurately while diving in mid air!! and his receiver full on drops it!
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