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  1. That's an excellent idea. Soccer uses it so why haven't the brainiacs at the NFL figured it out?
  2. Watching for 40 years now. I think with so many games every week compared to when I started watching, the crews have been diluted in quality. In addition with HD and more camera angles we can see the plays far better than ever before. The bottom line is that the speed of the game has gone so far up that these officials just cannot keep up. Last nights game was filled with calls that were obviously guesses by the refs. The 2 illegal hands to the face calls looked at regular speed like they might be correct but on slow mo they were obviously wrong. Add to this the ticky tack penalties that have nothing to do with the play and the phantom calls where you cant see any infraction whatsoever and you have the new rock bottom of officiating.
  3. I can remember that game quite well. As a 12 year old watching I became quickly confused at what the situation was. This was before regular graphics on the screen that STAYED there. So you would see a flash of the score and the down and distance but not hear it unless it was the stadium announcer. So hard to keep track. In addition, commentators of this era were pretty good at calling the games (for the most part) some of the NFL guys from this era did the games on radio and were very descriptive with their words for an audience that couldn't see the game. So no commentary was a huge loss for the broadcast and a really bad idea. Now by todays standards with all the extras we have it might work and as others have mentioned, with some of the terrible commentators and colour guys it might be a relief!
  4. I didn't pay attention enough to Zay in the preseason to judge if he was decent. But his body of work in the last two regular seasons has been a huge disappointment for his level of pick. I was pretty angry though that Duke had a great preseason and still was disrespected and didn't make the cut. That is what bugged me about the way this regime seemed to favor Zay for no good reason. Results on the field should be everything and Zay seemed to get a free pass. Meanwhile you had a receiver in Duke who had proved himself in the CFL in Edmonton where a chunk of the season is played in very difficult cold conditions (ice and snow) but that somehow wasn't enough for the Bills. When combined with his great preseason, Duke should have made the team and Zay should have been either traded or cut before the season started. In addition, Zay's mental breakdown in 2018 may have really been a much bigger factor in his inability to reach his potential. I'm not sure if the Bills were afraid to move on from Zay after last season because they did not want to be seen as being insensitive to mental illness.
  5. Daboll is good with the playcalling in parts of games and then seems to suffer from brain cramps especially right after half time. The execution on some plays in some key 3rd down situations has been abysmal. I think Josh will improve with more experience. Even today you could tell he was more careful with the ball.
  6. Daboll is very lucky that the D bailed him out on that. Now run the damn ball
  7. Vrabel = another dumb ass headcoach in the NFL.
  8. You see TBD does know player personnel!!! Feel awesome for Duke!! Redemption!
  9. Don't worry Al Riveron will no doubt rule justly!!
  10. Wow that was just like the home run throwback
  11. The Titans O coordinator adjusted to our pressure but we haven't adjusted to theirs
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