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  1. I've always had Bills gear going back to the 90s. When they beat Miami and Cincy helped us into the playoffs in 2017 I was in Florida. I had left my ratty sunbaked Bills hat behind at home but when they won I was so elated I told my wife (who rolled her eyes), We must go to the nearest mall so I can buy and proudly show off my Bills fandom. When I got to the lids store in Orlando and asked for a Bills hat out of the 1000s they had, the guy looked at me like I was from outer space and said, we don't got none of those..:(
  2. What a sorry end to the saga. Brown is an ultra talented player but yet another questionable character to have on a team. I am sick to death of players saying they don't want to come to Buffalo (and this case from Pittsburgh no less). Then Brown is ok with Oakland? lame duck franchise moving to a new city with no history? Whatever dbag!
  3. Jauron was probably the worst coach of a very bad bunch in the drought, however I have to give Marv a break on that hire. Jauron had gone 13-3 with Chicago and was coach of the year in 2001. There's no doubt that Marv back in retirement in Chicago was familiar with Jauron's job at least in that season and probably thought he was getting a great coach on the rebound. Unfortunately it could not have gone worse. I think Payton would have been great here but he wouldn't have meshed with Marv and especially the completely senile Ralph at that stage.
  4. Once Kraft realizes the evidence against him he will cry that he has a problem with alcohol and seek help. For the record I think he does have a problem with alcohol and has appeared hammered on a few post game appearances in the past few playoffs. Actually I think being an alcoholic would explain the reason why a billionaire would risk everything going to a seedy rub and tug when he could have easily arranged and paid for an ***** with much higher calibre hookers without much trouble. I am really interested how Goodell handles this as the PR for the NFL is really bad.
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