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  1. I find them tolerable for a while on the weekday show but it does get repetitive and the fantasy football stuff? so boring! I switch right away. What kind of bugs me recently is the post game show with them. Its like 80% commercials and very little dissection of the game.
  2. I think the best indicator of an obvious hold is when the O lineman throws up his hands like he didnt touch the guy. Like a soccer defender putting his arms up for a guy who dives in the 18 yard box. Thats when the Refs should automatically throw the flag!!
  3. The game is on the line and both the Offense and Defense are choking.
  4. Not taking advantage of the pick is a huge bad karma for the Bills.
  5. I dont think McD is the kind of coach to scream at yell at his players at half time but today maybe he should be. This is absolute garbage, injuries or not. Pathetic unprofessional effort!
  6. Once again, we go back and hand off 3 yards behind the line of scrimmage to try and get 1 yard. Our line gets smashed backwards and its 4th down AGAIN.
  7. Singletary has a trifecta of ineptitude, hardly any yards, a drop and a fumble.
  8. Weirdly the Bills so far look like they are playing 100F Miami right now!
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