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  1. It was the one returned for minus 9 where the returner went east to west.
  2. IDK if I'd go that far...but the thought did cross my mind. I think it's just a natural product of Bills fandom. Always ready for a QB controversy.
  3. Davis has a 90 IQ at best. Who cares what he says or thinks? It certainly isn't likely to be profound.
  4. Things feel competent overall (which is fantastic). That's how I'd describe it. And that defense is stellar.
  5. He's improved noticeably in that department. Still work to do.
  6. I took the bait on some of the "Tyrod would be here starting if he were white" nonsense in the first half... My bad. It was a stressful game.
  7. That was the most important part to me. He outplayed Darnold in Darnold's house.
  8. That throw was Allen's best of the game IMO.
  9. Allen showed a lot of heart man... The whole team did. Great pressure all day by the D-line too. Tremaine Edwards was everywhere also.
  10. Them having no kicker is a nice advantage
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