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  1. I'm not sure the point you are trying to make here McVay has already shown he is an elite coach and can beat the top teams in the league, as he's been to a superbowl. McD hasn't proven that yet. this discussion isn't about the Bills vs rams its about McD's record vs top teams or playoff caliber teams.
  2. massive game for McD and his staff for all the praise they get, so far they really haven't shown they are able to beat the top teams in the league. we beat Dallas last year who didn't even end up making the playoffs, lost against every other decent team we played. This year has to be different.
  3. Rams offense doesn't rely on big throws. They can dismantle defenses with quick short yardage plays, the exact type of plays Fitz killed us with last week. Cupp will be a nightmare matchup if our LB's don't come back
  4. no chance would be a total dumb move. Young QB's are so unpredictable. look at Wentz
  5. doubt Milano plays, we have some tough afc games right after the rams Edmunds I think will be back
  6. rams are a top 5 team in the league this will be a massive test. just hope Allen has another strong day but without Edwards and Milano I can't see us winning this one. defense looks lost without them.
  7. NFC west is 7-1 so far this this season And the AFC west is probably the best division in the conference. this might be the toughest schedule I've seen us play in 20 years
  8. Raiders are another strong AFC team.
  9. why do the bills let these interviews happen ***** first take and ***** espn, garbage show. Allen shouldn't have to be forced to do these interviews for those braindead hosts
  10. yup. Until McD learns how to beat the patriots we cannot consider ourselves a better team.
  11. Baltimore is the best team in the league for me. Bal KC NE Buf Ten top 5 for me
  12. We beat 1 playoff team last season in the Titans, and that didn't even count bc they had Mariota if we wanna win the division we have to win these games. NE went into seattle and was a few yards away from beating them with Cam throwing almost 400 yards to no names. Patriots are a very good team this season
  13. we had the #2 ranked defense in the league without a solid 2nd string cb last year. picking a pass rusher was the right choice
  14. he has totally transformed his game. still making a few mental errors but he is learning how to use his arm that said we got some very tough opponents coming up so now the real test begins
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