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  1. Virginia has been one of the best states in handling the virus. if they don't wanna open schools then they won't. there is nothing anyone will do about it because what their government has been doing so far has saved thousands of lives.
  2. you don't even know what a Marxist is its the new alt right phrase of the week they wouldn't have slowed down testing to improve potential election results ...like Trump did . not only did he do this but he literally got in front of a live audience and admitted it... but probably not much else. a smart president would have enabled UBI for 3-4 months, not send out 1 measly 1200 check while supplying billions and billions to businesses who probably didn't even need it.
  3. Im no fan of Biden but i'm pretty sure he didn't call the people of Iraq 2nd rate humans please tell me where exactly he is telling "the truth"
  4. so his racist rhetoric and disgusting words to people in war-torn countries is ok because he is a "TV personality" holy ***** you are delusional.
  5. except that wasn't the point of the video, if you actually watched it the doctors in the video are concerned for the people not themselves. it is to show that your little birthday parties can send people to the ER and on a breathing tube 1 week later. next time don't post a pathetic response like that.
  6. you do realize that it takes 2-4 weeks to see case spikes, and deaths lag about 2 weeks after that. a national holiday last weekend has nothing to do with the current numbers right now.
  7. Americas obsession with 4th of july is something I will never understand. Wish "patriots" put this much attention and effort into helping fix this country's deep rooted issues
  8. Easily, training camps are a logistics nightmare. they literally exist please the fans since the NFL offseason is so absurdly long. coaches probably love staying at home base with everything they need.
  9. when you coach a QB like that you are already failing him.
  10. he is around the age most kids get drafted into the NFL, and he has 2 full seasons and a road playoff game under his belt. sky is the limit when he enters his prime at 25/26.
  11. I think its pretty much confirmed there will be no college football this fall. Schools haven't even decided to bring students back...
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