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  1. if he can bump his completion % up (by working on the 20+ yard throws) and get rid of the wild fumbles we have a shot. Allen just needs more weapons on offense. get him a damn WR that can jump high and make contested catches. Duke Williams vs the texans made some of the best catches of the seaon and they were routine for NFL WR's, shows you how bare the talent is on this offense
  2. easily could have if he was the #1 RB from week 1 and started all 16 games...and if we didn't choose to ignore the run game in crucial game situations.
  3. yes please. he is quick, physical, amazing hands, and can run pretty much any route most well rounded WR to come out of the draft in years.
  4. are we really judging a QB off a skills competition at the pro bowl? god this forum is a joke. we have one of the most inaccurate QB's in the league we have zero room to talk
  5. no chance we have so many holes on offense to fill we don't need to be spending a chunk of our cap on an injury prone DE.
  6. not good enough though. this was the year to win the division and knock NE off their perch. We couldn't even manage to beat them once. Our offense was terrible this year despite fans wanting to think otherwise.
  7. Kuechly is arguably one of the smartest LB's to ever play in the NFL. he reads the eyes of a QB better than most DB's in the league. he would be an amazing coach and future DC
  8. we have a top 3 defense already, and got nowhere but a wildcard birth and 1st round exit. the Bills won't do anything until they fix their 29th ranked pass offense. the run game doesn't just automatically open up, teams stack the box against us because they know we aren't beating anyone through the air.
  9. Mahomes is a generational once in a lifetime QB Allen is a project QB that is miles behind in terms of development.
  10. they would get stuffed bc our oline is still terrible. Beane has tons of work to do to fix this line still.
  11. I really hope Daboll has been watching the playoffs and seeing how teams are dominating with the run game and feels like a fool for forcing his QB to throw 46 times in his first ever playoff game.
  12. if we can surround Allen with talent and fix our oline we have a great shot at a SB appearance in the next 3-5 years. this is if Allen doesn't regress and keep improving on the path he is.
  13. priorities for next season. bring playmakers, fix the oline, build the run game. I don't even wanna hear fans mention defense until our offense is settled. Look how important oline play has been in the playoffs.
  14. hope not we can draft a safety in the 3rd round or bring in another lowkey FA to fill his spot. Poyer plays well bc of Mc'd system, he really isn't all that talented like Hyde is more important
  15. Can we stop drafting project players based off potential alone We aren't in year 1 or 2 of our rebuild anymore. It is time to win NOW. the division is up for grabs next season and we need a NFL ready WR
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