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  1. The chiefs secondary is abysmal they just lost another CB today, Baker threw all over them. Even if Mahomes gets rushed back next week he won’t be 100%.
  2. KC’s secondary is terrible and they just lost another CB today and Henne might play, I take that over the browns any day
  3. Browns do not belong in the championship game all luck. The praise for this team is disgusting
  4. Pray for KC win no chance Mahomes is ready by next week. That was a bad concussion we will be facing Henne and a putrid chiefs defense next week
  5. Chiefs won’t get another stop on defense for the rest of the game this ones finished. Browns bills next week browns got lucky as hell once again.
  6. Sorry but this browns offense is way more threatening to us than the chiefs offense
  7. I cannot stand this browns team or Baker If they win this the whole world will be talking about Baker
  8. You want to play that browns offense in another poor weather game? No thanks
  9. Go cheifs no chance Mahomes plays next week. We might have a free path to the super bowl
  10. Give me the chiefs all day over the browns Browns have looked like the better team today. More dynamic offense. cheifs defense is abysmal
  11. Best case scenario is we play KC on a non windy day in arrowhead where Mahomes is hurting and is limited
  12. We do not matchup well with this browns offense Their oline is so dominant.
  13. your right. It’s not that easy what we need to do is develop a run game. Look at Rodgers yesterday, look at Mahomes today Allen needs a run game
  14. wouldn't be surprised if they trade him within the conference and for peanuts
  15. Jets and Dolphins favorites right now to get him. If the Texans trade him to another AFC team I hope their entire franchise goes up in flames.
  16. if Beasley is really that hurt we might have to shut him down and Activate Stills.
  17. give me the underdog role I really hope we play Mahomes again. It might be terrible weather in Buffalo again next weekend
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