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  1. Dabboll hasn't learnt anything all year lol you saw first hand today how clueless he is. ravens send blitz from the first drive to the last and he didn't make a single adjustment to it. no screens, max protect, TE seam routes, quick slants. Dabboll is so out of his depth at OC its embarrassing.
  2. how the hell was he bad it was a below average day for him but thats not bad by any means. he put up 24 points and 3 TD's and did enough to beat a 9-3 team on the road.
  3. Titans need to lose 1 out of the 3, and we need to win 1 out of the next 3 OR win next week vs Pittsburg and in there is a very good chance the titans go 11-5 and win out
  4. franchise LT and WR needed. Also new RT needed. we need at least 2 new WR's
  5. Allen has yet to beat a playoff team in his career Drew Lock today went on the road and beat a playoff team putting up 300+ yards.
  6. I'll save this argument until the end of the season, I need to see him go into Pittsburg and clinch us a WC. so far all he has done is beat up on mediocre teams.
  7. what the hell is up with Dabboll and his obsession with the stupid WR bubble screen. it doesn't work... playcalling today was god awful
  8. just curious what part of that game made you think he is a future elite QB bc that was the worst he has looked since his rookie year
  9. big game for Allen can he step up against a good defense and win the game on primetime? I'm tired of struggling to score 20 points per game with this offense meanwhile the Titans with Tannehill are putting up 30+ points every week for fun.
  10. can you read? the whole point of the argument is if the titans, bills, and raiders all finish 9-7 they take our spot Steelers aren't even in this argument
  11. only if the raiders finish 8-8. if the raiders finish 9-7 for some reason we are out and titans take our spot.
  12. scoreline didn't really show how the game went ravens cruised today for the most part. Allen and the offense looked clueless from the moment the game started up until the final drive. Lamar threw 3 TD's in his sleep basically. our offense needs to get their ***** together bc if they play like this to finish out the season we won't make the playoffs.
  13. go check again. remember in 2017 we had the same record with the chargers who crushed us? we got in ahead of them. We have the worst SOS in the NFL this season, we aren't winning any tiebreakers this year, its 10 wins or bust for us. 9-7 gets you nowhere.
  14. ok? their offense is levels above ours and their defense is right up there. they are a better football team than us at the moment.
  15. we don't have the tiebreaker with the titans lol if we both go 9-7 we are out, their SOS and conference record is better
  16. Steelers have all the momentum next week, under the lights and at home. we looked shell shocked today on offense and if Allen doesn't get his ***** together he will be embarrassed on national TV.
  17. jesus christ if you think this about Lamar I wonder what you must think of Allen Lamar was going through his progressions fine today. he threw 3 TD's during his worst game of the season... meanwhile Allen looked lost from minute one until the final play of the game.
  18. maybe we should bring NFL quality WR's here and not go into the season with an offense comprising of practice squad players
  19. Titans are the 4th best team in the conference right now, behind Ravens,pats,and Cheifs Its scary to think that they could take our playoff spot. Tannehill is playing at an unreal level right now.
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