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  1. Is there a reason why we don’t run that 4-3 defense more? McDermott helped take the panthers to the super bowl in a 4-3. Why do we insist on using a two LB set so much?
  2. Has he been given the chance ? Seems like he needs a coach to help him develop his pass game.
  3. Give me the Chiefs all day I want a rematch. This defense plays so much better when offenses don’t have an elite oline and the browns do. also we can score on that chiefs defense Playing in KC with no winds will be lovely
  4. yup He had the back pick 6 yes but kept them in the game with those terrible high snaps. also Greg Roman has no idea how to call pass plays. Lamar is very young and will learn
  5. I’m fine with both coordinators leaving Allen runs this offense and McDermott runs the defense. Dabolls game plan today was mind blowing bad. running 1 time with that wind in the 1st half? we saw it last week two except Allen was able to take over. Shows this team is bigger than its coaches! We will be fine!
  6. Blame Daboll and our piss poor offense tonight get the ball at the 30 and move it like 4 yards
  7. Can’t wait until Daboll leaves and we can develop a run game His playcalling today has been downright pathetic
  8. Terrible drive What were those playcalls? we moved away from running the ball again
  9. Those 2 bubble screens in the red zone was so bad Why are we throwing bubble screens to Singletary
  10. Not worried about Daboll leaving at all anymore ive seen enough. The guy can’t call games in the playoffs
  11. It feels like I’m watching the 2019 game all over again except our offense looks even worse today..
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