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  1. Since you posted this, a couple questions: 1. What product is causing the surge in prices? 2. What’s August’s CPI look like?
  2. Let’s get to the base of your real feelings. Ignore COVID because Ofcourse no matter the law your feelings would be the same. So what would is your position? Take COVID out of it. To use your words “Because I’m against….”
  3. wait are you for or against this? Lets look at the bakery that wouldn’t serve gay people. Do you support that decision? Not totally the same thing here since you can’t choose to be gay but you choose to be vaccinated or not so it’s a lesser infringement of rights/not an infringement.
  4. We have too like a deranged rhino y’all come and ago. Hell, some of you guys snowflake so much you create another board. No ones covering themselves. We’re just calling an NPC an NPC. I don’t agree all the time with Doc or Leh-Nerd or anyone else on the right. (I do sometimes though, I find myself agreeing with Doc a bit) but at least they post thoughts. @BillStimecould never post a reply to doc and predict exactly what he would say 4 mins later. Docs not an NPC. Us lefties could create a bot poster called A-Man and have him post left wing articles and he would add the same to the forum as you. Hence, why NPC is exactly what you are here.
  5. NPC just describes you so well. You made the comment in the past, you don’t read what you post you just share news stories. You don’t think about anything you just post. You did it here. You didn’t have an original thought as that’s not something you’re capable of. Like an NPC all you do is spit out preprogrammed language. Go through your post history 99 percent of it is right wing garbage articles. No thought, no research behind it. You’re just spitting out other peoples ideas like an NPC spits out preprogrammed language. @BillStime even showed what an NPC you are. He knew exactly what you would say because you are an NPC on this board and probably a really bad programmed one at that since he knew exactly what you would say 4 mins before you said it.
  6. Id love to point out the NPC did exactly what you asked of him like 4 mins later.
  7. I just read the in California you can print out your own ballot, without any version of verification? This recall is as crooked as a Saddam Hussein election ——- Oh no........it's all good. The NY Times is telling us the claims of fraud are all false. They know with certainty...no rooting interest at all! ——- RECALL: San Fernando Valley residents have trouble casting recall ballots. ——— https://www.yahoo.com/news/frustrated-la-voters-given-provisional-011200032.html I do not think these are the same precincts as previous post. This is proof of fraud and I don't know how you could argue otherwise That’s just from the last page… unless those posters are saying there’s fraud but good job Dems for winning without fraud. Republicans can B word about imaginary fraud all they want, maybe if you look at the Name a Right Wing Position thread and you can see why Republicans can’t win elections instead of all these people complaining about fraud that’s not real or meaningful.
  8. Just look at this thread. Many hopeful posts of a recall. As for the last one just look at your own excrement, I mean posts of cheating without proof.
  9. Love the shift from a Republican is going to be CA governor to it means nothing or Dems cheated. When I was like 5 and watched the Bills game and the Bills lost, I’d often say it’s because the other team cheated. So I guess Republicans are just a bunch of 5 year olds.
  10. Another common GOP position, lie and waste money: She ignores 1) the massive cost this would have with no benefit and 2) the weapons left there were destroyed or demilitarized on withdraw. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/afghanistan-military-equipment-left-behind/ Common GOP policy, get the base angry at nothing. Perhaps with the windmills they chase, the GOP should be more know as the party of Don Quixote.
  11. With this great analysis, you seem to know what you’re talking about. So please explain if given the choice: 1. vaccine 2. horse dewormer which is safer and better?
  12. religious opt outs are good. Lets take Texas abortion for example. The Satanic temple is suing for a religious opt out of any person who wants to have an abortion under their Abortion rituals. If you’re pro opting out of a vaccine for religious reasons, I have to assume you’re pro opting out of the abortion law for religious reasons. Now I’m not a religious scholar but let’s use Christianity for example. I don’t think vaccines were around while the Bible was written post-Jesus death so I’d find it hard to believe vaccines are against that religion. When we fought the British and George Washington said hey you have to get vaccinated for smallpox or you will not be part of this country. Even though it would anger people who fought for our new country, they feared to lose their jobs. Some jobs just have job requirements. If you don’t meet the requirement you don’t get the job.
  13. and are they winning? You can sue for anything. We had a President have what like 45 law suits because he was mad he lost an election and lost them all. There’s plenty of cases on vaccines mandates and they’ve been upheld.
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