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  1. Really super cool list!!! For each one can you point to either a law that was passed, an executive order signed or anything really that puts these to Biden?
  2. Or.... just follow me here... this will be a leap for you I know... but... what if we didn’t have cops that murder people? Whoa! Yea totally off the wall idea but I’m just saying what if.
  3. maybe it’s a disconnect but I’m looking for policy discussion. What policy is being proposed?
  4. Abortions - so they want to control peoples bodies? tax increases, minimum wage - what policy do they propose? expanding healthcare - Trump promised us several health care bills. Other than let’s get rid of ACA what is the policy here?
  5. You’re second para, ***** the left Biden sucks. Let’s ignore that and talk about ideas the right has. Dems send police, etc part true part scare tactic. Dems have done solid policy to help that. PPP round 2 and expansion of ERC is helping businesses so much. Both were voted against by the right. Student loan debt. I’ll say Dems are proposing policy and I’ve yet to see a single policy idea from Republicans. You’re right just forgiving student debt doesn’t fix the issue.
  6. Right to peacefully assemble? - huh? They seem to have been against that. And with January the 6th have been more cool with not peaceful assembly. Right to bear arms - that’s always been a scare tactic of the right vs a position. Remember when Obama was going to take your guns? Remember when *insert name here* will take your guns? To address the last 2 mixes in the point with the first 2. Those are just fear talking points and not actual policy. For example, I’ll use the left to be more balanced. Fear: student loans kills our economy. Policy: let’s forg
  7. It’s not a game. Just say 1 right wing position. No one has yet. That’s pretty telling. and yes I know you want to ignore everyone that says their voting rights are being restricted until a smoking gun comes out but people who don’t look like you are saying hey this hurts us. We can ignore that until the smoking gun comes out like it did in North Carolina.
  8. He’s bad yet not as bad as the last admin they’re saying? Lol
  9. Fixed it for you. But it’s kind of hilarious that we have so many replies and not a single right wing/conservative position has been brought up. To circle this back. It seems no one on the right has a position or things they would like to govern on. This is probably why instead of bring ideas to the table they’re more interested in limiting the people who can vote.
  10. Not really a position and not something they do.
  11. Do you think that’s what the ad is saying?
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