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  1. This topic is leaking into 20 threads. My question now echoes from Watergate, "What did the president know and when did he know it?" Also want more info on what Flynn discussed and what is the nature of the Trump campaign contacts with Russian intel. I might have contacted Russian intel when I picked up my rental car today.
  2. Hard to pin this topic down. So far we have Tillerson as SoS, who has no track record really. Trump all over the map on China and the Middle East. Russia...god knows. The only policy piece that seems clear is a firm belief in government intervention and protectionism on trade. Any other clear statements yet? The good news is Obama set the bar so, so low. Barring widespread nuclear war, he can only do better.
  3. Starting to take place. Priebus is first as Trump's Chief of Staff. State leading name in Gingrich, which is interesting since he's a free trader and for a path to citizenship for illegals.
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