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  1. These kinds of debates are utterly futile anyway. But the way he couched his answer as to why he chooses Kobe is perfect.
  2. I can appreciate the sentiment, but does getting to 4 in a row merit anything? Never done before or since. Plus the Bills put together an historical run over those four seasons as well.
  3. What, no love for Lou Piccone? Serious answer? Lofton in his prime. One of the greatest all around athletes to ever play the position. After that, it would be Butler, Reed, and Moulds in that order.
  4. Before you do those comparisons, can we get your qualifying criteria for your rankings?
  5. They need to make decisions on guys they don’t already know about and that means seeing how they perform with the ones, especially Josh, who gives them the best chance to impress. This literally happens EVERY year with various players at various positions. This is not a failure of the team building process in the least; it’s actually a component of the team building process.
  6. Yes, Woody’s johnson is, indeed, a dick.
  7. There’s a lot to be said for agreeing to disagree.
  8. 1997, Grand Hyatt Hotel in Jakarta while wondering why I was at the hotel bar at 8am watching Monday Night Football on a Tuesday morning. The only other person there was a football fan who also happened to be a die hard Bills fan. It was a Chiefs game as I recall and the Bills had won the previous day.
  9. Owners have been selling minority interests in their teams for years, so this is nothing new. Remember when Serena and Venus Williams bought a small stake in the Dolphins? And it’s gonna be more prevalent once private equity firms are allowed by the league.
  10. The 1973 Tainan,Taiwan Little League World Series Champions. A true juggernaut if there ever was one.
  11. With all their storied lineups throughout the Yankees’ existence, it’s surprising to learn that Soto, Judge, and Stanton are the only three players to each have 15 HRs in the first 62 games of a season.
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