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  1. How do you separate watching the Bills and not drinking the NFL koolaid? Like it or not, watching the Bills is sipping from that cup.
  2. I never realized that a person’s avatar pic could reveal so much about a person, especially one as innocuous as a bison. What does your avatar reveal about you? I’m just not sure what to make if it. It’s a bit creepy.
  3. All that from a little pic of a bison?
  4. Much of that has to do with Wentz being as adept at calling protections as Rivers was. Rivers was seldom fooled by anything defenses did.
  5. Poor Ralph. He has to coach them through this “fragile” state they’re in. Doesn’t want to risk further damaging their delicate psyches. We have no chance with this coach and the frail players on this team. It’s all well and good to be a “player’s” coach, but that only goes as far as the ability of player to be a “coach’s” player. I don’t know where it’s written that your highest paid player has to wear the C, but Eichel needs to give it up. It’s just not in his personality to be in a captain’s role. He’s too moody and visibly frustrated half the time. Great player, lousy leader whose
  6. Reading between Beane’s lines, the Bills have a fixed dollar value in mind and Beane knew full well that some team is gonna offer Milano too much in excess of that number for the Bills to match. Indeed, I think the transition tag number for LBs already exceeds what the Bills want to pay him. Especially if they’re serious about going after Watt.
  7. Age and health are certainly relevant, regardless of what scheme he ends up playing in, so I see them as his only limiting factors. We agree he has the ability to play in any scheme, so I guess I’m curious as to why you raised the issue of Watt “... playing in a different scheme than the one he’s played his whole career” as a concern.
  8. If he were younger and without the past injury concerns, I would make an argument as to why he’d be more effective as a DE in a 43 scheme. But that’s a moot point at this juncture. Suffice to say, I agree that he can play in any scheme and I’ll leave it at that.
  9. Age and past injury concerns are legitimate worries. While Watt has played DE in a 34 scheme predominantly, it is worth noting that he has played in one-gap 34 schemes as opposed to the two-gap variation. Going from playing a one-gap 34 DE scheme to playing a one-gap 43 DE scheme is not a concern at all, especially with a player of Watt’s athleticism. Besides, given the specialization in today’s game, teams are all playing a combination of different fronts during the course of a game, anyway. The Bills and Browns wouldn’t be pursuing Watt if he weren’t a scheme fit.
  10. Forget the passing stats, Wentz has an even longer way to go before he reaches Rivers’ mental ability at the position.
  11. Well, considering Wentz has never been as good as Rivers, he’s already worse.
  12. He is tailor-made for McD’s scheme. The fit couldn’t be better.
  13. Terry Pegula was a Sabres season ticket holder for 18 years. He knows as well as anybody the fervent nature of the fans, especially when cup fever hits the city.
  14. Most of the nuts and bolts scouting work has already been completed and grades and rankings largely compiled. The biggest negatives to the new protocols are lack of medical evals and in-person interviews.
  15. Oh, I knew you were definitely joking. I was just worried that you’d quit your day job to become a comedian.
  16. All due respect, don’t quit your day job.
  17. While I agree with your post, NcNair is free to hire whomever he likes for whatever position he chooses, stupid hire or not.
  18. Normally, a person’s faith should and would have nothing to do with anything. Except when that person insists in imposing that faith on anyone who doesn’t wish to be imposed upon. There are reports out of Houston that Easterby has done that by insisting that people coming into his office to address various issues, kneel and pray to gain insight into resolution of those issues. That is wrong on several levels.
  19. And here I thought you didn’t list him because you didn’t want to give the Bills any ideas about drafting one in the first round.
  20. I note the glaring absence of any CBs listed in your analysis. Hmm.
  21. Easterby might be out sooner than we might think. Stay tuned.
  22. While the NHL needs to provide better testing and monitoring like the NBA, there is nothing they can do about the actual conditions they play in; namely cold and enclosed playing surfaces. Just today there was an editorial in the BN citing an epidemiologist in Minnesota who has had concerns that the cold air that surrounds the ice surface can trap viral droplets. Teams are removing the glass behind their benches to provide additional ventilation as well. And yeah, this season is a mess and odds are that it won’t be completed before a serious interruption.
  23. Another thing Al Davis was that Jerry Jones never was or will be, is a bonafide football man. Davis had an intimate understanding of every facet of the game.
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