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  1. Oliver or no Oliver, the Bills are the second best team over the last three years. No matter how you slice it, that is not a joke as has been alleged.
  2. So every team in the league except KC is a joke then. Got it.
  3. Right. The second best winning percentage in the league over the last three seasons, .723 to KC’s .788, is a joke.
  4. You can tell a lot from watching the All 22. Most incorrect run routes have less to do with the shape of the route than it does with the depth and timing of the route. That may seem like a little thing, but you’d be surprised how often depth and timing impact things. Like when a receiver runs coverage into areas meant for someone else, for instance.
  5. Try Minsk. They have an idiot convention every year.
  6. Sometimes there just aren’t enough face palm emojis to go around.
  7. Any rational person would take a proven playmaker to help a young, promising QB get to the next level over the fifth WR selected in that draft. Your 20/20 hindsight is so keen, but you’d have more credibility if you can link us to all your posts pounding the table for Jefferson before that draft and criticizing the trade immediately afterward.
  8. Useless stat with ZERO context.
  9. If he stays healthy, he makes a difference. Simple as that. Smaller, quicker, and twice the instincts. McD will defer to the veterans on the depth chart in the offseason like he always does, but come game one, I expect Williams will he the starting mike next to Milano.
  10. Pretty sure they get a comp pick for this.
  11. Thanks for the clarification.
  12. Sorry, but in today’s age, $2.5m is not an overpay for anyone. KO’s intangibles like leadership on youngest team in the league is worth that alone.
  13. If Rodgers was still with Green Bay, he wouldn’t even be bothering with voluntary OTAs. This “tweaked calf” is a classic example of shirking.
  14. Regarding Johnny Eichel: he’s an elite hockey player, full stop. That said, I was never happier to see a great player leave because as great a player as he is, he is that much more of a douche. I’ve heard that for years from people both at the PSE offices and KBC. I also take what Gionta and Rivet have said as an indication those reports are true. And he’s full of crap, too. When he was on the Chris Weidman podcast last year, he flat out lied when he said that the Sabres okayed the ADR procedure but then suddenly changed their mind. He also threw shade at the medical staff, too. Never mind that Dr. Cappuccino, the preeminent specialist in the field who has performed more of these cervical disc procedures than anyone on the planet and who teaches the procedure to surgeons around the world and who is a Sabres’ team medical consultant, was the one who recommended the fusion procedure vs. the ADR. The Sabres were steadfast in their agreement with that recommendation and never wavered on the issue. Johnny Eichel can go F himself from here to next week for all I care and I couldn’t care less about any cups he wins or not.
  15. Coming out, he had a slow get off time and was a question mark as a holder and the two punters taken before him were much more polished. But there is simply no ignoring his powerful leg, so he was worth the investment, regardless.
  16. People who can’t appreciate the kind of all around athlete that he was, especially at his size, can’t seem to grasp the idea that he could not only play today but that he would be a dominant force at the position as well. Perhaps not the SAME force given today’s diminished reliance on the running game, but he would still dominate the position of RB. He would still garner All Pro and Pro Bowl honors and he would still be HOF worthy.
  17. As I pointed out previously, the idea that players of bygone eras can’t compete, let alone dominate, against today’s superior full time athletes is nearly always true. But there are a handful that could. Jim Brown is simply one of them and I’ll just leave it at that. It’s not worth debating, imo.
  18. He had superior athletic ability to Henry and he’d be a three down back because of that. He would garner multiple All Pro honors and he would be a first ballot HOFer at the position, regardless.
  19. Shirley Povich was a national treasure. He bore witness to and wrote first hand accounts about of some of the greatest sports events and participants in history. Even left the sports desk to cover WWII for The Post. Even covered the World Series for The Post after his retirement. Wrote columns into his nineties. A walking, talking history book.
  20. He probably could have done it, too. We often hear how players from long ago eras couldn’t possibly compete against today’s bigger, faster, 24/7, 365 NFL player and that’s usually the case. But Jim Brown could have played and been a force today as well. 6’2”, 230lbs. with world class speed can play in all eras.
  21. Never missed a game. RIP Jim Brown.
  22. Rodney was an absolute joke machine. He’d do his monologue on Carson and then sit down and rip off a dozen more jokes for good measure. “My wife’s cooking is so bad, the flies out back pitched in to have the screen door fixed.”
  23. Your marketing teacher must have been a George Carlin fan because that’s right out of one of his routines.
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