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  1. If the Russians wanted to disrupt gas flows through NordStream 1/2 they could just shut the valve. Word is while Germany was talking up unity in support of Ukraine they were working a backroom deal with Russia for gas and about to break ranks with the US. One likely scenario is the US administration being aware, decided to put an end to that possibility. Add that the damage and explosions suggest only a State actor would be capable of pulling this off and the list of suspects is short.
  2. Do you expect a President to personally vet all the people working in their administration and be accountable for life? I mean Biden sniffs women's hair and according to accounts from his daughter's diary, took showers with her when she was a teenager and his son is a sexual pervert and drug addict. Are you going to preach and point about how that reflects poorly on Joe's character? I doubt that.
  3. What's most curious about all of this is the roaring silence of the women's rights movement and leadership and their unwillingness to defend the rights of young women when science and the eye test clearly put them at a competitive disadvantage. Instead, biological women who assert their claim to fairness in competition must be silenced and intimidated into obedience.
  4. I'm listening. Maybe I overlooked something? What new military engagements were initiated during the Trump administration? And to state it perfectly clear, the original statement was "new" engagements. Not continuing or expanding or contracting anything that might have started under Bush or Obama or earlier.
  5. A 4 year stretch with no new conflicts, with conflicts both before and after, suggest you're wrong.
  6. Most likely Trump would have given Russia assurances that Ukraine would not be added to NATO and the war would have been avoided and Ukraine would have gone on their merry way as an independent democracy and would not be engaged in a bloody and costly conflict. There would have been no sanctions and Europe and other impacted countries would not have been harmed. The inflation, and supply disruptions the world is experiencing would not have happened. But Biden won the election, brought back Victoria Nuland the official who engineered the Madian coup in 2014, to finish the job, refused to engage in any meaningful discussions, and flooded the region with arms. Then Russia invaded. And in April when parties like Turkey had brokered a peace settlement between Russia and Ukraine, Boris Johnson was dispatched to Kiev to deliver the message to Zelensky that the US and UK would not allow any truce or peace deal and the war would continue. And it goes on. So yeah, maybe it could have been avoided or at a minimum ended already. I should add, anyone thinking the main US interests are in supporting Ukrainian democracy was dropped on their head too many times. The US interest is to weaken Russia and maintain the uni polar world order both Moscow and Beijing and other countries threaten. Ukrainian blood and territory is just the proxy and acceptable sacrifice to support that goal.
  7. European Commission head mistress Ursula von der Leyen had warned Italian voters before the election about voting for the "wrong" candidates and the consequences they might face if the right kind of leader was not elected. The right leader being somebody that fully supported the EU, the IMF, NATO, the WEF, climate activism, woke ideology, and other core neo-liberal beliefs and causes. But that warning fell on deaf ears. Other European leaders have since voiced the battle cry of the left with the standard "threats to democracy" concerns. Translated, threats to their ruling class system where voters dare to elect a candidate they feel represents their interests. Democracy in action. How dare you! Sadly for the ruling elite, this trend of political movements representing the people is popping up all over Europe as a result of sanctions and policies that are crushing the people.
  8. And the 6 Fall Mum plants my wife puts out that die or get eaten by Deer every year will now run me about $30.
  9. Current storm track has the eye wall coming onshore between Sarasota and Ft. Myers. So the Tampa area might be spared the brunt of the storm surge but with rain forecasts of up to 24 inches flooding is going to be extreme.
  10. Its the economy, and crime. Watch for lots of big corporate employers announcing job cuts and lay offs (or what they might call workforce right-sizing) after the mid-term elections.
  11. There are people from dozens of countries, maybe more, I lost count. Some from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East that traveled to Mexico to walk across the border. They're seeking better economic conditions, not fleeing political oppression.
  12. One problem is this administration is applying the definition and criteria for "asylum seekers", which is someone fleeing political persecution, to 100's of thousands that are in reality crossing the border seeking economic opportunity. The political persecution angle is like a free pass as the economic criteria is harder to meet. Obviously, Biden's administration knows this is a blatant misrepresentation.
  13. It's a recurring theme and what's troubling is the pattern of repeating the same type of error in the face of overwhelming evidence that the strategy is faulty and ineffective at the most critical moments.
  14. The fake liberals love to conjure up all sorts of "crimes" in an attempt to redirect the main theme of the story when somebody embarrasses them and exposes their hypocrisy. In this case they welcome and embrace everybody, just not to their community or neighborhood.
  15. Wow. The board clown is throwing every fake cliche, slogan, narrative, meme, and defection tactic in the social justice play book at you while refusing to engage in any constructive conversation and you're holding strong. Bravo!
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