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  1. The city of Boston's Championship drought extends to 4 months! I feel so sorry for the fans. 🤣
  2. The thing is Schatz and other analytics guys don't have an opinion, just an interpretation of the data. If the data changes, they change their assessment. Conveniently they are never wrong, and also never right. Sure Allen's 'numbers' might not indicate he is primed for success. But the context in which those numbers were produced needs to be considered. If you believe, as the Bills leadership does, in the 'potential' of Allen and improve the context such as fewer dropped passes and less pressure from the defense then the data may reveal improvement. Or it may not. At this point I'm willing to trust the judgment of our GM and HC over some data gathers with a couple spreadsheets.
  3. I expect to see a lot more formation flexibility and personnel package options in the play calling. Along with this I think utilizing the pick up's in the draft and free agency will create a lot of uncertainty for the defense in pre-snap recognition of whether the Bills offense is going to run or pass out of those formations. Should open things up. For a long time the Bills offense has been very predictable and that changing is going to be a big thing.
  4. "Also, it's not always advisable to spend a pick on a punter, but we'll give New England the benefit of the doubt with the Bailey selection." The thing is there is a grading bias in favor of the Patriots and a couple other teams. And that bias may be justified based on the fact that these team has been successful based on wins and losses along with championships. You've been successful in the past the expectation is that will continue. That might or might not be true. In reality it's a just an opinion based on the graders preconceived opinions about specific players and how they ranked them. Your draft aligns with their thinking you get an 'A'. You deviate, your grade drops. Draft grading is like a college course were the professor wants you to answer the questions by telling him what he told you the right answer is vs. telling him what you think the right answer is.
  5. I'm very optimistic about the teams prospects for the coming season. Management addressed the team's biggest weakness along the offensive line in free agency and the draft. Getting what looks like a starting RT in Ford, the best center available in Morse along with several other OL veterans that are a huge upgrades from last years group. Instead of talking about issues with the line there are discussion threads about competition for the starting spots among several good options. I like the TE's in the draft and Kroft and WR's Brown and Beasley as it will enable a lot of different formations, 2 TE, 3/4/5 WR's that can create mismatches in both the running and passing game that they didn't have the personnel to pull off last season. On defense other than Kyle retiring they got stronger with Oliver and some pickups in the secondary. There's definite improvement but on the other side of it every other team can make the same argument. I see a team that will compete week in , week out and don't expect we'll be on the short end of any blowouts this year.
  6. My reason's are a bit more selfish. I'd just like to see the 2 games a year the Bills/Jets play to be highly competitive and meaningful to watch. And the outcome of their late season games more than an exercise in calculating the odds for a better draft spot. If it makes the Patriots season a little harder and eventually eliminates their automatic playoff berth and division title all the better.
  7. And traded a 5th for Bennett to the Eagles. The Patriots are experts at playing the compensatory pick system and roster management in general. Other teams sign their free agents for big money and they replace them with late round pick trades or tender offers to other team's low round picks or former college free agents. The formula gives them extra picks every year. Everybody is an interchangeable part except for Brady and a few core players. It's a cold and soulless management system but it works.
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