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  1. Strength of schedule is a good point. But even with the 2020 schedule I can see the Bills getting to 10-6. Division games, I can see them beating 2 of the division foes once and the 3rd team twice, so 4-2 here. 2nd Place schedule games, maybe a split with Titans and Steelers so 1-1 here. AFC West, beating the Chiefs might be very difficult but try telling me the Bills aren't better than the Broncos, Raiders, and Chargers, so 3-1 here. NFC west, I say they beat Rams and Cardinals so 2-2 here. That gets you to 10-6. Another factor is 4 of the road games are out West so more travel. In 2019 the farthest west the Bills traveled was Dallas. I think the biggest factor this year is how much of a jump Allen can make in his 3rd season.
  2. Not impossible to get a NYC carry permit if you're politically connected or wealthy enough to grease the skids. Everybody else has their applications pushed to the bottom of the pile or denied.
  3. Poyer is under contract for 2020 at a $4.075M cap hit and will be a UFA after this season absent some extension or deal. Signing him to a new deal at a market value and cap responsible level would be a good move but I wouldn't break the bank. I think he's played at an above average level and helped provide stability and leadership to the defense while it was developing but I wouldn't call his overall performance great or elite here. My guess is this might be a spot where management will be looking to find less expensive and more physical options through the draft. I hope Jordan gets paid what he's looking for but I wouldn't want my wife tweeting out messages about my contract and publicly making what sounds like ultimatums to my current employer. I have absolutely no idea what she does or if she's some kind of celebrity or famous for something but maybe the smart play is to leave the negotiating to the professionals here.
  4. They should reduce the game checks for the officials.
  5. Me too. I figured the Seahawks would be the choice too. Most likely offered the most dollars and in win-now mode vs. the Bills who might be a year away from a realistic shot at the SB.
  6. I'm not sure about the Detroit-Miami trade for #3. I might be alone on this but I can see Detroit going with Tagovailoa with that pick. Patricia is going into year three and needs to show improvement. Stanford has been there 11 years and they have 3 wildcard appearances and three loses in that time. They can draft Tua, play Stafford the year and opt out of the last two years of his deal. That might put the Giants pick in play for teams looking for a QB in this year's draft.
  7. On the play you're referring to if you watch again you may come to the conclusion that, while admitting the Bills botched the blocking assignments, the Texans defender launched into Allen with helmet to helmet contact. In most cases that's a personal foul but I guess the refs were holding onto their flags to throw for that blindside block. Although on Watson's 2 pt conversation an offensive player peeled back and hit Edmunds in the same way. Watch that one too. Called on us, not called on them.
  8. Gurley has a 2020 cap hit of $17.25M with 3 more years on his deal at $13.M, $14,.2M, and $12.5M. A dead cap hit of $12.6M this year. Couple that with diminished carries as a result of suspected knee joint issues and it looks like a no-go to me. If I'm going to commit that kind of money to a RB plus giving something back in any kind of trade scenario I'd rather make a run at Derrick Henry for something close to these numbers. But I don't expect the Bills to do that either.
  9. I'd be surprised if the Cowboys tag or attempt to re-sign Cooper here. For what they gave up in the trade with the Raiders they'd probably be better off never making it. The Bills might take a look at him but in the end they should quickly run the other way. He just seems to disappear when things get tough. He's not a good fit here based on how our team is being built. The cap hit it would take to sign Cooper can be wisely put to use elsewhere. It's a deep draft and there are other options that better fit. Both parties should be in agreement here. Cooper isn't interested in the Bills and the Bills shouldn't be interested in Cooper.
  10. Hard to see the Bills going RB in round 1. I think they're more inclined to take BPA with a view towards need and the relative improvement the pick would provide at that specific position. Depending who's available DE, OLB, WR. OL. Don't see RB as an urgent need.
  11. For the Bills to win as presently defined they would have needed to play a perfect game while getting some breaks against an opponent, the Chiefs for 49ers here for example, that would have needed to more or less under-perform. I think we're an off-season of a good free agency and draft class away from running with the big dogs. And the tougher schedule next year doesn't scare me given a goal of winning the AFCE next season. But I share your enthusiasm and it's great to hear more and more Bills fans express positive expectations vs. the doom and gloom we've been subjected to for what seems like forever.
  12. I don't take a lot of these player evaluations of NFL cities very seriously. What do they have to go on? A flight in on Saturday, one night in a hotel, and a bus ride to the stadium? I expect the nightlife in KC isn't up to par with LA or NYC or NO. I'll also suspect that almost every one of these players dissing Buffalo would give their front teeth to be on the Chiefs active roster on Sunday. The Bills were avoided because they were not contending. That looks to be changing. If you want a chance to help build a winner, come here. If you want advanced training facilities, come here. If you want to play in front of the most passionate fans in the league, come here. If you think it might be a better opportunity elsewhere, take it and good luck to you.
  13. Whatever McCoy has to say doesn't bother me and I could care less what he has to say at this point. His attitude and personality is what it is for better or worse. Rather than keep quiet he has a need to describe the situation where he was a victim and innocent of any wrong. At one time he was a very good to great player at his position. Maybe they should have traded him at the deadline in 2018? But they didn't. They released him and the Chiefs signed McCoy to a part-time role player. Frankly, he's lost a step and all season he goes to the ground on first contact In the KC action I've seen him play he never broke a tackle or evaded a defender for additional yardage. Most likely he's not on the Chief active roster for 2020 or any other team. This might be his last chance for a ring. If he gets it or not it won't make a difference to me and I hold no ill will toward the guy. My focus is on the Bills going forward.
  14. Consistently trading your first rounders is usually not a receipe for success. Rather than chalk it up to skill and expertise at player evaluation I'd say it's more likely to be good luck or random chance. It might work 1 time out of 100.
  15. I think Detroit surprises and goes QB with Tagovailoa on the 3rd pick. Sure they have Stafford but after 11 years and $200M they've reached the playoffs 3 times and all 3 times lost in the wild card round. They can opt out of the remaining 2 years of his deal after 2020. Patricia knows from his NE experience that he needs a long term solution at QB and Stafford isn't it. When will they find themselves drafting this high again to get a top QB prospect? if they draft this high next year the HC knows he'll be out the door after 2020. This puts the Giants in a great spot to trade back. Maybe even with Miami if other teams want to jump up to #4 as QB's go off the board fast. They could drop back a few picks and still get the guy or one of the guys they are targeting and still add another pick or two. I'd be surprised if Jeudy lasts to the Denver pick. If he does Beane might try to move up and get him. Higgins would look good in the Bills line up too and filll a definite need at WR but I wouldn't be surprised if they go Edge or OLB here either.
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