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  1. I disagree, specifically because if there was indeed provable collusion with a foreign government in violation of campaign or criminal codes and law, there should have been a multitude of other campaign and administration officials besides the President that could have been indicted and brought to trial through the judicial process and not through impeachment. But legal action through the Federal Courts was not taken. And my expectation is the results of the Durham investigation, where I expect multiple indictments of familiar names, will provide clear evidence that all things Russia point to the fabricated contents of the Steele dossier and the Clinton campaign.
  2. Yet, given all the said "evidence" Mueller accumulated on collusion with a foreign government the entire investigation went nowhere after the release of the report. What happened?
  3. Sure those people are wealthy. And your fathers experience is what it is. But once again you're committed to viewing the current time in the context of past social conditions. I'm talking the present, today in 2022. Those past conditions no longer exist. The facts are, in 2022, there are lots of issues impacting poverty. Income, education, family structure, crime, access to transportation & proximity to employment opportunities, drug and alcohol addiction, fatherless households, teenage girls with children with no education, no job living with relatives. Generational poverty. Law, social customs, all conditions have changed and improved over the last 60+ years but surrounded by all that generational poverty continues on without much impact. The MAJOR factor is there are cultural norms and customs governing the lives of the poor that inhibit them from functioning in society at-large. Much different culturally from the middle class social context where most of us exist. And the wealthy you cite? I'd have no more chance of navigating the culture of the wealthy than a person in poverty has navigating the culture of the middle class. And unfortunately, almost all institutions, companies, organizations, and social situations and social support systems are designed and focused on the middle class social norms and existence. A major reason why people in poverty have difficulty dealing with "life". This is the reality of the challenges they face. Do you have any experience interacting with poor people about their situation? Or personally know people or some relatives that are poor? Does your job bring you into contact with people in poverty? Do you understand their thought processes, what they face, how they view the world, the social context of their lives? I'd be curious how anyone that understands the behaviors and conditions of people in generational poverty can conclude that racism is the thing keeping them poor. Because it isn't.
  4. So the basis of your entire opinion is we all live in a model of 1950's rural Alabama and absolutely nothings changed in 72 years. Our entire society is frozen in that time. The Civil Rights act was never signed into law and anti-discrimination laws & regulations and affirmative action initiatives and other legislation and economic and social programs to assist the poor don't exist and blacks have made no social or economic progress since the Civil War ended. Sound right?
  5. I'm asking you for some hard figures to back up a premise that you're peddling here as fact that is actually nothing more than your opinion. I'll ask again. How are you measuring the impact of racism on keeping poor blacks poor?
  6. You originally said it was "the reason". So what is you definition of racism and how are you measuring it? And as a result of your calculations what percentage of poor blacks are kept poor by racism?
  7. I'm saying there's no demonstrable evidence that racism is the sole cause of black poverty. Its a belief. A false belief. There are other factors. And ignoring these other factors inhibits addressing the problem.
  8. If racism is the determining factor of black poverty then why aren't all white people rich? And absent your ability to articulate that why are there numerically more poor white people than poor black people? You're missing something. Want to know what that is?
  9. I expect my attempt at satire had mixed results but I'm just fascinated by how these global power struggles are centered on the idea of "territorial conquest". I mean, to a great extent China already controls much of American society through concepts such as "elite capture". Which is simply a philosophy of aligning the goals of the CCP and with those of American elite figures. Individuals and their enterprises in politics, entertainment, business, and other areas . Mostly through monetary gain. Figures like Lebraun James have become spokespersons for the Chinese government, Hollywood, for one wouldn't dare release any unflattering movies about China, social media platforms jump when Xi says jump, and corporate America is terrified to lose any access to their large market. Why would they need to physically invade and occupy the U.S.? Their way seems so much easier, more subtle, and by aligning interests lets America's elite fight for China against our own people. A modern day version of the biblical "30 pieces of silver".
  10. I don't have any faith in the leadership of either party and there are few up-and-comers on the bench waiting to take charge. You're right, Trump is an imbecile. But nobody voted for Trump because of his intelligence or great personality or tactful manners. People voted for, and support Trump, because they've lost faith in the system and see traditional politicians as worthless and corrupt hacks. And he's the only guy out there with the fortitude to piss in their faces. And the Democrats are dominated by a group of Octogenarians that will be dead soon enough. Lead by Biden, a mediocre lifetime politician that has done nothing notable over a 40 year span. and continues this record of under-achievement pretending to be President. Overall, there are only a few political figures on either side of the isle I hold in any regard. For America, its a short bench with not a lot of good options. That's part of the reason I'm very pessimistic on the near term future. Longer term we need strong leadership to be cultivated and take charge. But where and who is it going to be? Its been 22 years and all this is from memory but Gore's challenge was more than a re-count. In Florida votes were deemed invalid because they used a paper ballot system with punch holes that sometimes did not completely perforate the paper. The "hanging chad" issue. He sought to have those votes counted. The State, lead by I believe someone named Katheryn Harris, the State attorney general who just happened to be Bush's campaign lead in Florida ruled against that motion. It went to the Supreme Court and they ruled 5-4 against Gore. So he conceded to Bush, another imbecile. So one royal family of American politics beat another royal family of American politics to see which Prince would play King for 4 years. Its a political class thing where both parties belong and its required to be on the inside. Trump was and is not on the inside. That's why he's generally hated and despised by the insiders. And the captive media. He crashed the party, made a mess of the place, and interrupted their racket for 4 year. He beat and embarrassed a member of the permanent political class, Hillary Clinton. A vile and detestable person. Another imbecile. He had to be removed through whatever means necessary. The insiders watch out for each other and they control and manage the system. They make the rules.
  11. If they are resourceful, they will land in Mexico and come across the Rio Grande into Texas which will result in the Biden administration considering them asylum seekers rather than an invasion force. And meet no resistance until they are flown by DHS on late night flights to various cities in the U.S.
  12. But only to serve the interests of "The State". That what the oligarch racket is all about.
  13. Fascist or Communist, Far right or far left, although claiming ideological differences, both employ the same tactics. Crush dissent, suppress freedom, rule through terror, censor truth, and equate the goals of the party to the goals of the State.
  14. While I'm ready to move on to the 2022 season because what's over is over, I've got that worry in the back of my mind if they're going to top this by screwing up again in a critical situation.
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