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  1. She's projecting. And clearly playing defense with that flimsy explanation. And on top of its she's plain ugly..
  2. You spoke the magic word - Merit. Eliminating merit or the system of meritocracy is at the heart of everything the left supports. And everything they oppose. In their minds nothing is earned. Everything is the result of privilege or the lack of privilege. And their most recent fantasy is that its all based on race. Its at the core of some very stupid ideas which boil down to eliminating the assessment of qualifications or ability in deciding anything. Imagine how pro sports or the Olympics would look like if the concept of merit and ability were eliminated. Too many tall NBA play
  3. A "theory" is generally some conclusion that is supported by a set of observable facts and data but falls short of being accepted as fact. And what we do is gather and analyze more information, facts, objective data and observations, and statistics in order to validate or invalidate the theory. As these facts are gathered they support the theory or suggest other causes or other more plausible theories. I just don't see how critical race theory passes any of these objectives tests. It appears to be a subjective interpretation of history created by the authors while bypassing the scientific
  4. And then in 2022 "fight" to restore the filibuster when the Republicans gain control of the Senate.
  5. it would be a lot quick to just throw a grenade in the middle of the group and see who falls on it. There's your winner!
  6. A Bocces and a Mighty Taco would look good down in the business district here too.
  7. Raise you hand if you think any productive individuals or businesses are contemplating expanding or locating inside the city limits of Buffalo this morning?
  8. Please refrain from using binary gender terms. It could trigger a panic attack in progressives as they attempt to dial their crisis councilors.
  9. I guess I hit the bullseye here. And I'm not a pus-sie leftist so I don't have any safe space. The entire concept is childish and just shows how mentally and emotionally weak these progressive really are here. Why anyone is afraid of them is a mystery. They're scared of their own shadow and will cry and curl up at the first sign of stress. But insurrection is insurrection. Right? Destruction of Federal property is destruction of Federal property. Right? Attacking Federal and local law enforcement is still attacking Federal and local law enforcement. Right? I've got no p
  10. According to the Portland DA planning and carrying out an attack on a Federal building while carrying riots shields, body armor, and helmets along with assorted weapons is not a criminal offense.
  11. You listen to and watch great classic comics like Pryor and Carlin and they simply take apart and attack the establishment. Fast forward to today and guys like Colbert not only don't attack the establishment, they dutifully support it by being critical of people that question it. What goes through their mind during the conversation is this. How dare anyone attempt to apply critical thinking and logic in questioning the official narratives about everything that the government provides to you. No discussion and debate is allowed. The words of our omnipotent overlords shall
  12. Because invoking the battle cry of racism is the quickest and easiest path to shut down any debate. As from that point forward anyone that disagrees is obviously a racist.
  13. Traditional liberal of the 60's questioned and criticized the government and distrusted "the establishment". Today the "liberals" of the 21st century are the establishment and would like nothing more than to outlaw all criticism and opposition to "their" government. The oppressed have become the oppressor.
  14. Rep. Waters, the very person that encouraged supporters to get in peoples faces and get confrontational", is just trying to get in front of the curve by blowing more smoke to counter the developing story that the FBI played a significant role in what is looking like another "false flag" event. Facts are pointing to the use of informants and assets (potentially leadership) inside the liberty movement that were coached and directed by the FBI to initiate and incite violence. This is a well established and common practice of the agency. One term for it is "entrapment". As several persons know
  15. First off, Mr. Winslow is a known critic and opponent of the former Trump administration. A Trump hater. So lets understand his motivation. And that motivation is not necessarily the pursuit of the truth. That's a common theme in lots of places including the media. Like CNN which employs a multitude of former FBI officials playing the role of journalist and analyst. Can you guess what they always conclude when the motives and conduct of the FBI are questioned? The questions being asked about FBI involvement in 1/6 have nothing to do with this guy pictured above. Its pure
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