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  1. All_Pro_Bills

    Eagles officially choose Wentz over Foles

    My wife thinks Brady is retiring after this season. She noted that his wife just started doing some fashion gigs again after taking several years off. Could be because the kids are older. Or to replace her husbands football income when he calls it quits before the 2019 season and he becomes a 'stay at home dad'. Perhaps, and we'll soon find out if that theory is on target.
  2. All_Pro_Bills

    Just How Bad Was Buffalo's Run Game Aside from Josh Allen?

    These stats confirm the 'eye test'. When I watch games with teams that have a good offensive line I see linemen down field and on their feet after the play. With the Bills I saw linemen on the ground in the backfield. It would be interesting the see stats, if they are available, how many of those rushing attempts had first contact behind the LOS.
  3. I have to say I've never been to an Oscar's party nor do I have knowledge that anyone i know has held one or attended one. Given my zero interest in Hollywood stars might be the reason.
  4. I like the Saturday option or start the game on Sunday earlier. But there are other events that warrant a national holiday before considering the Super Bowl. 9/11 for example. And given today's social and political climate there's probably some self-proclaimed victimized group that would file a lawsuit saying that football offends them and to make it a national holiday would trigger them to sob and cry.
  5. All_Pro_Bills

    The Quarterback Shuffle 2019

    To this point I don't see any indication Eli Manning is contemplating retirement. There's a connection to Jacksonville with Couglin. Buyers should be wary of Foles. My suspicion is that his success with the Eagles is purely situational and whether his game can translate to another team is questionable. And we don't know for sure the Eagles will move him as we don't know what's going on with Wentz as this is his second major injury in two seasons. I don't think the Broncos are satisfied with Keenum so I'd add them to teams looking to upgrade or change. Wonder if Elway regrets passing on Josh Allen or Josh Rosen when both were there for him? Maybe Flacco to Washington? This would eliminate the need to uproot and move as its not a very far drive from Baltimore. I don't see the 49ers trading Mullens as he's a cheap, young back up. Maybe throw in the Raiders as you never know what Gruden is thinking so maybe Carr will be in play too. Other teams that need to start thinking about the future soon. Chargers, Patriots, Lions as Stafford really hasn't done anything for them the past several seasons. What's great is the Bills are not on the list. For the first time in a long time they are set at the QB spot going into the off season with Allen, Barkley, and Anderson. They have some needs to address elsewhere on offense and defense but they are at positions.
  6. All_Pro_Bills

    Difference Between NCAA and NFL Head Coach

    Something I wonder about college coaches. Why do they always have state police escorts on and off the field? Are there standing death-threats against them?
  7. He hasn't been perfect by any measure but I don't have any major problems with McDermott over the 2 seasons he's been head coach. I think he's had the team prepared and playing hard and pretty well max'ed out the talent on the roster week-to-week. If anybody thinks this is a playoff or Super Bowl contending roster and they are under performing because of some lack of ability at the head coaching level then they haven't been watching much Bills football. This team simply needs more talent to consistently compete against the better teams. This year's record tells the story. 6-3 against non-playoff teams and 0-7 against teams making the post season. The critical thing will be hitting in the draft and making smart use of all the money available for free agency.
  8. According to statistics the Bills are the #2 defense in the league based on yardage. The Ravens are #1 by about 14 yards per game. Not much difference based on the stats. But based on the 'eye test' the Bills ranking is a statistical illusion. Watching the Ravens defense their front 7 seems to be so much bigger, so much stronger, so much quicker, and overall so much more athletic than the Bills front 7. Addressing the defensive front along with the O-line should be a priority. What I found most frustrating about the game is that the Patriots look very beatable. They're not dominant in any way at this point and I suspect their run as automatic AFCE division winners is over. But from the opening drive I never felt that Bills were going to come out with a win. As usual, there's a lot of work to do in the off season but I believe there are genuine reasons for optimism that we're headed up.
  9. All_Pro_Bills

    Brady and Belichick Deserve to Go Out On Top

    I suspect very few Bills fans share the sentiment of the OP. In fact I question why any true Bills fan would have such thoughts much less post them. My view is that if they wanted to go out on top they should have retired after the miracle comeback against the Falcons. This year's version of the Patriots looks very beatable by every team I foresee being in the playoffs out of the AFC. Like an undefeated heavyweight champ that takes one too many fights I think they stuck around too long. They are done. How does that make me feel? Happy! Next Sunday I hope the Bills give them all they can handle and hurt their chances of getting to the big game in any and all ways possible.
  10. All_Pro_Bills

    Passing League my eye!! Think again.

    I did notice that too. Plays like that along with his age and taking into account his accomplishments to date leads me to believe this is going to be his last season.
  11. Was it a block in the back? Maybe. Was it a cheap shot on a "defenseless player". Absolutely. Have I seen that called before when a offensive players lays a blind side block on a defender like that? Yes (I recall Benjamin getting called for that). Is a special teams play different to the officials? Seems like it.
  12. All_Pro_Bills

    Target the Offensive line in 2019

    Absolutely right. And THE big reason, aside from his own abilities, is that he's had a consistently very good offensive line group throughout his career. Build the line.
  13. All_Pro_Bills

    win the next 3 games ?

    Sad to say this is the best long-term scenario at this point. It's more likely they lose the last 3 games. If the Jets, Jags, and Falcons can win 1 more game each we'd drop into the #4 spot. Trading back, assuming they can find a partner, and swapping 1st's along with getting several additional picks. And while it's way too early to think of draft specifics I don't want to see them trading up to get one guy. We need help in too many places for that approach to be in play. In another topic somebody posted that nobody on the Bills offense would start for any other team, maybe with the exception of Dawkins, and that is probably true and really pathetic.
  14. All_Pro_Bills

    Steelers Fan Keeping it Classy

    So it would seem this guy didn't get enough choking on the field.
  15. If our TE was Kelce or Ertz would either or both catch that pass?