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  1. What's going on with the story about Jamal Bowman pulling the fire alarm in the Capitol to stop the continuing resolution vote from happening?
  2. The conclusion there is no evidence is preposterous. declaring there's no evidence at this point in the process is like a jury deciding to vote a defendant not guilty after hearing the prosecutors opening statement before hearing any evidence witnesses or examining any exhibits or articles of evidence.
  3. For me, the most interesting aspect of the Biden family influence peddling operation isn't the operation itself. It's the web of support and protection provided by elected and career officials in various agencies and departments. Violating every duty and oath of their office. Calling off IRS agents investigating suspicious transactions, tax evasion, various shell companies and a plethora of accounts and banks involved in money laundering. DOJ officials blocking and obstructing investigations, making secret blanket immunity deals. FBI officials burying the laptop for a couple years. Former IC officials making a statement the Hunter laptop was a Russian disinformation operation, out of fear the truth would cost Joe Biden the 2020 election, when they knew the truth, which was the machine was authentic and their statement was a lie. What's in it for these people? Are they getting piece of the action under the table? Are they raging ideologues? Do they or some family members have some stake in the operation or some other shady operation through nepotism or direct involvement? One conclusion is they are well compensated to look the other way and act with impunity because they are above the law and know the system will never charge and prosecute them for anything they do.
  4. Natural disasters of one kind or anoher have been ocuring on planet Earth for hundreds of millions of years. The planet is about 4.5 billion years old and I'm quite certain ithere have been years, decades, centuries, and much longer periods where it's been much hotter and much colder, much drier and much wetter without human assistance in the past. Nothing is more frightening than ignorance in action and climate science is a prime example. To think our 150 years of incomplete temperature data is sufficient to understand and predict the future climate, how it changes, and with certainty its cause and effect is the height of arrogance. A trait humans have a monopoly on among the creatures sharing the planet. 150 years is a blink of an eye in geological time. It's far more likely we have absolutely no control over the climate than what many think how it can be controled by removing 2 parts per million of CO2, a naturally occurring compound necessary for plant life, from the atmosphere. I suggest we spend our time and resources learning to adapt to the changes. Organisms that fail to adapt to changing conditions eventually become extinct. And the planet will somehow manage to survive and change without us for another couple billion years.
  5. So what's the plan? Kick the can down the road a couple more miles? Until next time and then kick it some more? Keep borrowing trillions until the interest payments on the national debt consumes the entire Federal budget? Something needs to give. Either raise the tax rate to something like 75% or stop borrowing or both.
  6. I don't know about you but when I see something that threatens my well being I'm more than willing to throw political ideology out the window. And that's the kind of risk we face with more and more borrowing and spending. I don't care who stops it. Democrats, Republicans or Independents. Conservatives, Liberals, Moderates, or anybody else. This game of financial make-believe has to stop.
  7. Whomever I applaud their efforts to bring some semblance of fiscal discipline and reality to this insane borrowing binge. Better to make some voluntary hard choices now than to face an emergency where options will be few and far between, none of which will be pleasant. We simply cannot indefinitely borrow our way to prosperity.
  8. Should the reality that political events and speeches are scripted and choreographed be of any surprise? It's all a game of slight of hand and illusion. Look at the President, he's incapable of answering a simple question unless the question was previously submitted and approved along with having an answer on a queue card, which he reads verbatim, that was crafted by a member of his staff. When you hear "I was told to call on you first" as the initial statement of a Q&A session its a good clue spontaneity is not a factor.
  9. He said the current level of evidence supports an impeachment inquiry and further investigation. He also said the current level of evidence doesn't support articles of impeachment, at this time. He did not say there is zero evidence of misconduct or illegal actions. Quite the contrary. Other witnesses testified to the obstruction of the investigation by various officials inside several agencies. Among those acts the secret blanket immunity plea deal Weiss tried to sneak past the judge. So try to follow. Step 1 - the inquiry (you are here now) Step 2 - the articles of impeachment The inquiry consists of two major areas. 1. The Biden family bribery and influence racket. 2. The protective politically motivated actions taken by various officials to obstruct the investigation. But keep believing there's no evidence.
  10. If Hillary won we'd be in the hole for about $500 billion in "aid" by now and every person on Earth making less than $10 a day would have come across the border in Texas to live in NYC.
  11. I expect this story with significant details will prove interesting to most posters on the topic. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/sep/27/revealed-europes-role-in-the-making-of-russia-killer-drones
  12. Once again reality, when examined objectively, reveals the Biden administration is no friend of the UAW and "working Americans". This administration is working overtime to force consumers into EV's through interference in the market. Take the Inflation Reduction Act and mandates for EV''s. Add in generous tax credits that go to mostly high income people courtesy of the working class and intentionally making gasoline more expense to increase the total cost of ownership closer to way more expensive EV's. Biden, friend of the working American, intentionally increasing their cost of living. Selling and building EVs' requires a lot less labor to produce and guess what happens to the excess workforce when they're no longer needed? Bye, bye another 25 plus percent of UAW members.
  13. The problem is the majority of both parties are irrational. Because everyone knows borrowing to infinity has consequences and is fiscally reckless. But they choose to ignore these consequences. Because businesses and citizens demand their free stuff. Or they'll vote for somebody else that promises to continue running the gravy train. What facilitates this marvelous arrangement of living well beyond our means is the dollar reserve and trade settlement system. Slowly but surely that is coming to an end in a form not totally clear. When the tipping point is reached the party's over.
  14. The government's attempts to censor and control the free exchange of ideas and opinions picked up after world war 2 with the establishment of a multitude of intelligence agencies responding to the threat of the cold war with the Soviets. Most of that messaging was centered around the battle between capitalism and communism, open societies vs. dictatorships. Once that battle was won those agencies appeared to be out of a job. But the IC was not going to self-destruct so other enemies were identified. International terrorists, Muslim extremists. And currently the threat of the moment, domestic "extremists". One big problem now is the technology, such as social media, for peer to peer exchange makes it more difficult than it used to be when there were just a handful of media outlets. In the old days all that was needed was strong-arming a few dozen editors-in-chief to pressure or order their reporters to kill a story. Now there are 100's of millions of people capable of communicating their message with others able to reinforce of amplify that message. In short, its no long possible to go door-to-door attempting to influence and threaten people to shut up so while the game is the same the tools and technologies have become more sophisticated. So the governments methods of controlling public perception and information became more complex. And included engagement of resources outside the government. And unfortunately for the government, harder to hide and control. Regardless of the tools and the times, the basic operation works more or less this way. Step 1. Create some false "truth" through disinformation/misinformation. Step 2. "Experts" proclaim the false truth is the real truth. Step 3. Have other experts, media, and politicians repeat the narrative over and over. The media vigorously reports the story, carpet bombing the public. Step 4. False narrative becomes the baseline for the truth and in the current environment with social media "fact checking". Step 5. Fact checkers censor or identify or mark anything that differs from the manufactured narrative as disinformation/misinformation. Step 6. Establish consequences for spreaders of disinformation/misinformation. Step 7. Ensure the public is sufficiently conditioned to reject the truth and accept the narrative as fact. Step 8. If and when the real story cannot be suppressed it doesn't matter because so many people are psychologically conditioned to believe the lie that they cannot accept the truth. We're more or less at step 8 with a multitude of social and political issues.
  15. We rarely get any firsthand reports from the media that haven't been reviewed and approved by the government. Anything that conflicts is deemed "Pro Russian". That's why I'm always skeptical about the accuracy of anything we're told about the conflict. If things aren't going well is there anyone that believes they're going to tell us the truth?
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