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  1. China, the party that will take most of the Russian oil production, wins again. The will get oil for consumption at a discount and sell the rest at market rates. They've done this previously with LNG purchases shipped to Europe.
  2. The truth is the enemy of idealists on the left. Do you think the peasants would have gone along with Mao and Lenin if they told the truth about the real objective of the communists to replace a system of servitude to a monarchy with one of servitude to a political ideology? Who among them want to admit: The Biden laptop is genuine The laptop was not hacked or stolen. It was left with a repair vendor under an authentic work order and signature. The shop owner attempted to contact the owner of the machine but received no reply. The property was abandoned by the owner per the agreement and non-payment for services. The shop owner contacted the FBI. They had no interest. The shop owner made back-up copies of the contents of the hard drive. Subsequent the FBI showed up with a warrant and seized the machine. The FBI secured the PC but did little else to investigate. The machine has been stored at the FBI for 2 years. Some private parties received copies of the hard drive. One copy found its way to the NY Post The Post examined the files, performed due diligence, and concluded the contents were real and legitimate correspondence of the people identified in the files. The Post published the story. Attacks on the legitimacy of the story and the PC began. Twitter was contacted and requests were made to suppress conversations and sharing of information. Twitter complied. Former members of the intelligence community concluded the PC information was Russian disinformation. They made these conclusions based on personal considerations, not from looking at the contents or the sources or the material. Some of the e-mails detailed payments from Chinese entities. The "big guy's" 10% cut was referenced. The big guy was identified as Joe Biden Joe Biden is now President. Biden being compromised by payoffs from China represents a potential national security risk that is being ignored by the press and national security officials.
  3. This looks like another husband/caregiver wife set up like Joe & Jill with the husband's body fronting as an elected official for the wife's brain managing the appearances and activities.
  4. It's a little early here for me so your multiple deflection response has me in a bind. Which question that you asked that avoids directly addressing my post do you want me to answer first? And honestly its not about what I believe as I'm not driving policy or making recommendations to leadership. It's really all about what the Democrats in charge believe. And from where I sit its perfectly clear they don't care about the Constitution or allowing it to get in the way of their objectives.
  5. Frankly, I would have expected any calls to "terminate" the Constitution to be supported by the Democrats and their allies. After all they're full efforts have been exerted trying to do that for the past 6 years. Just a few pesky items they're looking to eliminate: Freedom of speech A free press The right to bear arms The Electoral College Legal due process The Supreme Court They should be cheering loudly and carrying Trump on their shoulders through the halls of the Capitol.
  6. What is this guy smoking? From his bio it sounds like this chap Collins is a deranged reality denier. If I were you I'd avoid associating yourself with known lunatics.
  7. Professionally its defined as being a bull sheet artist. Counter that argument by requesting details. Names, dates, and places. Documentation, meeting minutes, action items and issues.
  8. Absolute truth is the authoritarian self-proclaimed liberals will use any situation that presents itself to attack Musk for the simple reason that he ended their monopoly to censor speech on Twitter. That's got them crapping their pants as for the first time they can't control the narrative on the platform.
  9. No doubt it was a matter of "national security" which cannot be discussed or revealed as that would risk exposing methods and procedures and put people in danger. 🤣
  10. A Russian lawyers that prior to that meeting held a discussion with Clinton contractor FusionGPS head Glenn Simpson. Somebody intimately involved in the Russian dossier funding and production. But I guess somehow the media left out those little details of the story and nobody in the press has ever asked Glenn Simpson or Natalia Veselnitskaya what they discussed prior to her meeting at Trump Tower.
  11. A genuine liberal spawned from the civil rights and anti-war movements of the 1960's distrusts corporations and fights for the average citizen against big government and big business. Figures like Humphrey, McGovern, and Kennedy would not recognize these people calling themselves liberals. These modern day liberals are posers, sellouts to the establishment many grew up fighting against, that sold their souls and beliefs for a big fat corporate paycheck. What it boils down to is they can lead a much more comfortable life lying for "the man" than they could by telling the truth. They all know things like the laptop are genuine but dare not speak those words for fear of being pushed off the gravy train.
  12. That's the point of it all. Whatever your views might be we all need to rally around and demand the truth. No more lies.
  13. Private companies cannot "do what they want". This is an invalid argument. There are thousands of laws and regulations on the books at the Federal, State, and local levels limiting and regulating private business. Mundane things like minimum wage laws, environment standards, harassment investigations, and worker and workplace safety regulations. And as for the businesses themselves, most have code of conduct, conflict of interest, and other personal conduct policies.
  14. For me its not just free speech. Its returning the American media to its traditional and Constitutionally protected role of holding the government and their rich and power allies accountable. Performing legitimate investigations and reporting the truth and facts without personal or professional bias no matter the consequences. That how a free press is supposed to function in a democratic society. At the moment, the majority of the media provides surveillance and propaganda services for the government and their powerful benefactors against mostly powerless citizens who dare to express an opinion or belief that might differ or conflict with views and interests of people and institutions wielding power. In short, you can tell a lot about the system just by how the press operates. Do they work for the people or work for the government. At the moment the majority of the American press operates at the bidding of the government in a manner consistent with authoritarian dictatorships like China or Russia.
  15. I'd say one reason for this is during segregation the community needed to build, and did build, the necessary support systems that facilitated an environment of relative self-sufficiency and culture. Locally owned and run businesses, community services, social support systems like churches and community centers. And strong civic leaders. Those support systems were damaged not by the end of segregation but by government social policies and corporate businesses that destroyed those support systems thriving in the local communities.
  16. Apple and Google are said to be threatening removal of Twitter from their app stores unless Musk restores some version of censorship which meets the approval of those two companies. One potential response might be ant-trust or anti-competitive lawsuits which would expose the inner workings of those corporations in a court setting. On Friday Musk also suggested one alternative would be for his company to "build" their own version of the iPhone minus all the spyware and snooping apps used by Google and Apple stating "how hard could that be?" An alternative device that offers the same features absent tracking your every move might appeal to a large percentage of the population.
  17. We can agree here. But alternative forms of energy that are cheaper and more efficient than oil and gas. Adoption of more effective sources of energy through human history have facilitated growth and progress which has improved the quality of life and living standards. But the point I've been hammering away at in this discussion is there aren't any more efficient sources of energy currently available. If there are, then what are they?
  18. It doesn't matter because the playbook says as soon as one of these attacks takes place, carpet bomb the preferred narratives and propaganda throughout the media before all the facts are in and get the story out as quickly as possible while the usual media outlets spread the story. Fact don't matter. Narrative being: Heavily armed, white, straight, MAGA extremists are the biggest danger that human civilization has ever faced and once again one of them shoots up LGBTQ club in hate crime. Message: we need more government intervention and control in everyday life to make things "safe". So that narrative appears to be false based on court filings by attorneys representing the perpetrator. No biggie. If it prove false they can issue back page retractions nobody will see or read but the initial media response sticks with most people because all the outlets they use as their primary source of news that are reinforcing the narrative will go silent.
  19. Almost everything this administration does is focused on politics. This decision is no different and perhaps Garland should have done this from the beginning and recused himself like Sessions did in 2017. A special counsel and the rules that one operates under will result in less Congressional oversight into any investigation. So checkmate on the House majority riding herd over the DOJ via any extensive hearings. If the Democrats held the house I'll wager Garland would not have made this move. Politically its smart and when it comes to playing the game the DNC continues to run circles around the GOP.
  20. The moral of the story is authoritarian loving leftists are always angry at something. Those posters here are likely on anxiety and depression medications. They live in some dark world where oppressors are always on the look out to victimize somebody. If you want to kill the buzz at a party or gathering, and maybe get your late-staying guests to go home, invite a couple over as their constant pontificating about social justice will clear the room quickly. Ask them about how the song "White Christmas" is about racism!
  21. One reason might be because OBJ has is not ready to play football and will not be medically cleared to play this year! If he was then what's all the delay in some team and his agent getting a deal done? We make think up all the excuses in the world but its all speculation here. I don't know, you don't know, nobody here knows for sure. There's probably things happening out of the public view but just what they are and with which teams nothing much is leaking out other than he's made some appearances in a couple places. But if some contender with cap room thinks he's going to be available then make an offer and get the deal done right now. Outside of not being completely rehabed yet, one of my wild guesses is the drama might be for attention and to jack up the price in some bidding war down the stretch.
  22. One reason is the patriots coaching staff definitely has the Jets number and is able to create a unique defensive game plan that is well executed time after time against that particular opponent. Meanwhile, the Bills staff runs a base nickel surrendering 174 yards rushing and can't conceptualize the idea of taking away the only effective passing option of the Wilson to Wilson combination that went for 8 catches in 9 targets for 92 yards through the air.
  23. Keep dreaming. How about all those homeless addicts crapping in the streets in Democratic controlled cities aided by an administration that thinks the border is "secure"? If they mean uncontrolled entry of people and materials that disregard customs and immigration procedures and the rule of law to infiltrate the country by drug cartels then yeah its very secure.
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