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  1. Better get some popcorn for the incoming white privilege grievance courtesy of Kaepernick.
  2. On our team Allen can maximize the potential of an elite talent. I think Allen can inflate the production of an elite receiver by 33 to 50 percent due to his ability to laser passes from anywhere on the field to anywhere on the field. Last year we saw many great downfield throws fall incomplete due to subpar receivers. I don’t know that the players we’ve added will improve this area. Our receivers haven’t shown the ability to track down imperfect passes thus far in their careers. In essence, I think having elite receivers would do more for our team than other teams due to Allen’s skillset. Likewise, our average receivers severely limit Allen’s ability to reach his potential.
  3. Maybe you can someday if I go to a 518 lunch!
  4. Put Brady on the Bills for his career and he doesn’t avoid the drought. He likely would have been out of the NFL by 2005.
  5. Brady wouldn’t crack my top 25 either. Rode the coattails of the Bellicheck system where cheating was arguably the biggest component of their success. There are hundreds of QBs in NFL history who could have done what Brady did on that team, with Matt Cassell and Jimmy Garoppolo being two of them.
  6. I would not call Brady one of the greatest athletes. By any physical measurement he is a piss poor athlete. That would be like calling a golfer, a racecar driver, or a tubby bowler a great athlete.
  7. I’m too young to know the details of the case, but the man was found not guilty. For that reason, I don’t take issue with him joining social media or appearing on talk shows.
  8. I would put Buffalo in there. Barring an Allen injury, I predict we make the Divisional round of the playoffs at minimum.
  9. He really is prolific if he is blowing 61 Men Per Hour.
  10. Can we sleep under Milano?
  11. Anyone know if Saint Bonaventure is still standing or whether he ate the whole campus?
  12. Little Asian hands do wonders for a man’s ego.
  13. Weird, I thought the Seacrest lookalike would be into dudes, or more correctly, dudes would be into him.
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