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  1. If it were me... I would likely try to trade down from 9 and spend early picks on WR and OL. It may seem odd to some given the focus on those positions in FA, but our biggest weakness right now is still in those areas. If we start picking defense at 9 and it turns out our offense still can’t stay on the field, what good is that? IMO putting together an offense that can score and force the other team’s offense to be one dimensional is more valuable to the defense than any player at 9. We need to start building leads in games, not expecting our defense to pitch shutouts.
  2. Rosen sucks and is a total bust, let us never speak of him again.
  3. Troll Toll

    If Allen is real deal, bills make playoffs

    Where the heck is this coming from? The guy was basically our entire offense down the stretch and performed exceptionally. Now you’re ready to draft another QB if we don’t make the playoffs next year? As far as I’m concerned, the WRs, OL, RBs and run defense have more to prove than Allen at this point. We still don’t have proven impact players at skill positions.
  4. Troll Toll

    Allen seems to want to lead this team

    Honestly, he won me over in the first preseason game. He was aggressive and a threat to ANY area of the field. I was against drafting him, but he changed my mind quickly. What he did with the worst supporting cast in the NFL last year was phenomenal. He is definitely a franchise QB. Bills still need to draft more offense with their early picks.
  5. Troll Toll

    Wow Blaine Grabbert is cut

    GRABBERT??? I hardly know her!
  6. Troll Toll

    Why are the Browns the sexy pick?

    To me the big question is whether or not Baker Mayfield will implode. He tends to give off this over-emotional, immature vibe rather than the even keeled leader teams typically desire.
  7. Marvin was a threat in the whole route tree. Evans could mainly just get open deep and catch uncontested passes. He was a non-factor when he went to the Ravens. My post was not insinuating Losman was some great QB. Losman’s only strength was the deep ball, which matched Evans’ only strength. When Evans played with QBs who struggled with the deep pass he seemed to disappear. Without Losman his numbers reflected those of a modest #3 receiver, catching less than 50 passes almost every year without him.
  8. I kind of feel that Losman made Evans look better than he was. Evans did not play above his size or fight for the ball well. He had reliable hands, but didn’t offer much after the catch unless he was already behind the defense.
  9. Troll Toll

    Panthers have released Matt Kalil

    My guess is just that the level of consistent athleticism they face at the Pro Level becomes overwhelming. Once teams find an athletic weakness they probably just exploit it to no end.
  10. I think it may be a little different than that... I’m thinking they recognize the BPA at 9 will likely be defense, but they could miss out on the best WRs by their 2nd round pick.
  11. Or he can make good on his threat and retire...
  12. Hopefully he gets released and lowered his value enough for the Bills to sign. I’ve never seen an effort issue from him on the field and he already got paid so...
  13. Troll Toll

    2019 NFL Combine updates

    There’s a good number of receivers I like for the Bills: 1. AJ Brown 2. DK Metcalf 3. Hakeem Butler 4. Parris Campbell 5. Andy Isabella