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  1. You know you’re semi-good lookin’
  2. I apologize in advance, this will not be a popular post... This week is a microcosm of the larger issues at play. A white man kills a black man in a horrendously negligent manner and the story blows up. Black communities respond by rioting, burning down their own communities and killing each other and those actions are downplayed in magnitude. I have a hard time seeing how any real progress in inter-race relations will be made until progress in the black on black crime is made. Why would other communities trust people from a community that can’t trust itself?
  3. Josh IS already the better QB. Does anyone really think opposing coaches would rather gameplan against Allen than Dak? Dak has numbers playing under pass happy Garrett. Swap teams last year and Dak doesn’t get 29 TDs in Buffalo like Josh did in 15 games. In fact if Josh played the last game against NY with the starting offense there is a good chance he would have equaled Dak’s TDs in Dallas (while Dak was playing with a far superior supporting cast on offense).
  4. I’d say it is already either Josh or Tredavious White with an honorable mention to Fred Jackson.
  5. Josh Allen IS the Bills offense. He makes things happen when nobody else can and comes through on tough downs like 3rd and longs over and over again. The fact that he had any level of success his rookie year with the worst offensive supporting cast I’ve seen in 25 years watching the Bills speaks volumes. Barring any key injuries, Josh’s status at the top of the East will be crystal clear at the end of this year.
  6. I’ll say this... Darnold was my #1 QB going into the draft where we took Allen. Initially I was really disappointed we wound up with Allen instead. After two seasons it is a no contest for me that Josh is better. I call it like I see it, no Bills blinders on. Allen is a whole level above any other AFC East QB. If DaBoll can put it all together as a play caller we have a very real shot at the Super Bowl this year. I don’t see how anyone could argue Allen is beneath anyone in the East.
  7. For me, I’ve always been more about the music than the message or story... so Dylan has never really been someone I gravitate to.
  8. The bolded part is what I remember most, our OC basically let them tee off on Josh. How do you become an NFL OC when you are oblivious to the obvious? Where are the screens and quick hitters?
  9. I think the real questions we need to ask are: If walls not being 100% effective classifies them as an outdated technology that we shouldn’t use, are masks 100% effective and if not, should we use them? Is it sociophobic or racist to wear masks? How do masks make people feel?
  10. Assuming Trump gets re-elected in 2020, will the leftist zombies waste another 4 years of their lives posting their baseless hatred on here? I started visiting this section of TBD for the great coronavirus updates people post, but I probably won’t stick around once this dies down. I can’t imagine being a useful idiot for the left. You aren’t going to convince any conservatives to switch sides when your arguments have no merit (everything is based on feelings and -isms) and you push partisan investigations that are obvious hoaxes like “Russia!”. Until you actually have a compelling argument in the issues that decide elections, nobody is going to take you seriously or even remotely consider switching to the left.
  11. This thread is now about who would do Gugny. Personally, I would grab him by the seams and go to town.
  12. The “something wrong” would likely be the Patriots cheating. It will be frustrating when Stidham essentially replaces Brady’s production and people start gushing about Stidham. Nobody took a step back and questioned anything when Cassell and Garropolo lit it up in New England. If Brady sucks in Tampa, people will write it off as due to his age.
  13. A lot can happen. They are good enough to win a Super Bowl barring an injury to Allen. It is usually a very thin line separating Super Bowl winners from Wild Card teams. Just look at how close Tennessee was to heading to the big dance. We BEAT Tennessee last year. They ran into a buzzsaw in KC. KC was one of those exceptions where they truly outclassed everyone else, but they were very fortunate from an injury perspective as well. If Tyreek Hill or Kelce is out, I think we can take KC. I could also see NE taking the division AGAIN! I can’t believe people are writing them off. If NE takes the division then we could miss out on playoffs. McDermott still has to prove he can beat them. If we’ve taken the leap where we sweep the division, then we should definitely be thinking Super Bowl.
  14. Like most Democrats, she comes across as a power hungry sociopath weaponizing “political correctness” to usurp even more power and rights from citizens.
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