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  1. I’m glad Jerry had the balls to ask that question. I hope Sean re-evaluates where they are as an offense. Invest in cheap talent, get cheap results. Maximize Josh’s potential by surrounding him with playmakers. IMO Josh is seriously handicapped by his supporting cast. Josh and Tre White are the only McBeane pickups that aren’t routinely invisible on Sundays.
  2. I think you answered your own question, lol.
  3. Sadly, I felt this way already after the Eagles loss. The team just doesn’t have their **** together. They were gifted the easiest schedule one could ask for and they have come out flat every game since the Bye. I’m putting the blame on everyone.
  4. The lack of success on deep passes tells me they don’t practice them enough. Those should be almost automatic when they are open. Watching Rodgers yesterday, he makes it look so easy to just throw a deep ball his guy can make a play on. Seems like Josh is all over the map in his trajectories on those throws. Coaches should be working with him to get the optimal trajectories on each type of deep throw. It’s disconcerting that our guys can’t even get a finger on these throws. They clearly aren’t giving enough attention to this area.
  5. In this thread I’ve argued it appears to be a lateral and I stand by that. However, I’m not blaming the refs for this loss. I’m most disappointed and frustrated that this team looked like a gritty playoff squad (tough for 60 minutes) through Week 4 and since the Bye they look like they have been mailing it in effort-wise. Poor effort tackling, missed blocks on offense, and receivers that nonchalantly drop pass after pass. I’m not seeing players hold themselves accountable.
  6. We had a better WR, TE, RB and OL situation the season before McDermott took over than what it is now. They rid themselves of Robert Woods, Sammy Watkins, Cordy Glenn, Richie Incognito, Charles Clay and Lesean McCoy (and Eric Wood retired). We didn’t have a great offense even with those guys and the talent level has dropped considerably since then. Signing mediocre guards and tackles, a bunch of slot receivers, an old RB, and spending late picks on TEs are a bunch of band-aid moves. The only big investments have been Allen, Morse, Cody Ford and Zay Jones. On defense they made big investments in Star Lotuleilei, Trent Murphy, Ed Oliver, Tremaine Edmunds, Tre’Davious White, and Micah Hyde. I can’t really see much of a difference between Year 1 and Year 3 on defense.
  7. They’ve invested so little in the offense in 3 years, in fact they have possibly given away more talent on offense than they have gained. The defense has had heavy investment in all 3 drafts and in FA. They should be held to a higher standard than the offense until that levels out.
  8. I understand the play is designed with that intent, but this particular execution of the play was so badly botched that Baker ended up tossing a lateral instead of a slightly forward pass. I’m thinking Hunt came across field further back than he was supposed to and Baker reacted by sending it slightly backwards instead of the design of a slightly forward pass.
  9. Mayfield releases the ball from his hand at the 20.5 yard line and it lands at the 20.25 yard line.
  10. That was not a forward pass. Baker’s arm is going sideways and backwards to boot. The way the Bills run it they toss it forward. Browns executed that wrong, it should have been ruled a fumble.
  11. If we had beaten the Patriots we would be getting more buzz. This happens to other playoff teams every year, even teams that beat other good teams. IMO the 49ers still aren’t getting that much attention.
  12. I mean it was hilarious that for the last 8 weeks they’ve been telling us that the Bills haven’t beat anybody good, but that the Pats (with an arguably easier schedule) had the greatest defense of all time. No player on that Pats defense scares me, in fact most of them look out of shape. Can’t wait to see the Mahomes revenge game.
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