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  1. I certainly am in agreement with Allen’s trajectory if all goes well. I think this year will really, really be a grind for him. If he can come out on the other side of this season with the same health and confidence he possesses today, I think we will see the Bills as a Super Bowl contender for years to come. I think we need one more offseason to hit the tipping point where our roster is solid across the board and deep.
  2. This is a scary year for me as a fan. I think Allen has the ability to be our franchise guy, but I still think they failed to give him an adequate supporting cast on offense. Right before he went down to injury last year, I was seeing Josh’s confidence break. I think watching Barkley perform well gave him a shot in the arm and realize he was making the mental game harder than it needed to be. I look at our RBs and they should be collecting Social Security soon. Our receivers don’t scare anybody. None of them command double coverage. Our Offensive Line only looks significantly better at Center. DCs will be zoned in on Josh, who accounted for basically all our offense when he returned from injury. Objectively, although we did upgrade those position groups, I would still argue that our WR, RB, and TE units each rank bottom 5 in the NFL. Our OL is hopefully up to mediocre. The QB is in large part judged by how well his supporting cast can make and finish plays. Asking Josh to be a miracle worker in Year 2 seems like a bit much. So much happens in one season. We saw Trent Edwards start out really promising his 2nd year, but then collapse in an unrecoverable fashion by season’s end. A young QB’s psyche is very delicate and I worry that we may ruin an otherwise great QB by refusing to surround him with playmakers. My nightmare is that our running game doesn’t improve from last year, our receivers still struggle to get open, Josh continues to run or throw into blanketed receivers. I hope Josh can overcome his supporting cast, but I don’t think many on here realize how poorly his teammates stack up against other rosters. I don’t think it wise to continually expect Josh to BE the entire offense every single game (like he was at the end of last year) because we have no other playmakers.
  3. I think I only had one sock on
  4. I actually went and looked at the list of QBs in the HoF from the modern era and it really hit me with how short the list is. After viewing it, he really doesn’t stack up as a Hall of Famer. He possibly could have been if he had made things work with TO, but after the team suspended TO Donovan’s career was forgettable.
  5. You couldn’t pay me enough to have sex with women... or old women... or old homeless women...
  6. I’m a huge fan of the Beach Boys, the Wrecking Crew and Phil Spector records. Cool to see another fan on a Bills forum!
  7. No more excuses for less than mediocre play from John Brown and Cole Beasley. They have Josh Allen throwing to them now!
  8. Challenges are the illusion that a team can correct a call. How many games have you ever seen an overturned call decide the outcome late? Seems like there is usually the team that is “supposed” to win and officials ignore evidence when they should overturn a call that would hurt said team. How many games have we ever won because of a challenge? The more officials can intervene, the better it is for New England and the worse it is for us.
  9. As an end user I never feel that this place is a **** show on gamedays. I can imagine it is a lot tougher on the mods to merge threads, but that is invisible to most of us. The old BBMB was a true **** show on gamedays, without fail the board would crash and you couldn’t get in. I tend to use the gameday thread if I can’t watch the game because the real time updates from fans are faster and more detailed than NFL.com or ESPN.com. For that it is easy enough to just jump to the end of the thread.
  10. I came away not as impressed as I thought I would be. Against NFL DEs and OLBs I don’t know that his strength will hold up. He seems like he is barely hanging on after the initial punch from the defender. That said, I was impressed by his focus, awareness, and his ability to position himself between the defender and his QB in the most optimal way. He is someone we can hope to turn into a mediocre starting RT, which is still a major upgrade from having the worst starting RT. There have been so many times the last 2 seasons where the right side of our line looked completely lost and clueless.
  11. Such a crappy trade. It’s between us and New England this year for the East...
  12. For all we know, she may have been lending him a hand with a science experiment.
  13. There are still people that think Russia had anything to do with Trump winning? Fine, I’ll go along with it. I guess I’ll thank Russia for the incredible economy that has allowed me to increase my income by 50% (into the 6 figures) at my job. Who would have thought Russia would make America great again? Our “Russian puppet” has blown away the production of the Obama administration. Surprisingly, he has also been tougher on Russia than any President in recent memory. If these are the results of Russia stealing an election, then I hope they keep stealing elections from the DNC scum that was repeatedly exposed by Wikileaks.
  14. I feel like I’m in a Twilight Zone episode. Daboll has basically always had an offense at the bottom of the league. Maybe I’m misunderstanding expectations of other fans? I don’t think Buffalo finishes with a top 20 offense this year. Are people cool with that because the defense will carry the load? Do people actually think Buffalo will go from one of the worst offenses to a top 20 offense with the moves they made?
  15. Sorry, didn’t realize good teams pick 9th in the draft without trading to get there.
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