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  1. Do you think the Bills would have won the Super Bowl this season with Mahomes instead of Allen? IMO people go way overboard on their reactions to recent events. Would there have been a better QB situation for Mahomes to land in than the one with Andy Reid and a team loaded with guys that were established Pro Bowlers before Mahomes ever stepped on the field? Mahomes’ journey from here gets harder, not easier. Allen’s supporting cast can basically only get better.
  2. Maybe he can do a TV special and take his STDs to South Beach!
  3. I didn’t say they aren’t really good, but why are people writing off Josh when he doesn’t have a comparable set of weapons? Josh has done pretty well for us so far. When he first stepped on the field for us, he was surrounded by the worst offensive supporting cast I’ve seen the Bills trot out in my lifetime. He made the playoffs this year, but we got screwed on having an away playoff game against Houston due to our perennial 14-2 division mate New England. We are officially a Super Bowl contender, I’m not going bemoan not having Mahomes or Watson. Look what happened to McNabb when he lost Andy Reid. We are watching a marathon, not a sprint. Neither Mahomes nor Watson is getting anything more from John Brown, Cole Beasley or Dawson Knox.
  4. The most telling thing about this thread... where are all the people complaining we didn’t take Lamar Jackson? What’s the point in complaining about the flavor of the month? Mahomes was insanely close to a catastrophic knee injury last year. Mahomes went to a team that was a perennial Super Bowl contender with Alex Smith. Houston was in the playoffs with Brock Osweiler a few years ago. Josh can still end up being the best of these guys, so why whine about it? Mahomes didn’t get anything out of Kelvin Benjamin or Lesean McCoy that Allen left on the table. If you want to see better QB production, then find Josh the Hopkins, Fuller, Hill, Kelce type of studs that Watson and Mahomes work with.
  5. With the Tarantino flick, I enjoyed that part when I first watched it because I wasn’t expecting it at all (I expected the plan to fall apart). Since that time, with films like Django, I’ve come to despise the social justice motivation behind the alterations and the embarrassing pandering to the “victim” class. I will say, if I watch a movie I’m unfamiliar with from a historical perspective, I tend to be disappointed afterwards when I find out where the filmmaker misled me. Related question: How do you feel about filmmakers changing details from fictional books they are based on?
  6. I banned Bruce Bannon... and now I’m running for my life!
  7. I actually think Buffalo did a worse job, but Allen has risen above it. Replacing Peterman at halftime in Week 1? Top receiver Zay Jones or Robert Foster? An offensive line that was almost entirely replaced the next offseason? Over the hill running backs? It is a miracle he didn’t bust with the sorry bunch they put out there on offense in 2018. I will not credit the coaches for Allen turning chicken **** into chicken salad.
  8. Allen can make all the plays and has now convincingly led this team to the playoffs, accounting for > 350 yards of offense in that game. He is THE guy in Buffalo and the fans need to get over it. The only other QB in his class to make the playoffs so far is Lamar Jackson and he has fallen on his face both times as a gimmick QB. Allen is no gimmick. Have people already forgotten the drought and all the awful QB play we saw for 2 decades? How many Pro Bowls has the rest of the offense made? The obvious move for the FO is to improve his receivers, tight ends and linemen. Replacing the QB that carried the offense on his back to the playoffs would be shocking.
  9. I think the Bills kept him on the PS this year with the plan to bump him up to the 53 in 2020. I’d go as far to say that I think we would have beat Houston if Wade was out there in place of Gore.
  10. Having seen what I’ve seen. It is absolutely 100% on the frats. They are supposed to be brotherhoods, but they force people to consume deadly amounts of alcohol. I don’t know what it was like decades ago, but from what I saw 10-15 years ago it was really scary. These kids are too young to know how dangerous what the frat is putting them up to do is. They don’t know their limits and they are trusting these “experienced” people in the frats. These stories are extremely sad to me because the victims put their trust in people who simply don’t care about them.
  11. Yeah, Andy has made a living off of screens for years and years. You’d think we would see more wheel routes too. Brees kills it with those. I mean, the frustrating part of the offense when I watch is that there are no easy throws for Allen. The short stuff has guys draped over his receiver and in the intermediate range they get open by 1-2 yards. I feel like when I watch other teams guys are wide open by 6-8 yards. I don’t know what the Bills are doing to make the passing game so hard. Lack of screen AND lack of deep ball success?
  12. I would’ve thought @Gugny would like @Dougny
  13. Same here. I don’t see how a new stadium will increase revenue significantly.
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