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  1. thats what duke williams is
  2. I just wish we would have kicked the FG when we were down 16-10 instead of going for it on 4th. The 'd' was holding brady in check all game and alot of 3 and outs already. Then we maybe only need to get to 35 instead of a TD, and not take the chances you need to down 6 instead of 3.
  3. As much as i want singletary for this game, let that hammy heal up. Its still a long season, rather have is fresh legs come week 10 thru 17 then to burn it up again just to play the pats
  4. Stay away from broke down 30yr old wr
  5. Because nobody wanted a 9mil dollar salary for a 31 year old running back bucs
  6. still cant believe beane did it, he has been saying all along he is part of this team and part of the process
  7. Its 24 hours for a player to clear waivers. If no team claims that player then he becomes a free agent(players with 4 year or less). Any player over 5 years nfl expierence i believe become automatic free agents once cut from the team.
  8. On for next 3 hrs all about billss, josh allen on right now. Sorry didnt see the other thread please delete
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