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  1. Thinking of you big guy!🙏🙏🙏🙏
  2. Hopefully the FA signings and a solid draft it can translate to on field success. It still may not partake until 2020. But i do bill-eve this is the best team we had in 15 years going into the new season. Once again buffalo rings you back in with high hopes.
  3. why get rid of shady, cuz he had one bad year behind a terrible line and a rookie qb with no WR.....now he has no excuses. Rebuilt OL, 2nd year jump from Allen and now proven guys in the NFL at WR. And you guys want to ship him off cuz this is his last year. Now i get it if he comes out and looks just like last year but then we just let him walk. Shady will end up with 1000yards rushing, 300 rec and 7 td this year. And you all want to trade him for a 5th b/c you are not going to get a 2,3, or a 4th for him.
  4. I love this pick up, I am an Iowa Hawkeye fan. This kid isn't the fastest but he gets open. Go back and watch highlights from this years bowl game against miss st. 8 rec 100yd and 2 tds. Won the mvp. He is a clean/ precise route runner. His year stats aren't sexy b/c Iowa uses the run to set up the pass. Could be a diamond in the rough.
  5. I know it not something we need but i still think Bryce Love would fit great on this team. Let him rehab at the new facility the pegulas built. Then next year after gore and mccoy are gone. We have yeldon, singletary, and love as our main Rb's. I love(no pun intended) this situation. To go from the oldest to one of the youngest rb core in the league. I know we can still get some depth guys these last few rounds but i just see setting up our rbs this year for next and then we can focus on WR and DE next year.
  6. i would like 10, add bryce love to the mix in the 6th
  7. I would like to see them still get Bryce love on this roster. We could go into next off season with yeldon, love and singletary, and go from the oldest rb to one of the youngest in the league.
  8. can u imagine, rosen, darnold and allen all in the afc east
  9. Patriots do it again...just could wait 8 more kicks to fall to us.
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