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  1. You’d have to show that one to me. If it is, maybe the stupidest law in the books in the country. Its dumb that he felt he should get behind the wheel. Here in missouri you can have an open container as long as your are not the one driving. Passengers can drink as long as the driver isnt.
  2. Hell didnt even know a 4th round happened until about 40 min ago With the 132nd pick in the 2020 nfl draft the Minnesota Vikings select Anthony Gordon - QB Washington St GM - We have to get some safety insurance for kirky. He maybe a lil raw and playing in mike leaches system, we shall see. But he is a big boy than can sling the ball around. He will sit and learn from kirky and hopefully push for backup QB @atlbillsfan1975 and seattle seahawks are on the clock.
  3. With the 105th pick in the 2020 nfl draft the Minnesota Vikings select Jake Strowbridge - DE North Carolina We really need to start focusing on our defensive this year. We still have aaron rodgers to mess with. We went Edge, CB, and DL with in 1st 3 rounds. We have to get young and some elite talent on the def side. We hope this draft so far builds to our success in the future. @MrEpsYtown is now on the clock
  4. with the 89th pick in the 2020 NFL draft the Minnesota Vikings select Netane Muti - G Fresno St GM - We really need to keep cousins up right this year. He had a lot of pressures and we hope this can give us some depth at the guard postion and maybe a starting RG in the future. @Might Rather and the Texans are on the clock
  5. @Virgil Did i miss something, how come the Vikings dont have the 89th pick in the 3rd round?
  6. With the 58th pick in the 2020 NFL draft the Minnesota vikings select Bryce Hall CB - Virginia GM - He is going to pair nice with our first pick matos. Our cornerback position last year as a whole was atrocious. Bryce has all the measurables that you can ask for. He is a bigger corner with long arms and played WR in high school, so that always helps with play recognition and knowing the route tree. We are excited to get him in our cb room. @atlbillsfan1975 and the Seattle Seahawks are on the clock
  7. Maybe that is beane's zag to everyone zig. You cant stress enough about edge rushers, but if every team is trying to get them and teams are getting OL to protect the edge that means the middle can be neglected. If we have 2 great interior maulers going up against weaker IOL then the pocket collapses and our edge guys can clean up. Just my 2 pennies worth
  8. With the 25th pick the Minnesota vikings select Justin Jefferson WR - LSU. GM we had offers to move out of 22 and 25 but we just can't pass up the young talent. Both picks were need and both picks were tops on our board when we selected. Looking fwd to day 2 @Watkins101 is on the clock
  9. its starting to stall out, i was hoping to get my 2nd pick in the first round also
  10. with the 22nd pick in the NFL draft the Minnesota Vikings select Yetur Gross-Matos DE - Penn st @section122 is on the clock
  11. how much longer does @Watkins101 have, another hour?
  12. you guys are correct, that is how its done. Team moving up has to give 10% more then the current value. So if pick is worth 1000 points you have to give an additional 10%. 1000 x 10%= 100. 1000 + 100 =1100. Team moving up has to at least give 1100 in value to move up.
  13. Just putting this out there...vikings are willing trade partners to move up or down in this years draft. Excited to get this going!
  14. Vikings, Ravens, Seattle, cincy, chiefs
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