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  1. 98% chance this doesnt happen, but just having the thought of a healthy Julio and diggs in this system would be insane.
  2. With the 85th pick of the 2021 TSW Mock Draft 2.0, the Tennessee Titans select - Tutu Atwell - WR, Louisville We are extremely excited to see Tutu fall to us in the mid of the 3rd round. We were in talks with multiple teams to try to move up and after those fell through we just sat and waited and prayed we could land this guy. He brings tremendous speed to the WR position and pair that up with AJ brown might open up some seems for him to blow passed people. He maybe undersized but his hands are great and can evade tacklers. He needs to make people miss in space and he does j
  3. With the 47th Pick in the 2021 TSW Mock draft, the Tennessee Titans Select - Kelvin Joseph - CB - Kentucky We are very excited to move up and grab this kid out of Kentucky. We have him as the 5th best CB in the draft, and we saw the run on dbs starting around pick 41. Everytime a DBs name was called in the last few picks that wasnt our guy we did a fist pump and kept on the phone to get a deal done. We solidified are pass rush with Kwity now we need to sure up the backend. We cant let Mahomes keep slinging the ball all over the place. We lost adoree and malcolm this year. We
  4. Ian Rapport has heard rumblings that the titans maybe interested in this spot here, but sources say its still in the early phases.
  5. With the 22nd Pick in the 2021 TSW Mock draft, the Tennessee Titans Select Kwity Paye, DE/DT - Michigan. We had one of the worst pass rushes in the league last year. Even though we had Clowney and beasley on that side they didnt perform like they were supposed to. We only had 19 sacks last year in the nfl and these 2 guys had 0. This guy has a great work ethic and all the traits we are looking for. He is very explosive off the ball and shows great leverage. A little raw but i have the utmost confidence in our coaching staff to get this kid to the next level. We were looking t
  6. Wouldnt want it any other way, beat rivers, lamar, mahomes, and rodgers.
  7. Well to win the super bowl you have to beat the best....Ravens and the chiefs....this will show where we actualy stack up. Can this team still push that bar higher or has it leveled....next week vs the ravens and we will find out.
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