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  1. Maybe you can make a mini football field out of the turf, like the NFL anchors have.
  2. Enforcement varies within each state, too. For example, in Florida, a new law states that odor of marijuana alone no longer constitutes probable cause, because hemp is legal and they smell the same. Because of this law, Some counties have stopped pursuing marijuana charges altogether.
  3. Okay, that got a groan out of my wife, so -- well done! 🍺
  4. I interpreted it as unsmoked -- small stash, maybe for later.
  5. Our beagle is 15 1/2. He's mostly blind and deaf. Still eats like a horse, though -- which has always been my measuring stick. When they reject even their favorite foods, it's time.
  6. So easy to visualize. So hard to get out of my head. Thanks. 😐
  7. Rooting for the Titans to come up 2 yards short of beating Green Bay in the Super Bowl.
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