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  1. I heard the call on XM (man Tasker is freaking annoying). After seeing the highlight, I had no problem with him running it in.
  2. Was someone sitting in the seat you were pounding?
  3. Anyone watching the Saints-Bears game: I caught this in passing, but didn't see the names. About 10 minutes ago, did you catch the taunts between some defensive dude on the Saints and either a Bears WR or RB? It was clear the defensive dude was making fun of the offensive dude's height. Hand gestures and all. I'm sure that type of trash talk happens all the time, but this was pretty blatant (and funny, if I'm honest).
  4. Instant favorite for the Nobel Peace Prize, imo.
  5. I'm in the same boat and going Singletary, homerism aside. PPR.
  6. ***** you, Yankees. That is all, and good night.
  7. Just... stop... 😂 Wife and I can't stop laughing...
  8. In our torrid roleplay session, Tulsi can be whatever she damn well wants to be. That includes Democrat, Independent, Russian Bot -- I don't really care, and neither would most of you. 😁
  9. I freaking hate you. {runs to the kitchen to try it...}
  10. Bagel halves -- topped with cream cheese -- topped with Doritos (Cool Ranch preferred).
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