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  1. Harvard-Harris poll: Hillary top choice for nomination 😂 She's mine, too!
  2. Hillary Clinton lost because she's a cold, unrelatable shrew of a candidate. Pretty much any other moderate would have won that election. But bring on Bernie, by all means.
  3. Sure, if you don't take into account the 5%+++ votes they'll lose for nominating a socialist lunatic.
  4. That early waiver claim gave him a second chance. He controls his own destiny.
  5. Here's another photo. Would ya still?
  6. Not Crazy: Democrats will have a contested convention. Crazy: Liberals will 'get' the electoral college. Really crazy: I'll meet someone who likes Laffy Taffy.
  7. Source: Wheeler a Philly 5 years, $118M
  8. Right Josh gets game ball, Wrong Josh watched from the sidelines, That’s how it’s done, scrub
  9. How is it only halftime? Feels like late 4th quarter.
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