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  1. I think it was Herm Edwards Miracle at the Meadowlands that led to victory formation.
  2. Would Tua really put his health and safety last? Guy has had some brutal injuries going back to college so perhaps he wants to shake the injury prone label but I don't think he would. Guys always wanna play and the team needs to hold them back. If he didn't want to play he could tell them he's not good. Need to hear from Tua on what happened.
  3. What? The joke is about the incompetence of the dolphins medical staff but way to reach and try and make it about something else. Stalk my posts much? You comment or dislike almost all of my posts. It’s weird
  4. Dolphins gonna be like we lost all our medical stuff in the hurricane.
  5. Hits to the back of the head are always so bad. Like baby joe Mesi getting rabbit punched
  6. I’ve never heard butterfly to describe wing on wing. I’ve lived on boats for summers and raced offshore. Lol
  7. this is not a place for facts sir. Take that ***** elsewhere
  8. As long as he's there peacefully and not interfering and acting legally I have no issue with him being there.
  9. the 72 year old lost the civil suit. Civil suits are easier to win than criminal cases. If he couldn’t win that he was at fault. The kid was probably traumatized by being attacked by an old man. If he hasn’t been attacked no trauma right?
  10. So they are there all time right? He likely knows the laws. He can be there just cannot interfere. Now we have only heard about the 72 year old man who went after the kid. This man was unable to criminally charge the pastor and also lost the civil suit. We have no info if the female was actually interfered with.
  11. So as I understand he is allowed to be there but he cannot interfere with her getting treated. Did he? By offering counselling and not touching her? Did the 72 year old attacking him cause her to be interfered with here? Now we have all these protesters that block intersections right? Was big with the BLM protesters and someone would eventually get run over. Do we make it illegal to block the roads? Can't have it both ways remember
  12. Because they watched the miami game and how much the heat wrecked that game
  13. provides counseling. The only one antagonizing was the 72 year old who lost the civil suit for assaulting the kid. Why are left wing parents bring kids to drag shows?
  14. I've had that comparison for a while. Mcd has show to be ok with the aggression on 4th downs which give me some help. But man last year we had some weird losses that were head scratchers.
  15. We sent Ukraine billions of weapons which is keeping Russia at the gates. We fought the British with guns which brough free speech. We get it you don't like guns but don't understimate their importance you're just being ignorant
  16. Why do they need guns if the pen is mightier than the sword? Walk softly and carry a big stick is also a nice saying.
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