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  1. Yes. We win a SB with Diggs playing a prominent role and he is in. Josh Allen is the leader of this team. Stephon Diggs is the heartbeat of this team.
  2. They were too busy destroying Dane Jackson to waste time throwing at Rhodes.
  3. That's interesting. I see some Mario Williams in Groot. But Mario probably played about 15 to 20 pounds heavier than 270. The Bills must sense some hidden athleticism in Groot. And, I agree with the sense here that the kid is special now and is going to be even more special down the road.
  4. This is how the 90s Bills were born. We saw how effective we were in the 89 playoff loss to Cleveland and decided to give that a shot full time (or close to it). In hindsight, yes, although that was hardly their most egregious coaching issue.
  5. Does he? Brown was let go after allowing the ball to hit him in the face in the AFCCG. Maybe you know more than me, but the signs here point Allen being cool with the abolitionist being elsewhere. Realistically this is just a depth/insurance thing. Probably more related to Gentry than anything else. We did something similar with Kenny Stills, right? Maybe Brown sees the field at some point, but I’d be surprised if he has any sort of significant role.
  6. Putting all that aside, what’s the point of they aren’t going to run any whip routes and smash concepts. Maybe without crowded they don’t feel they have the personnel to do it. I don’t know. But here’s no sense in bringing a tamed Bease back if we aren’t going to run the type of stuff at which he excels.
  7. I hope you’re right. But if he doesn’t play before then is he going to start and chase Hill/Waddle around all day? I fully support easing him back in, with “back in” being the key words. He’s got to see the field soon in a limited capacity or there’s a good chance he either jumps into the deep end against Miami or doesn’t play many snaps of value against them.
  8. Agreed. Sometimes people need a nudge, or tough love. Enough worrying about what might happen or what could be. It’s time to give it a go and see what happens.
  9. He’s healed. He’s cleared. He’s been so for weeks. What’s the hold up? It’s not physical, according to McD. So what is it?
  10. Dude, that guy is a warrior. Universally respected. There’s a big difference between not being medically cleared to play and declining to retire to keep the employer on the hook for bonus monies owed and having the clearance and refusing to take the field. Wood earned the right to express his views, whatever they may be, on that issue.
  11. Now you see the light. At this moment, he does not want to play football. You’ve finally acknowledged the point that I’ve made all along. Therein lies the friction between White and the Bills. The teams has indicated that he is physically able to participate. He has chosen not to participate. Patience, I suspect, is beginning to to wear thin, as reflected by what I understand to have been the sharp commentary by Wood and Brownie on state radio. There’s a big difference between an avocation (college soccer) and a highly paid vocation (NFL football). If you’re making $17m/season and you’ve been cleared to play relative a ligamentary issue like this one, then your butt better be out there. They’ve been extremely patient with Tre but, in McD’s words, it’s time to “go.” The only excuse for continuing to sit is in Tre’s mind, and it’s not going to change until someone forces him to give it a go.
  12. Rank speculation. Also inconsistent with McD’s comments.
  13. “Sometimes you just gotta go.” -Sean McDermott And, at bottom, under your scenario, if he is cleared to play but does not feel “right” and therefore chooses not to dress, that means that, at this moment, he does not want to play football. Why he doesn’t want to play is debatable. But the fact that he does not want to play is not. If he blows his ACL again he still isn’t going anywhere next year. The cap number is too high. And, at this point, there’s a good chance that, healthy or not, he’s outta here at the end of next year no matter what bc the organization would rather give his money to someone else.
  14. Nope. That’s not what I’m insinuating. Not sure how you reached that conclusion. What we actually have here is an injured guy (Poyer) playing his guts out and assuming a ton of risk, and a second guy (White) who is healthy but unwilling to play despite extraordinary financial security. It does not go unnoticed in the locker room. If former player Eric Wood is harping on Tre on state radio, then you can bet your bippy that it is noticed by the current group of players. I’m not assuming anything. He’s been cleared, he’s not on an injury report, and he’s not dressing. There is no other reasonable conclusion.
  15. It’s time. They’ve been very patient with him. He needs a little nudge, and there’s no time like the present to give it to him.
  16. I actually think they’re going to rip the band aid off and force him to dress this week. They’ve been patient enough and it’s time for practical and roster management reasons noted in my prior post.
  17. I’d put more stock in this if I didn’t see him practicing in sneakers last week. Based on everything I’ve heard and read it’s a psychological issue. Which, normally, in other walks of life would be fine. But he earns $1m per game to expose himself to that risk and it’s time to give it a “go” and see what happens. *** I’ll add that this is why it’s so important that he gives it a “go” this week: Elam is running around on a bad ankle. Rhodes can’t come up again without being added to the active roster. So if Elam can’t go, and White doesn’t want to participate, then someone will lose his job to get Rhodes up as an extra corner OR we roll with Cam Lewis/Siran Neal as the third outside corner this week. Not a good plan. He’s medically cleared and he has to give it a shot this week.
  18. It’s not speculation. He’s medically cleared. He’s not on an injury report. His head coach declined to say that there’s a physical limitation . I get the fear of reinjury, but one assumes that risk when he signs the contract. He’s able to go, and he doesn’t want to go. At this moment in time, he does not want to play football.
  19. I don’t have an agenda. Listen to the press conferences and check the injury report. And, if one (you) read carefully, you’d note that I didn’t say that poyer has a problem. What was said was white’s reluctance becomes a bigger issue every time a banged up poyer puts his body on the line for this team as he approaches free agency. The facts remains that White had been medically cleared to play, that McD has strongly implied that the issue is not physical, that White is not in an injury report, and that White still has not participated. There is no conclusion to be drawn other than, at this point, he does not want to play football. Like it or not, that’s where we’re at. To paraphrase our head coach, sometimes you just gotta go. He’s chosen to not go.
  20. This. Tre isn't on the injury report. McDermott has not said that Tre's issue is a physical one. In point of fact, McD noted that Tre simply has to have the willingness to "go." Tre doesn't have that now. Ergo, he does not want to play football. Whether that's because he no longer enjoys the game, is worried about long-term health issues, or is not confident in his knee is uncertain. But, what's clear is that at this particular moment in time, he does not want to play. And every time Poyer goes out there with half an arm, it seems to become a bigger problem.
  21. He doesn’t want to play football. That’s the bottom line. Welcome to internal issue #1. And, unfortunately, I don’t think we can rid ourselves of this player next year because of his cap number. So welcome to offseason distraction #1.
  22. I'd start with Nate if I was them.
  23. This is a serious thread. Here's the article about the guys who dug Josh out. https://www.wgrz.com/article/sports/nfl/bills/neighbors-step-up-to-ensure-bills-qb-josh-allen-played-in-sundays-game-squirrel-winter-marc-braun-norm-marshall/71-3b123715-feca-4eb3-8dcf-5b2b4e7045ca The best part isn't that somebody dug out our quarterback. It's that at least one of these guys was driving around being a Good Samaritan and helping others in a time of need, without any expectation of compensation. Stuff like this makes Buffalo the City of Good Neighbors. I'll contrast that with an experience in my neighborhood, in which a local d-bag decided to profiteer and charge his old folks neighbors $100 to use his lawn tractor/snowblower to dig them out. (We all know who is NOT getting invited to the next block party.) So, bottom line, this Squirrel story is pretty cool. He's a good guy getting his "15 minutes" for doing people a gratuitous solid. There's a lot more "Squirrels" out there (looking at you, OP Fire and OP Highway), and maybe we can all take a moment and thank these guys and try to emulate them when we have a chance.
  24. Something is wrong with Tre. I saw a clip this week in which he was practicing on the field house turf in sneakers. Makes me wonder whether there's something to his reluctance to play on field turf. It's getting to the point with this guy where he has to either play or retire or (as absurd as this sounds) they may have to suspend him. It's hard to justify their patience with him when guys like Poyer are laying it all out on the line with no financial protection beyond this season. (As a side note, I know it's bad business, but they gotta find a way to take care of Poyer. Paying a safety on the wrong side of 30 typically is a bad plan. But this guy is playing at a high level, and he has earned it.)
  25. This was the saints win from last year. Ugly, but stopped the bleeding,
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