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  1. He needs to slow his roll. We were on the wrong end of it twice this year. And, if the other side of the ball lines up that way, we all know there’s not going to be a warning.
  2. my take was Frank whychek died today and I knew something weird was going to happen. Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous. We got one back on forward lateral, McDermott exercised some demons, and we won at our little shop of horrors with our backs against the wall.
  3. You know they chart the stuff in warmups and know his max each way, right? That’s how CBS places that red line on the screen. He could not make that kick. We knew it and they knew it. No reason to risk a low trajectory shot in the dark that easily could have been blocked.
  4. On grass in chill weather. NFC on that kick. Throw to EZ was the right call.
  5. You should know with that economics degree that Friedman actually believed that persistent inflation is a printing phenomenon. He also believed that supply issues could cause short term inflation. And, of course, he was dead long before the pandemic, which is a black swan in many ways, including in its effect upon supply and demand.
  6. I’m the one who doesn’t understand? The fed always prints money. Always. Look it up. It’s hardly a Biden administration issue. And the idea that we wouldn’t have inflation after a year of pent up demand and limited supply (thank you, Trump, for mangling the pandemic) is deluded. Inflation unfortunately was sticky because it turns out people really need a lot of those stickier items (like food) and in free market United States economy the federal government couldn’t command price corrections,
  7. Hoax. You contend that the Biden administration has stymied the flow of gasoline to market. Then, when asked what specific policy or policies of that administration has so stymied the flow of fuel, you reference the influence of KSA and OPEC as indicia that gasoline is not always traded in a free market economy. I'm not sure what gaslighting and scarecrows mean/are, but it sounds like you're trying to change the subject because you cannot specify a single such policy that you claim to exist.
  8. Sounds an awful lot like the Trump administration. He never got his border control plans enacted, lots of work for the printing machines, and an exploding national debt.
  9. That's capitalism, sorry to say.
  10. This is legitimate point about state taxes that apply to fuel brought to market. Still waiting for the other guy to offer his insight as to the federal policies that have stymied the supply of fuel to the market.
  11. Lots created under the Biden administration. Market is going up. Inflation forecasts going down. Looks pretty good to me. So good that MAGA has yet to come up with a marginally believable hoax as to why it’s bad.
  12. Hoax. You said that the government is responsible for high gas prices. I said we operate in a free market economy, so unless there’s some government policy choking the gasoline supply, you’re out to lunch. Then you expressed your belief that there is such government interference. You also responded with a link to an opinion piece in the Washington examiner that whined about “regulations” and speeches and some other usual Trumpy tripe. I responded by noting that domestic oil production actually had reached an all time high under President Biden, and now outpaces the daily output of Saudi Arabia. At that point, you engaged in some more babbling about an unidentified policy. I politely asked that you point to a specific policy that has choked the supply of gasoline to domestic markets and caused the price of that fuel to rise. That is, I asked for support for your core point that the Biden administration has hampered the transmission of gasoline to market and caused fuel prices to rise. You then turtled and have since refused to answer. And here we are. Yet another “conservative” hoax.
  13. Nah. You first. That’s how it works. Then we can talk about capitalism.
  14. Nope. Not at all. Let’s see one of these policies you’re complaining about.
  15. it was an opinion piece, not an article. I think it was your obligation to point to a specific policy or policies of the Biden administration that has or have raised fuel prices. Apparently there are no such policies.
  16. He did, and he was denied. Which means the bills had no measure of control over him. Which means he can publish stuff like he did today.
  17. a couple of additional thoughts: 1. I bet Bills PR really regrets not credentialing Ty Dunne. 2. Ike McKenzie did a lil’ dirty on Mc D today. Wow. 3. This is a far bigger PR catastrophe than the Doug Whaley presser. It may follow McD forever.
  18. I don’t think one stupid anecdote is a fireable offense, and I firmly believe that part will blow over, but one has to be pretty exhausted/dumb/social moron to think using the work of the terrorists who conducted the 9/11 attacks as an aspirational or motivational device is a remotely acceptable thing.
  19. McD is totally right about the friends part. However, if he saw where Chad lived (think Paulie Walnuts) and compared that to his own home (think Tony Soprano), then maybe he would have been a little gentler about it.
  20. No way for most of us to determine whether it’s true. The Pegulas, however, can conduct such things as exit interviews and get people to talk.
  21. McD has what one needs in a football coach. Smart enough to do the job, and dumb enough to think it’s important.
  22. The 9/11 anecdote will pass. Give it a week and people will be talking about something else, whatever it might be. Don’t forget, at one point our owner was accused of making a pretty incendiary racial comment. Nobody has brought that up in awhile. The bigger issue is whether, 9/11 and Niagara Falls malapropisms aside, McD has lost/exhausted the locker room. If the answer to that question is yes, then it’s time to either change the players or change the coach.
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