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  1. It’s not about what I think. It is what a jury of citizens decided after being presented the facts in a court of law. Are jury decisions in courts now irrelevant because they are contrary to the Trump narrative?
  2. Personally, I think marriage is marriage, regardless of the sex of the two people. Marriage is a term with legal meaning and implications for the two people involved. No one should deny other people the pursuit of happiness and the benefits of such union.
  3. Last year We had more weapons for defenses to guard. Diggs, Beasley, Sanders, Davis, Knox, RB. This year, Crowder got injured and has not been replaced. So we are running with Diggs and Davis, McKenzie sometimes, Knox sometimes and RB. Davis is getting defended by better DBs since we do not have as many viable weapons. Defenses know what we are doing. They can shade their defense towards him and Diggs. Diggs can be unguardable. Davis isn’t that type of player. That is what is impacting his performance. Plus scheme issues with Dorsey has an impact. I am still hoping Dorsey can incorporate Hines and Shakir in roles that fit their skill sets. Our offense needs to diversify beyond Diggs and Davis.
  4. Why can’t the Bills run a screen like that? It’s one of the mysteries of the universe.
  5. Definitely time to resurrect this thread. Oliver has really developed into a great interior lineman for us. He was a beast today and even got the safety. Josh should give him his game ball. He deserved one for this game.
  6. When the Allen highlight reel for this season is produced, that throw will be in it. Strange thing is, we almost come to expect it as if it is nothing special anymore. That is how incredible he is.
  7. If you want to predict the future and be right, just say your team can’t win the super bowl. Obviously, only 1/32 teams win it, so you will be right nearly every year. I think some people just want to be able to say “I told you”. Others just can’t take the pain of losing, so they refuse to believe it is a possibility. Either way is a miserable way to be a Bills fan.
  8. Singletary is clearly our best back. Cook is a work in progress. I think with an off season working on lower body strength, he will be better and able to break those ankle tackles that bring him down now.
  9. In 2013 Von had a right knee ACL grade 3 tear. In 2019 he had a right knee MCL grade 2 sprain. Ugh.
  10. Weather channel reports 66” at Orchard Park at 8pm.
  11. Maybe Trump can tell us all about his big beautiful healthcare plan as he runs for a third time.
  12. On 4th and 2, when McKenzie saw Josh was scrambling, he also did a piss poor job of getting open. He turns away from Josh and decides to circle around the side of the end zone, eventually getting pushed out of bounds. Ugh.
  13. Ugh! You are correct! I wish it wasn’t so. I only saw a short video clip before showing him standing there. It’s another example of team failure in that game.
  14. I wonder if the elbow injury impacted this throw. It was short and off target.
  15. This election will be studied to see why the red wave didn’t occur. One thing I have been wondering is did increased mortality from COVID have an impact on the election? One or two percent makes a difference in some of the close elections. Covid mortality skewed towards older people and republican voters tend to be older. I haven’t seen a study but I would assume that a majority of the over 1 million people who died were republicans. I knew two friends/relatives who died and both were republican. I just wonder what if any impact that had this year.
  16. Weasel Hawley now sees which way the wind is blowing.
  17. Calm down. McKenzie wasn’t on the field for this play. He was just standing on the sideline at the goal line. Look at the video from the end zone perspective.
  18. This is the dumbest thread ever. The dude had a serious injury. He’ll be back when he is ready.
  19. Last 2 1/2 games our offense hasn’t scored a TD in 2nd half. That is a problem.
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