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  1. Trump would probably give Alaska back to Putin as Putin’s goal is to take back all former Russian lands. Whatever Putin wants, Donnie is prepared to give him. Ukraine - Putin can have it, Poland too. What would Ronald Reagan say?
  2. Reporting tonight is Donnie wants to install his daughter in law as cochair of the RNC. Government is a family affair for him. I’m sure he is planning how to suck up all the money in the RNC to put it into his pockets. Either that or no one gets a dime unless they pledge undying loyalty to him.
  3. Reid and Spags aren’t t going anywhere. Most other teams lose great coaches each year. Most other teams lose their great coach to head coach opportunities. San Fran had a great D, like Philly last year. Both had defenses better than the Bills. It doesn’t matter against KC. Our injury riddled D performed as well. Bills need stay healthy and find elite offensive talent to beat them.
  4. Does KC ever get critical injuries in important games? They always seem healthy.
  5. Nothin new here. The same as it ever was….
  6. Agree too, and yet there they go to the SB both years. Their GM has completely remade their team. They have a great defense now, a good run game, lousy receivers with a great QB and TE. GM and coaching are a big part of their success.
  7. While I think Josh can match Mahomes at the talent level, I’m not sure if the Bills organization can support him to the same level the Chiefs do for Mahomes. I’m talking about finding talent, coaching, O and D game planning and game day strategy and play calling. Brady has to match wits with Spags for us to be successful. Eventually the injury bug should bite them and then maybe then we will be able to get by them.
  8. Mahomes is great. In addition to his crazy good talent though, he is surrounded by an incredible organization with a Hall of Fame TE target. Their GM is one of the best in the league at identifying talent in the draft. Andy Reid and Spags are tops in their profession. All of that is what makes Mahomes and KC great. Coordinators leaving hasn’t impacted their team performance. it’s a tall, tall task for any team to match them as they continually rebuild their team each year.
  9. Well, Feliciano gets to play in the big one. Hopefully they can beat Patty.
  10. If Lamar wins the MVP it will be a joke. Then it just becomes the award to give to the QB on the team with the best record. He had a nice year but QBs are measured by productivity and how they perform under pressure. He has a history of coming up short in the playoffs.
  11. I’m happy for Lions fans. They are a dedicated fan base. Hope they can close out this game.
  12. Goff and the Lions all the way. Would be great to see another rust belt city like Detroit win their first.
  13. Waiting for THE year to arrive is frustrating. 4 out of 32 teams had a better year than the Bills. Only one team ends the year happy. The other 31 teams are left wondering what could have been if only…….. Talking heads love to trash Allen yet he is the reason we are a playoff team. It’s easy to praise frontrunners. Allen played great. The strategy was sound, the big plays just didn’t get made by the receivers. The window will stay open as long as he is great. Bean needs to find weapons for Josh. Too many injuries caught up to us. Baltimore and Sanfran have been derailed by injuries in previous years. This year not so much. That’s the way it goes.
  14. While it seems hopeless these times are still better than the drought years when we had no QB and no chance to compete. I still wonder if the football gods will ever allow the stars to align and will the Bills to the title. If the Red Sox or Cubs can win the World Series, I remain hopeful that we will get one someday. Lets hope Kelce joins his brother in retirement to spend more time with Taylor. Maybe then the Bills time will arrive.
  15. Shakir can really dig out those low passes from Josh. Fantastic throw and catch!
  16. Americans are eating themselves to death. Then when they are obese, they demand special accommodations for them. Don’t matter what race or party, it’s a national problem we will be paying for when they go on Medicaid. Nobody wants to sweat,do difficult, hard work or even just go walking for exercise.
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