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  1. He is a free agent after this season. Will be interesting to see what move he makes. I can’t see anyone giving him a big contract. His maximum value and where he can play best may be with the Bills where he faces light boxes more often than not.
  2. Personally, I like the Singletary-Cook combo. They work well together. Devin is a much better blocker if Josh needs extra protection. Cook has the big play potential. When they need to grind out tough yards to close out games, that’s Singletary’s role.
  3. I’m not in favor of expansion. In addition to the lack of QBs, there is a lack of offensive line talent.
  4. Well the run game was pretty. The pass game…not. Allen throwing long to McKenzie is driving me nuts. The guy has never been that kind of receiver and he has about a 5% chance at completing it. Merry Christmas to all Buffalonians enduring the blizzard.
  5. The Bills vs Bears won’t be the coldest game tomorrow. In Chicago it will feel like -21 degrees. In Cleveland the Browns play the Saints in what will feel like -37 degrees! It will be interesting to see what the crowds look like in the stands. Brrrr!
  6. They shouldn’t have made that conversation public. Gesicki didn’t know Knox was miked up.
  7. The strength and courage of Zelinsky and the Ukrainian people is pretty amazing in the face of daily bombings from Putin. These people have amazing fighting spirit for their freedom. At times I wonder how America would fare if we were in their position. Hopefully we can continue to support their defense.
  8. At this point we should just let the process work. If Jack Smith determines the evidence is valid, charges should be filed. That’s his job. It’s all part of the checks and balances of our system of government. Until then, it’s just wait and see.
  9. Chandler Jones’s stiff arm on Mac is a thing of beauty. I could watch it all day.
  10. You beat me to this post. It deserves a thread of its own!
  11. The fins are legit good. Hill and Waddle are the two fastest receivers in the league. They have players on D and good coaching. Tua has limitations but the team around him might be better than the team around Josh. We are lucky to have Josh the alien at the most important position.
  12. He is Him. MVP. No one else is as valuable to their team as he is to our success.
  13. I thought it was just fans clearing their seats off. You got to send the snow someplace. From the TV perspective, after the warning it mostly stopped, so no big deal. Just fans having fun.
  14. My after game thoughts: Tua is total class. I hope he has a long career but no success against the Bills. The Bills Miami rivalry is full on as hot as it has ever been. They are a real good team. We will be lucky to split wins with them in the coming years.
  15. At least he got Knox involved tonight. He has been missing for much of the season.
  16. We won this game by an inch on Josh’s leap for the 2 pt conversion.
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