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  1. Hunter Biden got $3.5 million from the ONLY Russian billionaire who is the widow of Putin’s best friend -the former mayor of Moscow. Crickets from the media. Don Jr. took a 30 minute meeting with a Russian lawyer and Hillary’s favorite translator and it literally became a federal case and the media lost its mind over it.
  2. Takes me back to the Vietnam War era. I remember signs that read “Vassar girls say, “Yes!” to Harvard boys who say,”No.” That doesn’t extend to members of TBD does it?
  3. Mooch and BO we’re pals in college. In the words of Nancy Pelosi, “I fell for a set up. I was set up! How you like my hair? I had a ‘blow out’.”
  4. Why? WHY? Because Hunter has an enormous Rasputin-like schlong, and she wanted desperately to ride it in a coked-up wild rollercoaster with him. You know, just like that pole dancer did, but unfortunately for the Biden’s, that one didn’t go to Planned Parenthood (she had her own plans - involving keeping his spawn and moving back to Bill Clinton country AKA Arkansas Trump should ask Joe at the first debate about when he and Surgeon General Candidate Jill Biden will be traveling to Arkansas to meet their cherished new little grandchild.
  5. “ Russia” spent $40 thousand in the 2016 election and it triggered a Three year $40 million investigation. Imagine what the Trump DOJ could do to Bloomberg/Biden in the next four years. Bloomberg is scum. Political scum.
  6. Well, if this guy is still alive, I’ll take an election night victory. Oh, and the SB will be played in 2021.
  7. Bloomberg is a pandering, delusional fool who bought his way into the Democrat debates, spent $100,000,000 in ads and dropped out after winning American Samoa’s 5 electoral votes , and Lizzie Warren took an axe and gave his ego 40 whacks.
  8. I hope the Florida AG goes after him with full force for trying to bribe voters with cash to vote for Biden. That’s got to be illegal.
  9. This is the latest Liberal talking point. Libtards are underrepresented in government even though they are a majority of the population. Sucks to live in a totally liberal state where you only get two senators. You want to live on top of each other - then deal with the fecal stench you create.
  10. If he does win and the Republicans hold the Senate I wonder if he would pack the court with two more conservative justices since the Dems threaten to add two more liberals. Be careful what you wish for. The Dems are once again overplaying their hand.
  11. Democrat Party is the official party of hate, insurrection, intimidation, coercion, and UnConstitutional subversion. Their only “principles” are do whatever it takes to seize power, destroy your domestic political enemies, and loot the public coffers for their own gain and that of their donators.
  12. The game should not have been that close, and NE was gifted a Pick Six very early in the game on a fluky pass play that should have been a completion. I remember the last time The Bills started out at 5-0. That didn’t end up so well. That said, The Bills control their own destiny now, even more than in the winter months.
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