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  1. Are kickbacks a crime? Are scams to funnel US treasury monies back to politically connected companies/donors/relatives through a foreign aid payment a crime? I'm not quite sure... but I know so. It's what the Deep State does. It's how they percolate their wealth - through state-funded grants/aid to other countries with a "refund" back to the favorite charity/family member on a no-work "job", or any other scheme they can concoct.
  2. But, but, but they’re the party of the blue collar working man!
  3. Why stop with college loans? Lets hear it for wiping out ALL debt. We all deserve a loan-free car, houses, healthcare insurance, phones, vacations, credit card balances, boat loans, etc. The only reason I pay any attention to the Dem debates is to learn what the new “free stuff” of the day that they’re offering.
  4. Gosh, the Dems sure forgot to talk about a whole lot of facts while they were redundantly bloviating and lying and bloviating and lying and bloviating and lying for 24 hours of preachifying.
  5. Maybe he wasn't happy that she was unhappy that she had to cancel her planned Hillary victory celebration party at the embassy in Kiev.
  6. I'm probably only one of a handful of posters here who actually have been to the city of Wuhan. I was on a Viking cruise up the Yangtze River. They flew us from Shanghai to Wuhan which is where the ship was docked. We toured the city a bit, saw a large museum complex (ancient pottery and brass) and heard their famous bell choir play. We then had to make an unscheduled stop in another city up the river (I think it was Yichang). They told us at dinner that we HAD to put at least one piece of luggage outside our cabin by 11PM that night.They said you could put any dirty clothes inside, it wasn't important to have all your belongings in there. They said the luggage would be returned the next morning before we left the city. The reason for this was: The Chinese Communist Party began their National Convention in Beijing and ALL luggage entering China HAD to be X-Rayed. Wuhan's airport did not have an X-Ray machine. We didn't see the luggage being taken away, but the next morning lots of folks were watching as the bearers climbed down and then up the 100 or so steps from the dock to the street carrying at least two suitcases on poles across the back of their necks. True story.
  7. If they were invalid, then EVERYTHING that followed is "fruit of the poison tree," and is invalidated as well.
  8. There goes another legend into the halls of immortality. RIP Mr. Jones.
  9. Sorry for your loss @PromoTheRobot. My condolences. Most people don't know that there is no "reading of the will" with family/heirs present. It's really up to the executor/executrix to file for probate and execute the will. That said, there's NO requirement that the executor actually follow the wishes of the deceased in their will. The questions I'd ask her is where did she come from? Who appointed her and when? Who has custody of the will? Who is named the executor/executrix in the will? Is there a will, or did he pass on intestate? If the latter, the probate judge will appoint one, and they are allowed to take money from the estate for the work that they do, e.g., settling Dr. bills, filing insurance claims, contacting Social Security about the death, selling or distributing the deceased's belongings - which includes bank accounts, stocks, bonds, autos, and other personal property. You should also ask if your father established a Trust, and if so, what kind is it, and what assets did he assign to it. Trusts get passed directly to the heirs mentioned in it, and all those assets do NOT go through probate, so the heirs can get them in a day or two. Probate can take a long time. I believe I would make the trip. You'd have a better sense for what happened and what's going on. My wife and I have some experience in this. Both my parents passed years ago, and her mother passed several years ago too. She had been living with us for over three years, and the Dr. bills, etc. keep coming for years after. Good luck, and again, my condolences Promo.
  10. The old film-flammy on the jimmy-jamie. That was a great movie and mostly true as well. He actually went to work for the FBI/Treasury (don't recall which) to teach them how to detect bogus currency and checks.
  11. Joe Namath’s career record is 62-63-4 and his career completion percentage was 50.1% I think Eli gets in but not in the first if nothing other than the NY centric media. He will always be in MY personal HOF because he and his team denied the Cheaters two more Super Bowl rings.
  12. Did Trump get permission to order this from Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, and WaddlesNadler?
  13. Wuhan is the city that Viking River Cruises flew us to from Shanghai. It's where we picked up the boat for a journey up the Yangtze River. China has over 100 cities with a population of > One million. The US has about 10.
  14. Right after the Ayatollah signs the peace treaty ending WWIII.
  15. Damn, ya made me look it up. moloch | ˈmälək, ˈmōˌläk | nouna harmless spiny lizard of grotesque appearance which feeds chiefly on ants, found in arid inland Australia. Moloch horridus, family Agamidae.ORIGIN from Moloch. Moloch | ˈmälək, ˈmōˌläk | a Canaanite idol to whom children were sacrificed. • (as noun a Moloch) a person or thing to which extreme or terrible sacrifices are made. First definition sorta goes with the iguana popsicles. The second goes with protecting child trafficking and the extreme abortion platform of the Dems.
  16. After siding with the Ayatollah, the Dems opened up a new front behind their enemy’s Front lines. They’re sniping now from the floor of the Senate.
  17. He’ll be rooting for team Montana like he always does.
  18. So. The question is this, is Cocaine Mitch really Dr. Pimple Popper in real life?
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