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  1. It was about this (so it was very much a wrong guess on the thread to drop it in):
  2. Just an FYI that this may have been a hoax. I guess we'll find out tomorrow at 11 eastern (ok, by noon, since everything seems to run late).
  3. I guess I will drop this here (although my guess is that it is going to be election related...but I hope to be wrong):
  4. This touches on a bunch of different subjects (including ObamaGate, Bash leaving, election fraud):
  5. No, no, it's not. I got a month ban, with a warning point that will never expire (previously never having gotten as much as a warning), for posting the world's longest joke in response to utter nonsense posted by BillSlime (not that he posts anything that is not nonsense). TDS addled mods have it out for people, and DR would be top on their list for not complying with their political views. DR's ban is a tremendous loss to the community and those who cannot see it are lost themselves.
  6. Just for some background for those who aren't sure what Meazza is referring to:
  7. Love !! That’s new ... That's not the only odd thing. "well" is actually typed as "wel" then a capital i (lower casing it so it can be seen as the letter i). -- And another blow to the campaign:
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