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  1. Why do he can continue his streak of bad challenges? He all ready like 1-45 life time.
  2. Atleast the Chiefs lost, that will help me sleep a little better
  3. Why play a game in late September in Miami at max heating? The fact that it was over 100 degree heat index and they still played the game is a complete disregard for player safety. Just like Tua playing after clearly being concussed.
  4. Complete garbage of a game. Officiating coaching and stupid mistakes lost that game. With half our team injured we are still way better than the dolphins.
  5. Missed field goal, dropped pick 6, dropped TD, botched spike = 16 points. All of those missed points are by our talented players.
  6. Talent has absolutely nothing to do with the current score. We’ve dominated this game but made too many stupid mistakes. Both their TD’s come to mind.
  7. And Davis dropping a TD but still some head scraping call by both the O and D coordinator today.
  8. He hasn’t learned his lesson about playing not to lose. I hate how conservative he becomes when we have a lead.
  9. God I hate prevent D. Tua had 25 seconds to throw against a 3rd string secondary. Dumb!!!
  10. Back to back missed 15 yard personal fouls missed by the refs. Are we playing the 2007 Patriots or something? The refs are atrocious!!
  11. That’s not on Dorsey. VanRotten botched his 3rd snap of the game.
  12. There’s no way we’re winning this game without getting a couple turnovers. Or unless their starting QB gets a concussion….ouch.
  13. He’s playing awful. Pretty much a 6 foot 10 turnstile at this point.
  14. Meh if our DB drove on the ball he coulda picked it. Tua has done nothing to deserve any type of credit. That may change but as of now he’s still a below average QB.
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