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  1. Because as you go later and later in the season - a high priced player suddenly becomes more and more affordable as it becomes a per game basis. Teams near the salary cap could suddenly pick up a stud WR week 16 or 17 and it cost less than 1 million against the cap. I would rather see no trades - you got you team and then anyone off the PS and FA pool - than see the trade deadline extended so mediocre teams can buy a cheep championship.
  2. Agreed, but not only that - using your example maybe the Chargers who right now are middle of the road - use the deadline to buy Leonard and Pittman and become a better team along with weakening an opponent. I think the trade deadline is fine - much later and it has to much potential impact on the seasons outcomes.
  3. I don’t think they asked him to go back in. McD would never do that. McD said after the game they had no idea he had torn his ACL. I think Doyle got hurt and knew he was the last OLman and he just gutted himself through it. I don’t even know if Doyle knew it was ACL - just that he hurt his knee, but was needed and so he kept going.
  4. I believe being on PUP his contract will toll and he will be a FA again next off season. I believe the Bills threw him a nice bone to allow to rehab with the potential late in the season that you might have a guy you can activate that knows the system. Plus you did him and his agent a huge solid - good chance if he is showing good rehab - you have a priority spot to sign him again - if you want.
  5. I don’t know if I can contain myself until the end of his forced vacation.
  6. I just think people are missing how this staff works with rookies when they can. They recognize most rookies play 10-13 games a season with several weeks of downtime in college - especially before bowl season. The Bills seem to work to allow as many rookies as possible to slowly work their way into playing time and when possible alternate or give them plays off - so they don’t hit the “Rookie Wall”. It also allows the Bills additional training and teaching time to ensure they are closer to being ready to handle the bigger games later. I think they have been slowly adding to cooks playing time and we will see that continue. I think the Bills were asking about RBs, but I do not believe either the CMC or the Kamara talks were anything beyond very preliminary questions to see if they could get a deal. I think the Bills are happier with the RB room than the fans are. We will see.
  7. That is not how it works - unfortunately your understanding is incorrect. If you catch the ball and while you have control it hits the ground - it will remain a catch. If your hands are under part of it, but before you have control it hit the grounds and bounces up - then it is incomplete. Milano clearly had his hands under most of it, but it clearly hit the ground between his hands. I think it was the right call and I would guess the league office took a quick peak and said the call was fine.
  8. I think since the 2nd best team in the AFC was a home dog to this Bills team - I have no issue with spread. The spread is designed for betting and after getting beat by the Pats and what they showed - I would expect a 10+ point win. The Jets are right on par with Pittsburgh and that was 2 TDs. We will see with Detroit on Thanksgiving, but I would assume 17+ with the others.
  9. What do you seriously think the spread should be? One team is winning on Defense and a run game - now minus their best runner and OL that just let Mac Jones move down the field on them to the tune of 6 scoring drives. One team has a top ranked offense and defense and has beaten the previous SB winner, and the division leaders of the AFC divisions one the road for 2 of the 3. 🤷‍♂️
  10. Are the Jets taking Rodgers, Jones, etc or are they going to try to copy with their less than adequate offense?
  11. How many 20 yard runs did they give up - I counted 2 both on the same drive. They gave up more passes of 20 yards than runs.
  12. Because being up by 17 - the only thing that could beat them was Rodgers passing the ball. They just do not care about Stats - they care about the win and running the ball down 3 scores was giving the Bills the win.
  13. Because if you switch up the Defense to stop the run - then you allow GB to move toward more passing. They did not care if GB was running the ball because it was eating clock and keeping the Nickel kept them from passing.
  14. I just think they are not rushing anything and there are currently no open roster spots - so no sense in having to create a roster spot until you need to. They have been happy with the play of the youngsters - play them again and see if anything happens that opens a spot for you. If not then you make the deal and figure out who to cut and make a spot for him. He seems to be moving around fine - so let him keep practicing and make the move on your terms.
  15. MGK - totally agree - I have started several responses and just deleted them - wish the Mods would cut this one loose or at least ban him from starting threads. What a waste of space.
  16. Whether legit or not - the timing was based upon his Plea bargain in September after the start of the year. The plea bargain gave him 1 year probation and 40 hours community service. He just completed the community service - so that closed the book on the case and then the NFL suspends him. He only got 2 weeks because of the plea bargain and he completed the service. I don’t think the NFL threw the Chiefs a bone timing wise - I think with the Chiefs intimate knowledge of NFL suspensions they gamed the system. Many times these court cases get pushed off until the off season - hence guys get suspended to start the next season. In this case they pushed it off until after the start of the season - got it reduced - then had him complete community service heading into the bye. The NFL may have been kind by only doing 2 games, but I think the timing was fairly standard for these types of things.
  17. Teams want young and offensive coordinators - the 2 things Leslie is not. Older Defensive HCs are for holding down the fort until you can get a QB - see Houston. Leslie should be everything teams want in a HC - especially with his embrace of analytics and his processing of teams and teaching and letting his position coaches coach, but very unlikely he ever gets a shot.
  18. And maybe you’re right, but there is a lot more to dislike about the encounter than to like and a lot more happened than the teeny bit we saw on camera. One thing I know is we have not seen one party with these Bills at a hotel with a bunch of drunk/drugged women and a Bills player and his “entourage” knock her down and kick her. The one potential situation with a player potentially having severe misconduct with a female at a party was nearly immediately released by the Bills even though he denied everything. We will see where it ends up, but I just don’t see this FO making a trade for a 1/2 year rental on a RB with a history - it just doesn’t fit and this team is about fit.
  19. Totally disagree - someone saw this happen and created a story to fit the video without ever asking what really happened. The Refs, players, league officials and team officials all have lives outside the NFL and sometimes those paths intersect - whether it is common friends, mutual acquaintances, or guys from college - everything should not automatically be seen as improper contact. The fact that someone took a video and then created a scenario for that video created a ton of issues that were cleared up in 20 seconds by getting the actual story. If these guys get together for some Texas A&M alumni event - I could not care less as they both have lives outside the NFL. If gambling is the issue - maybe people should stop putting money on a game they do not trust or that they think is fixed.
  20. People should just be ashamed of themselves for jumping to immediate conclusions and firing a referee for nothing. I just do not get the rush to judgement in society today - everyone in the media wants to be first to report things without even knowing what they are reporting on. Just make a few assumptions and fit it to your images.
  21. Alpha - it goes beyond what he did. He was having a nasty party and yes the girl was being a B word and wouldn’t leave, but she was trying to get to some of the other girls with her and get everyone out. It was a bad situation that he had paid people to take care and hotel security to assist with an he and a few friends took it to far. First off - he most certainly did kick the girl - whether hard or not that was admitted when he was cut from KC. Second he did it at a point that the woman was not a threat to him - he did it fully out of anger and revenge. Third - the question should be what kind of a party was he having in a hotel room with a bunch of very drunk or drugged women and a bunch of his friends. It sounds very much like the potential for our punters story. If it was a legit party - they could of had hotel security easily escort her away, but they avoided hotel security because there were other girls and drugs involved. What we know of the facts was that he told the Chiefs nothing happened and then the video came out - he apologized and the Chiefs canned him for lying. The NFL suspended him 8 games for this incident and his altercation with another man after this. The player admitted to having anger management issues and substance abuse issues and maybe he has reacted properly to treatment and is better, but to say none of that happened is 100% false. It should not color every decision, but it should also be a part of every decision anyone makes about Hunt going forward. In this case - I can totally understand a team like the Bills not wanting to trade for a guy that is 100% the opposite of the majority of the team. Maybe there is untapped potential, but I doubt a coach that worked with Andy Reid for as long as McDermott did would say that the KC incident - where Kansas City that has given every scumbag a second, third, or fourth chance - cuts a guy, maybe he is not for us. Maybe just maybe - McD and Beane know more about what actually happened than even you pretend to.
  22. Totally disagree - he was brought in for 1 reason and 1 reason only - the Broncos were hoping to lure Rodgers to Denver and Hackett was the lure. They knew Rodgers was not happy with Lafleur and was a “free agent” and took a shot. The fact he sucks was not a color thing - it was that he was associated with the best FA QB - and without that he sucks and his old QB sucks.
  23. Troll - he has been a troll all along. He is obsessed with everything great about other AFC east teams and how bad the Bills are. Don’t let his bull fool you - this is who he is. Einstein 🤮🤦‍♂️ - His dog is a better poster.
  24. That was an excellent get for them - cheap and an RFA next year for the control. Another guy coming off an injury, but makes sense for where the Jets are.
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