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  1. I will not troll you for this, but I will disagree. Watching it both live and the video provided - the play is designed to go right side and there is a nice hole to the right that opens up. The issue is the lead blocker (I believe Morris) gets absolutely stoned right in the hole and he allows the LB to have outside leverage. If he gets even a tiny bit of push a lane opens up on either side for Moss to go through. Moss is following/reading that block (at Handoff he is 2 yards or about 1 stride behind Morris) to determine which way to bend off and when Morris get stoned straight back. You can see Moss looking and taking a stutter to the right of Morris, but the LB stoned Morris and was pressuring right where the hole was. That causes Moss to try and slide to the left side of Morris to utilize the block, but Morris is pushed back and Moss has no place to go. His angle to the right causes the rest of the Defense to pursue that way and actually drive the Bills O-line and get out of lanes - which opens up the left side for the run. I would not say this run shows a lack of vision - it does show some of Moss’s issues - he is not shifty and he does not have a lot of wiggle to him, but his vision saw the hole and he read the block correctly and tried to slide off from the block correctly. The initial blocking and play call had potential, but Morris getting stuffed and not getting outside leverage blocked the actual hole. This was a blocking issue to me not a Moss issue - I think Moss ended up getting what he could out of a badly blocked run that if Morris handles correctly would have been another nice 5-7 yard run.
  2. This is the exact issue - you don’t want people in strictly based on stats accumulated over a long career. Others don’t want guys that played 6 years, but at a phenomenal level because they did not do it enough. I heard on the radio a guy saying we should use ProBowl and All Pro designations to get entry - a point system and you accumulate so many then it is automatic. The problem is there is no right answer for everyone. There are guys like Martin that do something amazing by hitting milestone after milestone and yes it is done over a long career, but that should be recognized. Yes a guy like Terrell Davis/Gayle Sayers had short careers, but they lead their team to championships and were elite for a brief flash. There are lots of reasons guys should and should not get in - one of the most frustrating was when there were several worthy(?) WRs waiting to get in and they kept splitting each others vote and it took several years to break the log jam and get them in. The voters deciding that only 1 WR at a time should get in, but letting a less worthy player at a different position in. I don’t really care about the politics and the why - I enjoy the HOF even if it is watered down and it is an honor no matter how many people get in.
  3. Maybe - we will see - maybe Miami sends him to the XFL to learn to be a QB.
  4. Yes - I totally agree with that and have said that throughout. Especially with the weird large group they did last year. They have put to many weird groupings in and missed out on others and what Deion said is not wrong - just poorly said and very poorly timed. I just look at the HOF as a wonderful museum of the history of the league and if there are some guys that squeak in because they played 16 years to amass huge numbers or guys that played 7 years, but were instrumental in winning multiple championships - I am ok to have them in. Having been several times - there are some busts and accomplishments that as a family we sit and look at and talk about more and some we basically ignore and that is ok. There may be a different family visiting to whom that player we ignored is a big part of their fandom and being in the HOF means something. Having gone years ago to see Andre put into the hall - that entire experience and weekend is wonderful and I wish as many of these guys that put in the work and did incredible things could get in - it does not diminish the accomplishments of others - it allows fans of different generations to enjoy the experience. I think the Football and Hockey HOFs are both watered down and diluted, but I love visiting both of them to see the love and joy it brings. The Baseball HOF is the least watered down with some all-time historic players not getting in because of actions they may or may not have done and it is the least exciting HOF that I visited. It feels like a very old museum with nothing new to offer. Very few players in the hall were ever seen by my kids and if they were it was right at the end. It needs new blood and life to grow and bring in a new generation, but the purists want it taint free - so few get in.
  5. I agree, but what Bruce said was that basically Tony was using 1 game against a HOF DE to get in. Bruce felt like Tony and his team were belittling Bruce’s accomplishments by saying if Bruce was in the HOF and Tony stoned him - Tony deserves to go in. I do agree that Bruce should have kept his mouth shut, but I get what Bruce was saying - it was that if Tony gets in - all of his accomplishments have to get him in. Deion believes he is better than most of the HOFs and deserves special recognition and that I can not get behind. I think the Hall has let in way to many people also - especially by having a set number each year, but there is a time and place to have that discussion and via the media right after inductions are held is not the time nor the place. Some of these players and/or their families have been waiting a lifetime for the honor and for Deion to feel he deserves his own area because he was better and he no longer thinks the HOF is an honor just makes me sick. Just my 2 cents.
  6. It seems to be varied. I think most coaches would prefer the 3rd game be treated like the old 4th game, but with the cuts after game #1 and game #2 - you end up having to play some guys more than you want. I expect you will see a series or 2 from the starters at home because that gives a couple of weeks to get ready and see what to work on. Then the starting 22 sit week 3, but the remaining guys get a lot of action. With the tiered cut approach and only 3 games - it almost forces teams into playing guys in game 3 they want to sit just because of depth and positional needs.
  7. I hear what you are saying, but I think that was Hodgins at full speed. For example - if that had been Davis with that sweet move at the line and the separation he created - Barkley has to put the ball a couple of yards farther down field and that DB never gets close. Hodgins just does not have the foot speed - he is slick off the line and runs great routes, but he does not increase separation in route and by the time the ball is there the DB will catch up. It is not a bad thing for a #5 WR - it just is not ideal in a #1 or #2. Most of his catches are going to end up box out, go up and get it and if he can do that great . He was smooth and I think there is use for that, but as a team they need to know what they are getting.
  8. I agree his release was sweet and he blew past the guy. My issue with Hodgins is after blowing past the guy - he lacked the speed to put him away. The CB caught up and made it a contested catch. The throw made it so Hodgins never had to slow down and he just could not outrun a 3rd/4th string DB. I am hoping Hodgins makes the team and I want him to grow, but there are flaws that could keep him out. The same goes to Blackshear - I want him to be on the roster, but he is at best a #5 RB on a low rising team - I can see a path, but I can also understand choosing someone else.
  9. I agree - I could see 8 DL - especially as I think Von wants more snaps. I think that frees Boogie to play inside and out and essentially acts as either spot and I think there are 4 potential guys that can go to the PS - even if 1 gets picked up - you have options. I think they go DB heavy and keep Lewis also and use Benford as a game day inactive when Tre is healthy (and Tre as an inactive if he is not ready). I also think Spector makes it and then at game 6 they will have to decide on Smith - if everyone is healthy. If someone is dinged up - you have options when he clears the suspension. The offensive side is where it gets fun. With Lewis playing gunner (and Neal) it gives a spot where maybe Kumerow can be let go and you keep Crowder and Hodgins as WRs. I have also said the TE position to me is where the RB picks will hinge. If they go 2 TEs (my choice is Knox and Morris, but it could be Sweeney or Howard) - then Gilliam is more of a H-Back/TE and maybe opens up the spot for Blackshear. Especially if you use Doyle as the blocking TE. I could see 2 QB, 2TE, 9OL, 6WR, 1FB/TE, and 5 RBs with both Cook and Blackshear splitting out to aid the WRs as needed. Then the D-side going speed heavy 8 DL (Von included), 6 LBs, 7 CBs, and 4 Safeties. You basically replace Kumerow with Lewis as ST gunner. That leaves your 3 specialists and you are there. GameDay you can sit Benford (or White), Spector, Blackshear, Crowder/Hodgins, and Moss if everyone is healthy or if someone is hurting switch it up.
  10. Although I agree - I think there is a 3rd and 4th way I believe for him to make the roster and it is still out of his control. 3) If the Bills decide Cam Lewis is potentially to good a prospect to risk cutting. They had Lewis playing Gunner on kicks and if he replaces Kumerow on ST - that could open a spot up for Crowder and Hodgins (where depending on the team 1 of them is inactive to allow Lewis to be active). I could see the Bills go heavy at CB for ST and go lighter at WR with less responsibility on special teams - maybe Shakir with returns. 4) Gilliam being TE3/FB might also be a route to either Blackshear or Hodgins on this team if they feel either Sweeney or Howard just does not stack up to the talent level of others. If they go light at TE you may have the extra spot to keep Kumerow and Hodgins and have 7 WRs like last year. Your 2 routes are most common, but heavy at CB for special teams or light at TE due to lack of talent could open a spot for Hodgins on the roster, but most likely not a weekly dress position.
  11. I agree but - the fear is - if the returner had started 5 yards back (and teams will learn) - that ball was 20 yards outside coverage. If the returner catches that - he has 20 yards to set up blocks and get to full speed before the nearest Bill is around. The Hang time was still an issue. I get the excitement, but it worked because the returner lined up like it was a normal punter. I love the kick, but I hope he can get some better hang time to protect the return team.
  12. I don’t think they lost to the Chiefs bc of being afraid of touching a guy at the LOS. They were afraid of letting guys get behind Wallace because of his lack of speed to catch a WR deep. When they played the Chiefs in Oct. they played a bunch of man/zone combo - with Tre playing man and Wallace playing an outside zone - forcing the WR into safety help inside. In the playoffs without Tre - they could not do that because neither Jackson or Wallace had the speed to cover the WRs in man. They had to play off and play zone - hence why they wanted to move on from Wallace. it is also a reason I think this unfounded rumor is bunk - because they wanted a guy like Elam with speed and man coverage abilities to be able to mix coverages again.
  13. Nice Vids from Giardi - you can see how much more comfortable Elam is in press - his hold was in off coverage essentially in the slot. Much as has been said in the training camp - if he is tight and can get his hands on the WR - he is sticky. If he is off - his technique needs work. That crossing route was beautiful - that is what killed Wallace as he was better playing off - so a crossing route had tons of room and he lacked speed to make up for it. I think this thread is bogus - I think the Bills are still learning what Elam can do and I suspect how that will play into the defense. He was drafted because it allows the Bills some flexibility in how they play coverage and how to attack on offense. You can see the talent and although Benford may fit better with the traditional off coverage zone plays - I think Elam gives them more options where they run man/zone combo defenses like they were doing with Tre White early last season. I am super excited to see where this goes because I think they are very deep at CB and I would not be surprised to see them use that depth to go lighter elsewhere on the roster. You could use Siran Neal and Cam Lewis on ST and not dress Benford on a game day and that allows you to go lighter at WR or RB by maybe eliminating Kumerow or Jones as a ST only player.
  14. Yeah - I mean let’s look at NE during the Brady years. They spent 10 picks on developmental guys and 1 guy - Matt Cassel got them a return of a 2nd for a 7th(and Vrable) and that was because he got to play a year when Brady was injured. Jimmy G was a 2nd round pick that netted them a slightly better 2nd round pick. Brissett was traded to acquire Phillip Dorsett - a wr that had 80 catches in 3 seasons playing with Tom Brady (not exactly a stellar return for a 3rd round pick) They also wasted a 4th on Rohan Davey A 6th on wonder coach Kliff Kingsbury A 3rd on Kevin O’Connell 7th round picks on Etling and Robinson They got nothing for these picks They also lost value on Ryan Mallet - a 3rd round pick traded for a 6th Jarrett Stidham a 4th round pick that they traded along with a 7th to get a 6th. Much of this was also in the early 2000’s where many teams kept 3 QBs on the roster and the NFL had rules like the designated 3rd QB that did not cost you a roster spot on game day and you could activate a QB mid game due to injuries. As those rules went away - most teams dropped to 2 QBs on the roster and for teams competing for Super Bowls - the back-up is almost always an experienced veteran - just in case. As I said - I am happy to start looking for a developmental QB when Josh has been in the league 10-12 years, but right now - a developmental QB gets you nothing and the only spot for him is a PS - so you risk losing him for nothing. Right now they need someone that can and has won games in the league to fill in if needed. If they want a developmental guys on the PS rather than Barkley - look around the league - the NYJs, NE are both going to have guys drafted this year that did stuff in the preseason have to go to the PS - if something terrible happens - take them from an opponent.
  15. I totally agree - he had ton of options pre charge. Post charge - with the three teams really competing for him - he eliminated Cleveland as an option. He did not want to play in the cold. He met with them, but immediately eliminated them as an option and refused a second meeting - he did not want to go to Cleveland at all. It was down to 2 teams in Atl and NO - when Cleveland comes back basically nearly doubling his salary and guaranteed it even with the suspension coming. It was total desperation from Cleveland to get a QB after he rejected them and it was a money grab by Watson with protections. I really do not think (and really hope it does not) it will work out - that is not where Watson wanted to go and I do not think he is a good fit for the city.
  16. The problem is I don’t think Spector and Blackshear take their jobs in a replacement situation. It becomes a numbers games. I think maybe someone like Cam Lewis could fill the gunner responsibilities of Jones and if the Bills decide he is a potential replacement - it opens a different role that maybe Blackshear can fill. Spector may be able to fill Matakevich’s role - he has the speed and can tackle - I just have not seen them using him in that role fully. I think Matakevich based upon his extension- is a guy this staff really likes and I just do not see them risking it for a potential guy. To me Spector is the Andre Smith replacement player while Smith is suspended. Then after 6 games - the Bills can see the health of the players and decide what to do with Smith.
  17. Why would we want a developmental guy? Seriously - with Josh we are only keeping 2 on the roster - so you need an experienced back-up. If we draft a developmental guy then you have to hope he shows nothing so you can sneak him on the PS. If he looks like he can play - then you waste a roster spot. For the next 5 years - it should be Josh and an experienced guy that has some game experience in the league that can win you a few games. Then you can start looking at developmental guys, but not now - that is just a waste.
  18. I agree it is watered down, but what a scummy thing to say for a HOFer - especially with the timing of the inductions. Deion was all about 1 person and quite frankly - I rather see him removed from the Hall than given any credence. I wish the rest of the HOFers told him to Suck It and booted his sorry butt out. He does not deserve the honor with that attitude.
  19. They should, but I doubt the Cleveland FO cares. They knew what this could entail and not only did the deal, but then because Watson wanted nothing to do with Cleveland - they chose to give him the money. They basically screwed the rest of their team for a year for a sexual predator. My hope is the NFL really hammers him and more things come out and the NFL punishes Cleveland by taking more picks. Watson should never play in the league again - plain and simple, but he has talent and so will be back. It sucks and I can only hope going forward every game for him is as bad as the time the women went through that sued him. Scum.
  20. I got to go to the game with my family - nice win and I appreciate getting to see live football for $5 a ticket - very nice. As we really break down the roster there are a couple of things that I think are changing that may impact roster spots. 1) Elam and Benford looked legit at CB and with White and Jackson - that gives you 4 outside CBs. I think they also like Cam Lewis and McCloud and I believe they got some run as gunners on ST. I am wondering if maybe the argument of Kumerow versus Hodgins isn’t maybe impacted by these 2 CBs. If Lewis or McCloud can provide some ST plays - maybe it allows Hodgins to get passed Kumerow as you replace Kumerow with let’s say Lewis. 2) LB play - Both Spector and Bernard got a lot of playing time and both looked up to playing in this league. Bernard was always making this roster and with Edmunds, Milano, and Dotson - I think that gives you 4 locks. Spector - I think is looking like a PS player because I think the Bills value the Matakevich ST ability, but whereas at the beginning of Training Camp - I had those 5 sort of locked in and Smith as a sort of filler - Spector has opened my eyes and with Andre Smith getting 6 games suspension - there might be an opening for him. 3) RB - This has not changed much from an early off season prediction, but I think Singletary, Moss, and Cook were and are locks. Moss showed exactly what he needed to to ensure his spot. Cook did not show much, but the essentially 3rd string OL against 1st team defenders like Deforest Bucker meant there was little space. Blackshear showed out and I have heard/seen good things in camp. Right now I think Blackshear is still on the outside looking in, but like the Hodgins/Kumerow battle - Blackshear/Taiwan Jones could end up as a potential changing of the guard depending on the team needs. I believe strongly one of Kumerow/Jones is making this team (and maybe both by the end), but with Lewis and McCloud seeing ST action - depending upon other needs I could see Hodgins definitely and/or Blackshear potentially making this roster to balance out positional needs. Blackshear has the biggest uphill because of Gilliam. 4) TE production - this group was atrocious with really Quintin Morris showing anything. We know Knox is making the team, but I am not sure if any of the remaining 3 guys now deserve a spot. Where this could impact the RB room and make a space for Blackshear is if they need to consider Gilliam more as a TE because of the lack of talent - it could create an extra spot, but right now I still doubt it. 5) The 2nd/3rd string DLine/DE combos looked alright to me - I feel for him, but I think Shaq might be a cut candidate. The DTs also seem set with Settle, Jones, Phillips, and Oliver. I count 8 locks on the DLine and I expect they will try to keep 9 overall. Shaq, Love, and a host of DTs are battling for 1 spot - I think it will go to a more versatile guy and therefore I think Shaq might be in trouble. I love this time of year to try and fit pieces together to construct a team and find ways to keep guys you want. I find the choices made by McD versus Reich to be interesting. Frank choosing to play starters into the 2nd quarter versus Sean sitting starters and several high ranking #2’s the entire game. Fascinating.
  21. This is exactly what I have seen - I used to be able to open it - skip the sign in and get what I needed. Now it freezes at the log-in and won’t allow you to enter with out connecting either via an account or another app. I get it, but it sucks to have to log in for a crappy app - so I just deleted it. May try again later.
  22. Again this is click bait garbage. Everything points to him being ahead of schedule. Coaches, GM, mouth pieces for the team all talk about week 1 and being on schedule. Media with direct contacts and knowledge are all suggesting week 1 Now even ESPN after talking to the team - Fowler is pointing to a return to practice sooner. The latest studies show tons of players getting back in 7-8 months with new surgeries and new recovery/training techniques. Heck Chris Godwin has been cleared already and he tore his ACL several weeks later. I believe Tre has not been cleared yet solely because the Bills are being cautious. I think based upon everything they have said - he could practice right now, but there is no reason to - give the young guys time to play and bring him in as we go. I would be surprised if he is not activated from PUP and is on the active roster for week 1. Whether he plays or not will be a decision, but I would not be surprised to see him start and get maybe 10% of the snaps with a week plus off to let him recover. And Chris Godwin tore his week 15 and is already back and practicing.
  23. Well the coach and DC have said he is on pace or ahead of schedule that was set after the surgery, but they are not rushing him. I don’t know, but it seems like you would target the start of the season as it was nearly 9 months out. Maddy Glab and Chris Brown have both talked multiple times this summer that in discussion he is ahead of schedule and looking like a plan for being activated for week 1. The general consensus from the people around the team and guys like Sal from over the summer seems to be that he will be ready for limited action week 1. Mark Gaughan in July reported that after several discussions that the most recent group of players have been seeing activity at or earlier than 9 months including multiple college players at 5 and 7 months respectively using newer recovery techniques and he was pegging the season opener as his comeback. Basically everyone associated with the team or with team contacts are saying he is on or ahead of schedule, but they are not telling you the exact schedule. We will see where he goes, but with the timing and the new rehab the Bills have - like 0 weight treadmills in the water - he has already been doing things that in the past could not be done until much later.
  24. Although I tend to agree - I would rather see a miss by a GM on a huge upside guy than just go after average guys - it is hard not to fault Douglas a bit for taking Becton over Wirfs even at the time. I don’t think Wirfs becomes the players in NY he is now, but I think he was the better player and the safer pick. Becton did not really fit what the Jets o-line was under Gase and he really did not fit the SF style o-line they have become. I think Douglas has had a few smelly drafts - even given the huge number of picks he has had to work with, but to me they have a huge ton of potential and boy if they can get some of these guys coached up - esp QB - I think they could be tough going forward. For me - I am hoping they have a rough start and things fall apart quick - cause I want them moving on from the GM and coach and repeating the cycle.
  25. To protect himself - I heard he was wearing a dress and using the ladies room - better hurry and check the ladies room also - let us know how that goes! 😂
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