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  1. They talked about this on OBL - many kickers have their own kicking coach - like Hauschka. The special teams coach does not teach kicking or punting - they teach the techniques to block or tackle, but the kicking aspect is usually handled by the player or a specific coach they utilize year around. This is very typical for almost all teams/players because each individual kicker is different and having a unique coach for that process on your team can mess up a guys technique. It is like trying to switch swing coaches in golf - it can take years to master a new swing and in the mean time you are vulnerable to a lot of misses. The Bills and Hauschka are set up with this as he has access to his kicking coach to make sure his technique is fine.
  2. Do you think Rivera could bring Norv Turner and family back to Washington - LOL 😂 That would be fun time.
  3. Figured someone was going to claim him. I wish other teams that claimed had to announce it also.
  4. I said this in a different thread, but I could see him coming in for the rest of this season as a front office assistant doing self scouting. I don’t think McDermott wants to change the dynamic of his staff, but I could see them asking Rivera to use his coaching eye to help out with self scouting from an outsider perspective. He wouldn’t have to move local and can look for trends that a coach might see and how to use those trends to show one thing and spring another. I know that Rivera would rather be a HC, but a chance to step back and rebuild and regenerate would be a huge help long term.
  5. Just crazy. First - Pegula has already seen how difficult it is to find the right HC (especially paired with a GM) and what a failure it can be to miss. So there is no way he would allow it - even for multiple/many 1st rd picks. Second - McDermott has built a team his way and has a GM he trusts and is closer to “home” here than in Carolina. I do not see any way he allows a change that could vault him backwards. Third - McDermott has repeatedly talked about this fan base and the support and what that brings to a team - does he really want to go back into a place with much less support. Finally - Carolina is removing this current regime- why would they go backwards and it sounds like they want a new wave offensive coach - so I do not think he would make Tepper’s short list. Overall I give this a less than 0% chance and it is based on a weird tweet from a nobody in Carolina that has no idea what the plans seem to be.
  6. I would not mind if the Bills brought him in - not as a coach, but more as a film review - self scouting type front office addition for the rest of the year. I think it would be nice to have legitimate coaching eyes on the film looking for tendencies that the Bills have both offensively and defensively. He could provide some valuable feedback on how other teams are seeing the Bills and maybe when to break a tendency to create a big play. I also think he could do some of that down at his home and help provide another trusted voice for this team to grow. My only fear of bringing him in would be if he gets a job offer next year would he poach staff.
  7. I hear you - I agree that I don’t think they would block him for a promotion- I believe the only way he would leave would be if Rivera gets an opening and wants Dorsey as an OC. Other than that - I would expect him back with the Bills learning and growing as a coach.
  8. He is specifically referring to the 2 players he @‘d in the title - Ford and Dawkins. They also talked with Baldy on OBL on Monday and he was complementary of both tackles and the time they gave Allen in the pass game. It is obvious that Ford’s weakness is his quickness and his first step - allowing these speed rushers to get parallel and pressure Josh, but you also see the adjustment the Bills made. JA is setting a bit shallower and Cody is big enough and strong enough that he is able to ride that guy up field and give JA a huge running lane behind the edge rusher. Speed Rushers are his problem, but the teams that have had success against Allen recognize that rushing with edge speed allows JA more room because he is good at avoiding the rush by stepping up and then escaping. The technique Ford is using appears to be to first ensure no inside pressure and he is a bit slow to get outside, but my guess is they have told him - if you are going to get beat, get beat out there and widen as much as possible. Teams with success have used strong DE/EDGE guys to form a pocket- keeping JA from moving around and ensuring that JA can’t escape the pocket. I agree that Ford could be great at OG, but I think he can also play tackle and has a lot of flexibility- allowing the Bills to find and pay guys they want and then shifting him as needed.
  9. I am not overly worried about it. They just got rid of Rivera and want to move on from that staff - why would they go back into his former staff to hire a new HC. I think Daboll gets some looks, but I think he is back. I think he is a bit to much like Kitchens in Cleveland - very expressive and brash and I think that will turn off a few teams. I think Dorsey could get some looks at OC, but I think the Bills will offer a bit of a raise and unless he gets a perfect fit - I think he will be back. I am hoping the failure of Kitchens, Gase (although he will be back), Nagy, Gruden, etc. that teams will realize that it is less about finding the next McVay and more about finding a leader and letting the OC and DC be your McVay. We will see. So I guess my answer to your question would be - I expect our OC next year to be ........... Daboll with Dorsey as Assistant OC and QB coach.
  10. Agreed - when I said let him go - I meant decided not to keep him. Depending on the next coach - he is still a high level LB that is on a good contract. Not sure he will be available depending on the level of rebuild.
  11. I could see some of this, but why would they want to stick with their past. It seems like they should be trying to clean house and getting a total new regime - not bring back former front office and coaching staff that were here with Rivera.
  12. Nope - Kuechly has made a living as a MLB in the exact defense McDermott runs. Up until this year - with the switch to a 3-4 - he has always played the Edmunds role. He is the perfect mentor and trainer to help Edmunds continue to grow. I do not see them getting rid of Luke, but he would be a great add. He has an in depth knowledge of this D and would be like another coach. He also talked about his respect for McDermott during the summer - so I could see this if they let him go. Mentor/future coach role.
  13. You conveniently forgot the one route where we have a tied record and the Bills still win. The Bills beat the Pats and the Jets and the Dolphins find a way week 17 to beat the Pats. Now we have a shot to win based on Divisional Record 5-1 to 4-2 and therefore a tied record would give the Bills the division. It is a long shot all the way around, but it is still a viable option.
  14. Actually - it means that if that if the Bills and the Pats at this point end up with the same record (and the same divisional record) - for example: we both win our week 17 games (or both lose): and the Bills beat the Pats - no matter what other combination of wins and loses - The pats will have the tie breaker. Whether the teams are both 10 - 6 or 13 - 3 or anyplace in between - if the Bills beat the Pats and the two teams have the same result in their final divisional game - the tiebreaker stays in NE based on common opponents. The Bills need 1 of 2 things to happen - they need a better final record or they need to beat the Pats and the Jets and Miami has to beat NE - then the Bills would win divisional 5-1 versus 4-2. It is just the way it works with the balanced NFL schedule.
  15. Yes it is totally backward logic, but it works out - just looking at it from a different perspective. It is also backwards to think that the Philly loss cost us more than if we had lost to AFC opponents like Denver and Tennessee- if we are talking divisional winner/tiebreaker. If you are looking at conference winner then AFC wins are better, but in the divisional tiebreakers - common opponents are the 2nd breaker after divisional wins - so NFC games have added importance.
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