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  1. Loved him for last few years. I've given my daughter permission to marry him.
  2. I'm 90% sure there's a 50% chance we should win this game 8 out of 10 times
  3. It wasn't his to eat. The fine to him even says, "that was nacho cheese"
  4. With Thursday games, Bills get a couple extra mini-bye weeks.
  5. Bengals had some crazy luck (?) on their side last year. Chase is awesome, but some of the desperation heaves are just not sustainable. They barely won 5-6 games including all of their playoff wins. Their kicker won the games for them. I don't think they repeat last year - and their schedule is ridiculously tough this year. They end the year with: Tennessee, KC, Cleveland, TB, NE, Buf, Balt.
  6. In college, 4 of us challenged ourselves to 100 beers and 100 wings on super bowl Sunday Bills vs Redskins. The wing part was easy. ***** got sloppy late nite. Monday classes were canceled (by us)
  7. Neither. Package picks, move up and get top 3 cb
  8. Watch Antonio Williams be fantastic if/when he gets a chance.
  9. Not Gilbert and the other guy
  10. I'm staying out of this one. I'm just going to stay home and have roast beef.
  11. It's a fair question. I think it does. Guys who can come in immediately and make an impact. Game 1 starters or at least rotational players. As far as draft goes, might mean bundling some and moving up for 2 guys (vs 4) and using rounds 5-7 for developmental guys.
  12. Great! Now bring them back!
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